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Chelsea Handler Reveals If She Would Ever Host a Talk Show Again

Chelsea Handler is dishing on her future.

In a new interview with Story + Rain, the 46-year-old comedian revealed if she would ever host another talk show again.

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Chelsea Handler Suffers Torn Meniscus & Broken Toes From Skiing

Chelsea Handler is dealing with some ski-related injuries!

The 46-year-old comedian has been on a ski vacation and it appears as if she suffered some painful injuries along the way.

“I ski so many days a year and I keep falling like this!” Chelsea first posted on her Instagram Story in a video of her wiped out. “I skied into one tree today and ski patrol was skiing with me and he was on the phone. He’s like, ‘Oh, I gotta take a call.’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me, I’m in a tree well.’”

“I mean, it’s just ridiculous,” she added. “I get no respect on the mountain.”

Later, Chelsea posted, “I have a torn meniscus, two broken toes, I think. One’s definitely broken, the other one might just be in a bad mood. And my arm broke a tree, but I can ski down almost anything now.”

Last month, Chelsea made a shocking reveal about Jeffrey Epstein.

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Chelsea Handler Admits She Went to Dinner at Jeffrey Epstein's House with Katie Couric, Names the Other Celebrities in Attendance

Chelsea Handler is admitting she went to dinner at Jeffrey Epstein‘s home.

Epstein, the disgraced billionaire who died by suicide while in prison, was incarcerated for the alleged sex trafficking of minor girls dating back to the 2000s.

During an appearance on Literally! With Rob Lowe, she was asked if it is true that she went to dinner at his home.

“It was so awkward, and so weird,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea also clarified, “I’ve never been onto the private island, and I’ve never been on his plane. I’ve met him one time and that was the time.“ Many celebrities have been accused of visiting Epstein’s private island.

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Neve Campbell, Chelsea Handler, & More Show Up In Person for MTV Movie & TV Awards 2020

Neve Campbell and Chelsea Handler were among the stars to show up in person for the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time, which aired on Sunday night (December 6).

The event was pre-taped in Los Angeles and all of the presenters were there to talk about the honorees, though all the winners accepted the awards from home via taped video messages.

Derek Hough and David Spade were two more of the presenters at the event. You can see all of their photos here in the post!

The 90-minute special will honor the biggest and best moments in film and TV from the 80s until now.

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Chelsea Handler Doesn't Regret Ending Her Talk Show 'Chelsea Lately': 'It Made Me A Self-Absorbed Lunatic'

There was a reason why Chelsea Handler decided to end her late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, in 2014.

During her appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the 45-year-old television personality revealed that she had no regrets ending the show that ran for seven seasons on E!

“Why would I want to stick with that?” Chelsea told the how. “There’s no evolution there. That’s me in one format doing one thing that wasn’t that interesting to me.”

She added that the how made her into a “self-absorbed lunatic”, which she’s not anymore.

“I had to remove myself from that situation to get myself in better headspace,” Chelsea said. “The gossiping about celebrities felt empty and vacuous for a while, and then it started to feel mean.”

Just last year, Chelsea‘s sidekick on the show, Chuy Bravo, sadly passed away after being rushed to the hospital with a GI Bleed.

Previously, Chelsea spoke out about the talk show she once had, and dissed the network it was hosted on. See what she said here…

Chelsea Handler Goes Topless With Just 'I Voted' Stickers on Her Breasts in Voting PSA - Watch!

Chelsea Handler is letting it all hang out on Election Day!

The 45-year-old comedian took to her Instagram on Tuesday (November 3) to share a video of herself topless, with only “I Voted” stickers on her breasts, while encouraging fans to vote.

“I have voted and want to make sure that you are voting today too,” Chelsea said while dancing around. “Please do not let anyone intimidate you on voting lines.”

Chelsea then shifted her focus to address voters in Michigan.

“I know it can be intimidating when people have guns, in the state of Michigan,” Chelsea continued. “If you are intimidated by anyone, please do not engage. Hold your head up high, go in and cast your ballot for the candidate that you choose. This is democracy. We will not stop until every vote is counted. We don’t know how it’s gonna go today.

She added: “It could be called tonight, because it could be such an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden. Or we could have to wait days and days and days and days. Either way, you have to be prepared to accept that democracy means that every vote is counted.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo Stops Ghosting Chelsea Handler, Responds to Her Date Request

Chelsea Handler revealed that Governor Andrew Cuomo originally accepted her invitation to go on a date, but he has since been ghosting her.

Now, the Governor was put on the spot during his appearance on The View and he finally responded to Chelsea…and it’s not great news!

“I’ve had a lot of conversations about flattening the curve, but never quite that way,” the Governor said when asked about going on their date. “I’m a big fan of Chelsea’s and she’s great. We have fun. But on my dating life — and this point, I’m only dating in-state residents. I’m dating New York residents. If Chelsea changes her residency then maybe we can work it out.”

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