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Vanessa Bryant Slams Evan Rachel Wood for Calling Kobe a Rapist After His Death

Vanessa Bryant is speaking out in response to a tweet that Evan Rachel Wood wrote about her late husband Kobe Bryant, just hours after he tragically passed away in a helicopter crash last year.

The Westworld actress sparked tons of outrage for her tweets back in January 2020, but Vanessa is first seeing them now and decided to respond.

“What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe‘s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all of these truths can exist simultaneously,” Evan wrote in one tweet.

For those that don’t know, Kobe was accused of sexual assault back in 2003, but the charges were dropped after his accuser refused to testify. A civil case later was filed and a settlement was reached, though Kobe is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law.

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Evan Rachel Wood Reveals The Verbal Abuse She Suffered From Ex Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood is opening up about more of the abuse she suffered at the hands of ex Marilyn Manson.

The 33-year-old Westworld actress, who was linked to the musician when she was just 18, took to her Instagram Story and revealed the hate he spewed against her.

Evan shared a few images of Marilyn with his notable tattoos that are positioned to look like swastikas, that are on his chest and under his arms.

“I was called a ‘jew’ in a derogatory manner,” she wrote on her Story. “He would draw swastikas over my bedside table when he was mad at me.”

Evan continued, “I heard the ‘n’ word over and over. Everyone around him was expected to laugh and join in. If you did not or (god forbid) called him out, you were singled out and abused more.”

She also noted that Marilyn did not have the tattoos prior to dating her.

Evan Rachel Wood Instagram Story Marilyn Manson Abuse Details

Evan first went public with the abuse from Marilyn earlier this week, and since, Marilyn has been dropped from many of his representatives.

His exes, Dita Von Teese and Rose McGowan, have also weighed in on the claims. Here’s what they wrote…

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Marilyn Manson Dropped By CAA Amid Abuse Allegations

Marilyn Manson has been dropped by CAA, the talent agency known as Creative Artists Agency, amid allegations of sexual and emotional abuse made by Evan Rachel Wood and multiple other women.

CAA had no comment, but Deadline has confirmed he is no longer a client of the famous agency. Stay tuned as we learn more about the fallout Manson is facing amid these serious allegations.

Evan bravely came forward with her story of being “horrifically abused” by him for years. Evan then reposted many other women’s stories about Manson, including text message receipts and first hand accounts.

Manson has denied the allegations. He was also just dropped by his record label amid all of these allegations against him.

Evan Rachel Wood Reveals FBI Investigation Into Marilyn Manson Was Requested by State Senator

Evan Rachel Wood has revealed that an FBI investigation into the allegations against Marilyn Manson has been requested by California State Senator Susan Rubio.

The 33-year-old actress posted a letter that Rubio sent to the Acting Attorney General of the United States and the director of the FBI.

“The alleged victims have named Marilyn Manson, also known as Brian Hugh Warner, as the perpetrator. I ask that the U.S. Department of Justice meet with the alleged victims immediately and investigate these accusations,” Rubio said.

“As a domestic violence survivor who now advocates for victims in my role of California state legislator, I share a common trauma of emotional, psychological, and physical control at the hands of an abuser,” Rubio said.

Rubio stated that she is “especially alarmed” because some of the alleged cases are from California.

Evan spoke out on Monday morning (February 1) and said that she was abused by Manson during their relationship over a decade ago.

Many other women have come forward with allegations against Manson as well. He finally spoke out on late Monday evening to deny the things being said about him.

Marilyn Manson Responds to Abuse Allegations from Evan Rachel Wood & Other Women

Marilyn Manson has released a statement in response to the abuse allegations he is facing from ex-fiancee Evan Rachel Wood and other romantic partners from his past.

Evan spoke out this morning and named Marilyn as her abuser for the first time. She has spoken about an abusive relationship in the past, but has never named him as the abuser before.

After she shared her story, Evan also reposted stories from other women who also said they were abused by Manson.

Manson was dropped by his record label after the accusations went public and now he’s speaking out to deny the allegations.

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Rose McGowan Is Proud of Women Speaking Out Against Marilyn Manson, Her Ex

Rose McGowan is speaking out in support of Evan Rachel Wood and the other women who have revealed that Marilyn Manson is their abuser.

For those who don’t know, Rose was engaged to Marilyn for two years, but they ended their relationship in 2001.

“My statement: I am profoundly sorry to those who have suffered the abuse & mental torture of Marilyn Manson. When I say Hollywood is a cult, I mean the Entertainment industry including the music industry is a cult. Cult’s protect the rot at the top. Theirs is a sickness that must be stopped. The industrial fame complex chooses who they protect & who they’ll let be their victims. For profit,” Rose said in an Instagram post.

Rose continued, “I stand with Evan Rachel Wood and all of those who have or will come forward. And please don’t pull out the ‘why did they take so much time to come forward?’ question that shames victims/survivors, it’s what stops others from coming forward. And to all of those who have covered for monsters, shame on you. Rise and say no more.”

Evan reposted statements from several other women who shared their own stories.

In a video statement, Rose said she was proud of the women who are speaking out. She added, “When he was with me, he was not like that, but that has no bearing on whether he was like that with others before or after. It takes time to come forward. And again, I am proud. Proud.”

Evan Rachel Wood Gets Lots Of Celeb Support After Sharing Marilyn Manson Abuse Story

Evan Rachel Wood is receiving a lot of love and support online following her claims she was abused by former boyfriend, Marilyn Manson.

“I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission,” the 33-year-old actress shared in a statement on Instagram. “I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, before he ruins any more lives.”

Evan concluded the statement by saying, “I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent.”

She and Marilyn were in a relationship starting in 2007, when she was just 19 before getting engaged in January 2010. The relationship ended later that same year.

After sharing her story online with the world, Evan has been receiving a lot of support from her friends in Hollywood including Josh Gad, Ilana Grazer, Selma Blair, Melissa Benoist, Zane Carney and many others.

“you are amazing, Evan,” Ilana typed out in the comments before they were shut off. “Thank you for sharing bravely. This will protect so many people. xoxoxo.”

Anna Paquin also commented, writing to Evan that “your courage is inspiring.”

After sharing her own story, Evan also reposted many others stories about their experience with Marilyn. See them all here…

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