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Disney+ Only Canceled 10 Major TV Shows Since 2019 with 7 Cancellations Happening in 2023

Disney+ has canceled so much content in 2023 already.

Interestingly enough, between 2019 (which is when Disney+ launched) until 2022, the streamer only canceled 3 TV shows.

We’ve compiled a list of all the major television shows they’ve canceled (we’re not including any smaller shows that were not given much press or any children’s programming.) We’re also not including any TV shows that are simply coming to an end – only true canceled content.

Most of the cancellations have happened this year.

Keep reading to see which TV shows Disney+ has canceled since 2019…

Kylie Jenner Reveals If She Ever Actually Cut Jordyn Woods Out of Her Life, Which Kardashian Sister Is Closest with Stormi, & More

Kylie Jenner is sitting down with Jennifer Lawrence for a new interview.

If you don’t know, Jennifer has been a Kardashians superfan since day 1. She interviewed Kylie for her Interview magazine cover story, where they spoke about her family, if Kourtney would be friends with Kim if they weren’t family, if she ever actually cut Jordyn Woods out of her life, and more.

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Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Speculation She's Had Plastic Surgery on Her Eyes & Nose, Speaks to Photo Comparisons From When She Was 19

Jennifer Lawrence and Kylie Jenner sat down for a conversation for where they spoke about plastic surgery.

If you don’t know, Jennifer conducted the interview for Kylie‘s Interview mag spread as she’s a Kardashians superfan.

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Netflix Cancels 15 TV Shows, Renews 33 More in 2023, & Announces 11 Are Ending (Month-By-Month Breakdown!)

Netflix has been making a ton of renewal and cancellation decisions in the month of November 2023, and we’re bringing you the recap of everything you need to know.

In November alone, the streamer canceled 5 TV shows and renewed 4 other series.

If you don’t know, throughout the year, Netflix executives make renewal and cancellation decisions about their hit television content.

We’re breaking down every decision Netflix has made this year in a month-by-month breakdown.

We also now have huge updates about the status of Mindhunter and The Witcher.

Keep reading to see the full recap…

If You Love 'The Crown,' Here's 10 Shows You Should Also Watch!

Netflx’s The Crown has become one of the streaming platform’s most popular series.

Created by Peter Morgan, The Crown chronicles the life of the British royal family, from the start of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in the 1950s to Princess Diana’s death in the 1990s.

Now that the show’s sixth and final season has premiered, viewers may be looking to fill the void left by The Crown after it ends.

Continue through the slideshow to discover 10 TV series you should watch if you enjoyed Netflix’s The Crown…

The Highest Paid Kansas City Chiefs Players, Ranked From Lowest to Highest Salary

The Kansas City Chiefs are certainly one of the most headline-making teams in the NFL right now!

Several of the football players on the team have amassed a considerable amount of money over the years, both due to their lucrative team contracts and their endorsements worth millions of dollars.

We’ve rounded up the Kansas City Chiefs players who makes the highest average annual salary, and ranked them from lowest to highest.

Find out who are the highest-paid Kansas City Chiefs football players as of 2023…

Amazon's Prime Video Cancels 7 TV Shows in 2023, Renews 7 More

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service just canceled 3 more TV shows.

We’re here to bring a recap of all of decisions made this year about the renewals and cancellations and there’s some upsetting ones!

Keep reading to see which TV shows were canceled and renewed by Prime Video in 2023 so far…