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36 Most Memorable Celebrity Feuds of All Time, Ranked

Interpersonal drama is just a part of everyday life, and it’s certainly no different when it comes to superstars.

Over the years, bitter rivalries and longstanding feuds have made its way into the entertainment industry for a variety of reasons – from creative differences at work, to angry name-calling and physical fights, to ongoing high-profile battles between exes.

There are some celebrity feuds that stick out from the rest, and have lived on in headlines for years. We’re taking a look back at all of those feuds.

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Drake Bell Says Internet Trolls Are Going 'Literally Going to Kill Me,' Opens Up About His Mental Health

Drake Bell is not holding back about the toll that Internet trolls are taking on his mental health.

The 36-year-old Drake & Josh actor spoke out on social media.

When a Twitter user wrote “let’s not forget he’s a pedo,” he responded in a since-deleted tweet: “Do a second of research This is what I have to live with everyday they are literally going to kill me. Bloods on their hands…”

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Drake Bell Says He Found Out His Wife Filed for Divorce from TMZ

Drake Bell claims that he learned from TMZ that his wife filed for divorce… and he’s using the moment to promote his music career.

The 36-year-old actor’s estranged wife Janet Von Schmeling filed the divorce documents one week after he was declared missing and endangered.

Drake and Janet split back in September 2022 after getting married just one year earlier.

Drake reportedly had threatened to commit suicide last week and his family sought help in finding him. He was later recovered safely and has since joked about the situation.

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Drake Bell's Estranged Wife Janet Von Schmeling Files for Divorce One Week After Star was Declared Missing & 'Endangered'

Drake Bell‘s estranged wife Janet Von Schmeling is taking steps to end their marriage one week after the former child star was declared missing and then recovered.

The couple has been married for four years and share a child. However, they announced that they had split earlier in the year.

Several months after the news broke, Janet has officially filed for divorce.

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New Details Emerge About Drake Bell's Disappearance, Including Concerns the Star was Threatening to Commit Suicide

New details are emerging about what happened to lead to Drake Bell being declared missing and “endangered.”

If you missed it, the Daytona Beach Police Department declared that the 36-year-old Drake and Josh actor was missing and that there were concerns about his wellbeing on Thursday (April 13). He was found safe a few hours later.

Drake released his first statement about the incident, telling fans that he forgot his phone in the car. However, a phone call between local police districts implies that the situation was more serious.

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Drake Bell Releases First Statement After Being Declared Missing, Jokes About Situation

Drake Bell is speaking out for the first time after he was declared missing and then found later in the same day.

If you missed it, the Drake & Josh alum was declared missing and was thought to be “endangered” by the Daytona Beach Police Department on Thursday (April 13). A few hours later, they updated the world to let them know he’d been found.

Now, Drake is speaking out and hinting at what happened to cause his absence. He released his first statement and joked about the situation.

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Details Emerge About Drake Bell's Last Public Appearance Before He Went Missing

Details are emerging about Drake Bell‘s last public appearance before he was announced missing and then found on Thursday (April 13).

The Daytona Beach Police Department announced that the 36-year-old actor was missing and considered to be “endangered” in a post on Facebook. A few hours later, they confirmed that he had been found and was safe.

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