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The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Says She Was Sexually Assaulted While Walking with Her Children

Bekah Martinez, who appeared on Arie‘s season of The Bachelor, is opening up about a sexual assault she experience this week.

The 26-year-old reality star says that she was assaulted by a teenager on Friday (March 26) while on a walk with her two kids.

“I was just out taking a walk, looking like this, pushing my sleeping baby and holding hands with my toddler, when a teenager skateboarded by and grabbed my ass,” Bekah wrote in an Instagram post. I felt totally powerless as I screamed at him “THAT IS NOT OKAY. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I wanted to chase him down and pull him off his skateboard. Punch him in the back. Do something, anything to get through to him that what he did was so wrong.”

Bekah shared the below photo to show what she looked like when the assault happened.

“He looked so casual, not even in a rush, as he whizzed on past down the sidewalk, only glancing back when he was a block away. Ruth was so shaken. She kept repeating in her 2-year-old voice, ‘you okay, mommy?’ I’m not okay. I’m mad,” Bekah said.

“I’m mad that this kid felt bold enough to touch me in the middle of the day, in a neighborhood, with my children by my side. What the f–k is he going to do to a woman when he’s an adult in the cover of night? I’m mad that this isn’t the first time. I remember being alone on the beach at 21 when a man walked up to me with his d-ck in his hand. I felt helpless then, too,” Bekah continued. “I hate this. I hate that this is the world my daughter will grow up in.”

She concluded, “I don’t care what you have to do to teach your sons to respect the people around them. Threaten to chop their balls off, I don’t give a f–k. But I hate knowing that there are predators around every turn, every corner. And the world will always be unsafe for women.”

Last year, Bekah went viral when she shared a video of herself breastfeeding both of her kids at the same time.

Bekah Martinez's Newborn Son Doesn't Have A Name Yet

Bekah Martinez is having a hard time finding the right name for her newborn son.

The 25-year-old former Bachelor star revealed on her Instagram Story that the right name just hasn’t found him yet.

“We just can’t decide. Oh, my, but he is so sweet,” Bekah shared alongside a little video of the baby. “It’s not even like we’re looking for the perfect name or anything like that, but we haven’t found anything that clicks or fits his personality.”

She added that she and boyfriend Grayston Leonard are “not trying to get too crazy unique either but names like Ezra, Oliver, Mateo, Sebastian, etc. are all in the top 30 boys’ names for 2020, and I just don’t want him to be one of five kids with the same name in his class.”

Over the weekend, Bekah shared how she’s feeding both her son and daughter, Ruth, at the same time.

'Bachelor' Star Bekah Martinez Breastfeeds Her Newborn Son & Daughter at the Same Time!

Bekah Martinez is busy!

The 25-year-old Bachelor star posted a video on her Instagram Story on Saturday (June 20) showing herself breastfeeding her newborn son and her 16-month-old daughter Ruth at the same time.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bekah Martinez

“In case you were wondering how breastfeeding is going… 😂😂😂” she wrote on the Instagram Story, which showed her children both feeding at the same time.

Bekah and boyfriend Grayston Leonard welcomed a baby boy on Friday (June 19). They don’t have a name yet, but are open to suggestions!

The couple welcomed their first child Ruth back in February of 2019.

Bekah competed on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. After the show, she began dating Grayston in early 2018.

See Bekah Martinez handling double breastfeeding duty inside…

bekah martinez breastfeeding 1
bekah martinez breastfeeding 2
bekah martinez breastfeeding 3
bekah martinez breastfeeding 4
bekah martinez breastfeeding 5

'The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Welcomes Second Child with Boyfriend Grayston Leonard!

Bekah Martinez is a mom of two!

The 25-year-old The Bachelor alum announced that she and boyfriend Grayston Leonard welcomed their second child, a son, at home on Friday, June 19.

“He’s. HERE. ♥️ Born blissfully in our living room at 2:52am, June 19th. 7lbs, 8oz.,” Bekah wrote on Instagram. “No name yet; suggestions welcome :) Birth story coming soon. ✨”

Bekah competed on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. After the show, she began dating Grayston in early 2018.

The couple welcomed their first child Ruth back in February 2019.

Congratulations to Bekah and Grayson!

Rachel Lindsay & Bekah Martinez Put Hannah Brown on Blast After Her Apology For Lip-Syncing The N-Word

Rachel Lindsay isn’t impressed at all by Hannah Brown‘s apology for using the N-word on her Instagram Live.

The former Bachelorette star and attorney called out Hannah, also a star of The Bachelorette, for what happened and how she reacted.

If you didn’t see, Hannah was spotted lip-synching to DaBaby‘s “Rockstar” and says she didn’t realize she said the word until fans point it out to her.

Later on, Hannah wrote an apology on her Instagram Stories for what happened. Rachel, however, isn’t buying it.

“It’s easy to make a statement. It’s easy to hide behind words, but when you’re bold enough to say the N-word on camera, on your platform… then you need to bold enough to use your face on camera and apologize in the same way you said the word,” Rachel shared on her own Instagram.

She added, “We can’t give people a pass for this. We have to hold people accountable for what they’re doing.”

“You should feel disgusted when you say that word. You should feel uncomfortable,” Rachel went on, explaining how heavy that word really is to Black people. “That word has so much weight and history behind it. If you don’t know, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on that word.”

“That word was used to make black people feel less than… and every time you use that word and you’re not black, you give that word power, and that is why it is wrong,” she added. “Non-black people should not feel OK about saying the word n*****. It’s wrong.”

Rachel isn’t the only Bachelor Nation star that called out Hannah.

Click inside to see what Bekah Martinez said about the situation…More Here! »

'The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Expecting Second Child!

Former The Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez is expecting her second child!

The 24-year-old reality star and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard shared the happy news in a sweet post on Thanksgiving.

In the pic, the couple can be seen with holding up an ultrasound photo next to their nine-month-old daughter Ruth.

“Thankful. 🧡,” Bekah simply captioned the photo.

Bekah competed on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. After the show, she began dating Grayston in early 2018.

The couple welcomed their first child Ruth back in February.

Congratulations to Bekah and Grayson!

'The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Welcomes First Child!

Former The Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez has given birth to her first child!

The 23-year-old reality star and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard welcomed a baby girl on Saturday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

The couple confirmed the news by sharing photos of the little girl on Instagram, although they did not share her name.

“#nopicturesplease,” Grayson captioned the photos.

Just days before giving birth, Bekah penned a sweet note, writing, “My, what a journey it has been. Thank you all for the love you’ve showered upon me. There is so much from these past 9 months to be grateful for.”

Congratulations Bekah and Grayson!