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Taylor Swift & Ice Spice: 'Karma Remix' Lyrics Revealed, Plus Stream the Song Here!

New Taylor Swift music has arrived!

The 33-year-old singer has teamed up with rapper Ice Spice for the “Karma (Remix)” that is featured on the new Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album.

Taylor sings in the chorus of the song, “‘Cause karma is my boyfriend / Karma is a god / Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend.”

Ice Spice comes in on the second verse of the song and raps, “Karma is your text by the bounce (Damn) / Karma is the fire in your house (Graah) / And she ’bout to pop up unannounced, like / And she never leavin’ you alone (Damn) / Watch it put your opps up on the throne.”

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Maroon 5 Drops New Song 'Middle Ground' - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Maroon 5 has a new song out!

The band – featuring members Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, PJ Morton, and Sam Farrar – dropped their song titled “Middle Ground” on Friday (May 19).

“If I hit the ground / And I fall down to my knees / Would you hear the sound?” Adam sings. “Am I crazy to think that we / Could make it out? / Am I crazier to believe / There’s a middle ground?”

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Beyonce's 'America Has a Problem' Remix with Kendrick Lamar - Lyrics & Stream Here!

Beyonce just dropped new music as a surprise to her fans!

The superstar singer has released the “America Has a Problem” remix featuring Kendrick Lamar.

“Go Sting, f–k it up, go Sting, f–k it up / Go Sting, that’s what’s up, go Sting, I’m in love / Hey boo-boo, too much complexity to love me from goo-goo / My momma told me that the money outgrew you,” Kendrick raps in his verse at the beginning of the song.

The song was originally released in July 2022 on Bey‘s album Renaissance. She is currently promoting the album on tour in Europe and she’ll venture to the states over the summer.

Make sure to check out the set list for the tour and see all of her costumes from opening night.

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Post Malone Drops New Song 'Mourning' Off of Upcoming Album 'Austin' - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Post Malone has a new song out!

On Friday (May 19), the 27-year-old rapper debuted his new song “Mourning” – the latest song off of his upcoming album Austin.

“Don’t want to sober up / The sun is killin’ my buzz, that’s why they call it ‘Mourning’ / Thought I was strong enough / Threw my bottle at the sky, said, ‘God, that’s a warning,’” Post sings. “Don’t wanna sober up / Try to keep it inside but I just wanna pour it / Thought I was strong enough / Got a lot of s–t to say, couldn’t fit it in the chorus.”

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Kelly Clarkson Debuts New Single 'Favorite Kind of High' - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Kelly Clarkson has released the latest single off of her upcoming album!

On Friday (May 19), the 41-year-old entertainer debuted her brand new song titled “Favorite Kind of High.”

“You’re my favorite kind of high / Rushin’ through me like a fire / And I need you to know,” Kelly sings. “I say I won’t, but I do / When it comes to lovin’ you / I don’t have no control / You’re my favorite kind of high.”

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Disney Releases 'The Little Mermaid' Live-Action Soundtrack - Listen Now!

The soundtrack for The Little Mermaid has been released!

Disney officially released the soundtrack for the upcoming live-action remake of the beloved classic on Friday (May 19).

The soundtrack features new renditions of the hit songs from the original 1989 animated movie – including “Part of Your World,” “Under the Sea,” and “Kiss the Girl” – and also includes a few brand new songs!

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BTS Drop New Song 'The Planet', The Theme Song For Korean Series 'Bastions' - Listen Now!

BTS just dropped a super catchy new theme song, called “The Planet”!

The K-Pop group – RM, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook – revealed the new song in support of an upcoming new South Korean series, Bastions.

The song also came with a fun video where BTS turned into animations as they sing out the theme song for the show.

Bastions will follow a rookie superhero who uncovers the identity of a villain responsible for environmental destruction and sets out to save the Earth, according to NME.

Despite the new track, BTS is still on a music hiatus from the band. At the moment, Jin and J-Hope are both completing their mandatory military service.

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