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Rosario Dawson & Sen. Cory Booker Split After Almost 3 Years Together

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker have broken up after almost three years together.

The 42-year-old actress and 52-year-old politician first confirmed their romance in March of 2019. A year later, they moved in together in New Jersey, where Cory lives and serves as the Senator for the state.

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BBC Apologizes to Senator Cory Booker for Airing Interview Featuring an Imposter

Senator Cory Booker has been issued an apology by the BBC.

If you don’t know, in late February, a person claiming to be the Senator from New Jersey did an interview with BBC radio and spoke about the United States placing sanctions on Saudi Arabia after the disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

“In our Newshour radio programme on Friday, a man claiming to be Senator Cory Booker was interviewed in what appears to be a deliberate hoax. We have apologised to Senator Booker and are looking into what went wrong to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The interview only aired once at 2000 GMT on Newshour on Friday 26 February and has not appeared elsewhere,” the BBC said in their apology to the Senator.

In other news, did you know the Senator is dating a famous actress!?

Cory Booker Brings Rosario Dawson to 2021 Presidential Inauguration!

United States Senator Cory Booker brought his girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson, to the 2021 Presidential Inauguration! Members of the senate and congress are invited to the event, but this year, it was more scaled down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple sat and watched President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris get sworn in at West Side of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday (January 20) during the Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C.

If you don’t know, the Senator and Rosario made a big step in their relationship a few months ago. Find out how long Rosario and Senator Booker have actually been dating!

Senator Booker actually ran for president in 2020 but ended up dropping out of the race.

Check out the full photo of the couple at the 2021 inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris…

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Rosario Dawson Congratulates Boyfriend Cory Booker On His Senate Re-Election

Rosario Dawson shared a sweet congratulatory message on social media for her politician boyfriend, Cory Booker.

Cory was re-elected to the New Jersey state Senate, beating Republican Rikin Mehta with 60% of the vote.

“So proud of and grateful for you my love. I got to vote for you here in New Jersey and am so glad that you overwhelmingly and rightfully won your seat again,” Rosario wrote to Cory on her Instagram.

She adds, “To know your leadership will continue to guide us with love, brilliance, patience, grace and effectiveness is the kind of representation and hope we need. We saw record turnout and need to keep building so that we can win both houses and make real change! #EyeOnThePrize #MIDTERMS #2022IsAroundTheCorner.”

Last night, Cory thanked his supporters in another message on his feed: “New Jersey, I’m once again humbled by the faith you’ve placed in me. Thank you for standing with me and allowing me the honor of representing our great state in Washington…Our work is far from finished.”

Rosario even replied to him, writing, “Congratulations my love. I’m so grateful for your leadership and your team. We need you.”

Cory and Rosario just recently moved in together during quarantine and he opened up about their living situation.

Cory Booker Talks Living With Girlfriend Rosario Dawson: 'It's Really Nice'

Cory Booker is opening up about his life with longtime love Rosario Dawson and how it’s changed after moving in together.

The 51-year-old politician revealed that Rosario, 41, made the cross-country trip to move in with him earlier in the summer, although many of her boxes hadn’t been unpacked yet because of the election.

“We already know we’re not gonna get to it until after the election,” he shared in a profile with BuzzFeed News. “This is the first time in my life I’ve really lived with somebody — and obviously Rosario and I are enjoying and adjusting to that, right? I think we both realize that this is a ‘batten-down-the-hatches,’ ‘get-to-Nov.-3’ kinda thing.”

Cory also spoke about how now living with Rosario has changed up his routine and it’s the first time he’s really sat down for a meal at a table to spend some quality time together.

“I have not done that, really, as a bachelor, where I actually sit at a table and just, like, breathe and eat a meal,” he shared. “And just set a table — I can’t tell you how rarely do I set the table as a bachelor, you know, as a guy living alone. So it’s just really nice to set a table, have somebody to say grace with, before a meal. It’s just those small things really are, I’m finding, incredibly enriching.”

Earlier this summer, Cory joked about how Rosario liked this other politician more than him. See who it was here…

Cory Booker Says His Girlfriend Rosario Dawson Likes Bernie Sanders More Than Him!

Cory Booker revealed something about his girlfriend Rosario Dawson that might surprise you!

The New Jersey senator made an appearance on night four of the 2020 Democratic National Convention and said that Rosario likes Bernie Sanders more than him.

“Why does my girlfriend like you more than me?” Cory said while chatting with all of the former presidential candidates.

Bernie replied, “She’s smarter than you.”

Just a couple months ago, Rosario provided an update on her relationship with Cory and she opened up about the big step that they’re currently taking.

Back in March, Rosario said that she voted for Bernie in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary after Cory decided to drop out of the race. She was also a surrogate for Bernie‘s campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

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Rosario Dawson & Senator Cory Booker Are Moving In Together in Newark, New Jersey!

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker are moving in together, and haven’t seen each other since February due to the pandemic.

“I haven’t seen him since February. He is by himself, going between Newark and DC,” Rosario said, adding that she has been on the west coast taking care of her dad who had pancreatic cancer surgery in November.

“I’m actually in the process of moving, by the way. I’m going to New Jersey. I’m moving to Newark,” she added. “It’s time. We were thinking about moving in together anyway, but especially during all of this, it’s been really intense.”

“I’m excited,” she added.

After Senator Bookerdropped out of the democratic race for President, fans were very upset about this fact.