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Bill Murray Reveals He Was Tricked Into Making 'Ghostbusters II'

Bill Murray has claimed that he was tricked to star in the second Ghostbusters film that came out in 1989.

The 70-year-old actor, who starred as Dr. Peter Venkman in the original Ghostbusters movies, reflected on his role in a new interview and opened up about how the studio tricked the original cast into returning.

“I thought that the only reason anyone would want another one was just to make money,” Bill shared. “And I was probably the most reluctant. Someone outfoxed me anyway. I don’t know if Ivan [Reitman, director] set it up, but they got us all back together in a room, and really, we hadn’t been together in a room since the movie came out and it was just really, really fun to be together.”

He continued, “We were really funny together. Those are some really wonderful, really funny guys and girls. Sigourney [Weaver] and Annie Potts are some really spectacular women and funny as hell. They got us all together and they pitched a story idea that was really great. I thought, ‘Holy cow, we could make that work.””

However, the story that was planned never happened.

“It ended up not being the story they wrote. They got us in the sequel under false pretenses,” Bill explained. “Harold [Ramis] had this great idea, but by the time we got to shooting it, I showed up on set and went, ‘What the hell is this? What is this thing?’ But we were already shooting it, so we had to figure out how to make it work.”

Bill is set to reprise his role alongside Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which will premiere this year.

He also spoke about the newest incarnation of the franchise, admitting it was “physically painful” to film.

“Wearing those packs is extremely uncomfortable. We had batteries the size of batteries. They now have batteries the size of earrings,” Bill says. “It’s still a really heavy thing to wear, all the time. The special effects in this one are a lot of wind and dirt in your face, and there was a lot of going down and getting back up. I was like, ‘What is this? What am I doing? These are like Bulgarian deadlifts, or a Russian kettlebell, getting up and down with this thing on my back.’ It was very uncomfortable.”

Watch the first teaser for Ghostbusters: Afterlife here!

Bill Murray's Brother Ed & Inspiration Behind 'Caddyshack' Has Passed Away

Bill Murray‘s eldest brother Ed Murray has sadly passed away. He was 75-years-old.

Ed‘s passing was announced on Monday (November 23) on his apparel company, William Murray Golf’s Instagram.

“It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of the legend Ed Murray,” the announcement read. “Named after the family patriarch, it was Ed who introduced the Murray family to this wonderful game of golf—by way of caddying at Indian Hills Country Club—at the age of 10, no less. (They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.)”

Ed was the inspiration behind Bill‘s hit 1980′s movie Caddyshack.

“Ed was the recipient of the Evans Scholarship back in 1963, while attending Northwestern University—a scholarship awarded to golf caddies—a family storyline which served as inspiration for the Danny Noonan character in ‘Caddyshack’ when Brian Doyle-Murray co-wrote that iconic screenplay,” the announcement continued.

“Ed and all five Murray brothers are members of the Caddie Hall of Fame, as well—something all the boys take pride in, as this game helped shape their lives,” the announcement added. “It was an honor for all of us to get to know Ed and to spend time with him over the past half decade as we’ve built this brand with the Murray family—and his loss is a hole that will never be filled.”

The announcement concluded: “Thank you for always being so gracious, Ed. Our hearts are with his lovely family. Rest in paradise, to a true family man and a gentle, sweet soul. May we honor your memory from this day forward. #MurrayBrothers #WilliamMurray #MurrayMoments”

Our thoughts are with Ed Murray‘s loved ones at this time.

You can read the announcement on Instagram here.

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Timothee Chalamet Bares His Body in a Bathtub for 'French Dispatch' Trailer!

Timothee Chalamet is showing off his bare body while taking a bath in the trailer for The French Dispatch, Wed Anderson‘s new movie!

Fans first got a glimpse of Timothee in the bathtub in the film’s poster, and they immediately freaked out that he would be baring it all in the movie!

The film brings to life a collection of stories from the final issue of an American magazine published in a fictional 20th-century French city.

Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Lyna Khoudri, Jeffrey Wright, Mathieu Amalric, Stephen Park, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson also star.

The film hits theaters on July 24.

Timothee Chalamet Wears No Clothes in 'French Dispatch' Poster & Fans Can't Handle It

Wes Anderson‘s new movie, The French Dispatch, has a brand new posters and fans are noticing something about Timothee Chalamet‘s appearance on the new image.

Immediately upon seeing the image, fans began writing things like, “Guess who’s naked in The French Dispatch?,” and “GOOD MORNING TIMOTHÉE WILL BE NAKED IN FRENCH DISPATCH.”

Other fan tweets include, “oh to be timothee chalamet naked in a bathtub in a wes anderson movie,” and “If he’s getting naked we know he’s got nothing to hide,” to name a few!

The film brings to life a collection of stories from the final issue of an American magazine published in a fictional 20th-century French city.

Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Lyna Khoudri, Jeffrey Wright, Mathieu Amalric, Stephen Park, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson also star. The trailer will debut tomorrow so stay tuned!

See the full poster…

the french dispatch poster 01

Bill Murray’s ‘Groundhog’s Day’ Super Bowl Commercial 2020 for Jeep - Watch Now!

Bill Murray is bringing on the deja vu.

The 69-year-old actor reprises his role as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day in Jeep’s 2020 Super Bowl commercial, airing on Sunday (February 2).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bill Murray

In the unscripted 60-second ad for the Jeep Gladiator, he relives the same day over and over, just like in the film.

“What is incredible here is that obviously we got Bill Murray to say yes to do it. This is totally a miracle. It’s the same kind of miracle having Super Bowl Sunday falling on Groundhog Day,” said exec Olivier Francois told CNBC.

“He is just a free spirit. He will just do what he wants to do just in the moment. He will be adventurous. It’s in perfect alignment with Jeep’s DNA. And like Jeep, he is a global American cultural icon.”

The ad was also filmed in Woodstock, Ill., just like the movie, and features the same locations, including an appearance by his brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, who played the city of Punxsutawney’s mayor, and Stephen Tobolowsky as “Needlenose Ned” Ryerson.

Want to see the other Super Bowl ads this year? Click here to watch!

Watch the Jeep ad…

Bill Murray Will Be Back as Peter Venkman in 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'

It’s official – Bill Murray is coming back for Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

The 69-year-old actor has officially confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Peter Venkman in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which will be out in theaters on July 10.

Original cast members Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson were previously confirmed to return as ghostbusters Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore. The fourth member of the original team, Egon Spengler – played by Harold Ramis, died in 2014.

“Well, we are a man down. That’s the deal,” Bill shared with Vanity Fair. “And that’s the story that we’re telling, that’s the story they’ve written…The script is good. It’s got lots of emotion in it. It’s got lots of family in it, with through lines that are really interesting. It’s gonna work.”

According to the mag, each member of the original cast “has a meaningful role in the movie, but they won’t be the central heroes this time.”

Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, and Paul Rudd are joining the franchise for this new film.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, directed and co-written by Jason Reitman, will be out in theaters on July 10. Check out the trailer here!

Bill Murray Confirmed To Return For 'Ghostbusters 2020'

Bill Murray is officially returning for Ghostbusters 2020!

The 69-year-old actor was rumored to be appearing in the sequel but now co-creator Dan Akyroyd has confirmed the news.

During an appearance on The Greg Hill Show, Dan noted that Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts all completed filming on the movie.

Jason Reitman wrote a beautiful, heartfelt script that takes the real DNA from the first two movies and transfers that directly to the third, the next generation. It hands the legacy off to a new generation of stars, and players, and actors, and characters,” Dan said.

New cast members include Paul Rudd, The Sinner‘s Carrie Coon, Stranger ThingsFinn Wolfhard, and Gifted‘s Mckenna Grace.

Ghostbusters 2020 is set to hit theaters on July 10, 2020.