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Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy Responds to Serious Allegations About His Sex Life

Dave Portnoy, the founder of the popular website Barstool Sports, is responding to allegations that he’s a “sexual deviant.”

Business Insider published an article that Dave is calling a “hit piece.” In the article, several women came forward with allegations that he was “rough” during sex and that they had traumatic experiences with him.

Insider reporter Julia Black said that she “spoke with more than two dozen people with direct experience with Portnoy and Barstool, including eight current or former employees. Some women, as young as 19 who had no professional connection to Portnoy, recounted having sexually explicit online exchanges with him. Three of these women said they had sex with Portnoy, now 44, and that the encounters turned into frightening and humiliating experiences that have taken a toll on their mental health.”

Dave took to social media to release a video response to the claims and to admit he’s scared of cancel culture.

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