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Alma Wahlberg, Mother of Mark & Donnie Wahlberg, Dies at 78

Alma Wahlberg has sadly died.

The mother to Mark and Donnie Wahlberg passed away after battling illness at the age of 78, her sons confirmed on Instagram on Sunday (April 18).

“My angel. Rest in peace,” Mark captioned a photo of his mother.

“I’m so blessed to have been brought into this world by, raised by, taught by and set on my life’s path by, such an amazing woman. My mom Alma’s joy for life, love and people — combined with a pride in her humble beginnings and refusal to forget where she came from — undoubtedly shaped me into the man that I am,” wrote Donnie.

“I’ve often said, if you like anything about me, I got it from Alma. I say that, because it’s true. She was, without a doubt, the most loving human being I’ve ever known.”

Alma was a mother of nine, who starred on the A&E series Wahlburgers, which followed the family’s efforts to start a burger restaurant. She worked as a hostess and greeter, and previously worked as a nurse’s aid and bank clerk. Donnie previously opened an Italian restaurant, calling it Alma Nove, a reference to his mom and her nine kids.

Our thoughts are with Alma Wahlberg‘s loved ones at this difficult time.

We have sadly lost all of these stars in 2021.

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Donnie Wahlberg Leaves $2,020 Tip for Server at Massachusetts Restaurant!

Donnie Wahlberg totally made this server’s day!

Back on Saturday (November 7), the 51-year-old Blue Bloods actor dined at a Marshland restaurant location in Plymouth, Mass., and left his server, Denise Andrews, a $2,020 tip on a $35.27 bill.

“A very special thank you to our friend @donniewahlberg! When asked about it all he said was ‘who’s up next?!’” the restaurant posted on Instagram along with a photo of Donnie‘s receipt.

“Donnie has been here before in the past and he always asks for [Denise],” Marshland restaurant owner Marty Finch shared with People. “He had his normal order: steak tips with some grilled asparagus and some poached eggs. She always knows what he wants.”

“When he left he just said, ‘Denise you’re all set. The payment is on the table,’” Marty recalled. “She always says he’s a very good tipper anyway but her jaw dropped, to say the least, when she saw that amount of tip.”

This isn’t the first time Donnie left a very generous tip for a server. Earlier this year, he and wife Jenny McCarthy left a $2,2020 tip for a server after dining at an IHOP.

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Carrie Underwood, Mark Wahlberg, & More Appear in New Kids on the Block 'House Party' Music Video - Watch!

New Kids on the Block just released a star-studded new music video!

The guys teamed up with Boyz II Men, Jordin Sparks, Big Freedia, and Naughty by Nature to release the benefit single “House Party” with proceeds going to relief efforts for the ongoing health crisis.

Stars dancing around and making appearances in the video include Mark Wahlberg, Carrie Underwood, Nicole Scherzinger, Derek Hough, and many, many more.

“I was inspired. People need to be entertained, to feel light, to be happy,” NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said about the song in a press release via EW. “If we can do even the smallest thing to lift someone’s day we will do that. And in doing so, we will also donate all net proceeds to benefit No Kid Hungry. All we want to do is give back in the best way we know how.”

You can download the new song by New Kids on the Block off of iTunes here – watch the “House Party” music video now!

Donnie Wahlberg Leaves a $2,020 Tip at IHOP for the New Year!

Donnie Wahlberg is doing a good deed.

The Blue Bloods star and wife Jenny McCarthy stopped at IHOP near their St. Charles, Ill. home on New Years Day (January 1), and Donnie left a huge tip for their server: $2,020 on a $75.45 bill.

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“@donniewahlberg starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is,” Jenny captioned a photo of the receipt, which included the words “Thanks Bethany,” “2020 Tip Challenge” and “Happy new year.”

“I’ve loved Donnie my whole life—I was a very big New Kids on the Block fan when I was a kid. I didn’t want to freak out at the table, so I went into the bathroom and freaked out a little. I was like, ‘oh my god!’ I served them the best I could do. He folded up the receipt and he gave it to me, and told me not to open it until he left. I said ‘okay, thank you, guys, come again. I’ll take care of you again.’ Then I open it, and I almost fell to the floor,” server Bethany Provencher told People.

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Donnie Wahlberg Spills on NYE Plans With Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg is spilling on his New Year’s Eve Plans with Jenny McCarthy as she takes the night off from New Year’s Rockin’ Eve hosting duties.

This year, the couple are spending the holiday outside of Times Square for the first time in their relationship.

“It’s amazing. To be able to spend some time together this Christmas and not have to think, ‘We have to leave tomorrow for Times Square for New Year’s Eve,’” Donnie told Closer Weekly.

He added, “We’re going to spend the holidays together, not on television, for the first time in a long time. It’s just going to be great.”

“You know, it’s going to be the first New Year’s since we’ve been together that we don’t have to stop kissing at midnight. We won’t have Ryan Seacrest in our ear saying, ‘Donnie, Jenny, what do you have to say?’ We’ll kiss this year, we may or may not broadcast it live,” Donnie joked.

We hope Donnie and Jenny have a great New Year’s Eve!

Donnie Wahlberg Starved Himself for His 'Sixth Sense' Role: 'I Had to Suffer'

Donnie Wahlberg did some intense method preparing for his role as former mental patient Vincent Gray in The Sixth Sense.

The 49-year-old actor and founding member of New Kids on the Block opened up about the 1999 classic film in honor of its 20th anniversary this week.

“This was a game-changer for me,” Donnie told USA Today. “Every day for years people would say, ‘Dude, I didn’t know that was you.’ At that time, I did exactly what I needed to do for the role. I had to look like I was going through hell. I went to a really dark place.”

“Nothing about me was right for the part, except for my total enthusiasm for the script,” he continued about having to convince writer/director M. Night Shyamalan that he could take on the role of psychiatrist Dr. Malcolm Crowe’s (Bruce Willis) former patient. “I starved myself. I would fast for two days then only eat steamed cabbage and drink beet juice. I would chew gum all day and I would literally walk around the streets to burn thousands of calories. I didn’t shower for weeks. I just wasn’t taking care of myself and I was a loner. That was as close as I could come to this guy. I definitely had to suffer in the only way I could.”

“I was so hungry. I was depressed,” Donnie Wahlberg added, revealing that he lost 43 pounds. “I cut off my life to get ready for the role.”

“The movie is such a great source of pride for me,” he shared. “Not just my work but to be part of that group. Everyone brought it so hard for that movie.”

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Is Donnie Wahlberg the Rabbit on 'Masked Singer'? He Was Asked About the Rumors!

Donnie Wahlberg is the latest suspect to be named as the possible Rabbit on The Masked Singer.

So what did the New Kids on the Block entertainer have to say about the rumors?

“There’s a list of boy band-ers who are alleged to be the Rabbit, and I’m on the list. I think I’m trending third now behind Joey Fatone and Joey McIntyre,” he said (via TV Guide).

“My wife signed the nondisclosure, so I don’t even know who’s in the costume,” Donnie added. “But if it’s me, I don’t know yet.”

If you don’t know, Donnie‘s wife is Jenny McCarthy, who is one of the panelists on the show.

FYI: Joey Fatone has denied that he’s in the rabbit costume.