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Celine Dion's 'Love Again' Soundtrack - Stream & Download Link, Plus Listen Here!

The new movie Love Again, starring Celine Dion, is now in theaters, but sadly you’ll have to wait another week to listen to the full soundtrack.

Celine plays herself in the rom-com and recorded five new songs, including the title track “Love Again” and the song “I’ll Be.”

The songs mark Celine‘s first new music since her 2019 album Courage and the soundtrack also features six of her past hits, as well as three of the film’s score selections.

“I had a lot of fun doing this movie. And to have the privilege of appearing with the beautiful and talented actors Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan in my very first feature film is a gift that I will cherish forever. I think it’s a wonderful feel-good story, and I hope that people will like it, and like the new songs too,” Celine said in a statement.

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New Taylor Swift Music! Singer Featured on 'The Alcott,' New Song from The National - Listen Now!

There’s new Taylor Swift music out now!

The 33-year-old Grammy-winning singer is featured on The National‘s new song “The Alcott” from their album First Two Pages of Frankenstein.

Taylor has frequently worked with Aaron Dessner, who is one of the five members of the band.

“It’s the last thing I wanted (Tell me, which side are you on, dear?) / It’s the first thing I do / (Give me some tips to forget you),” lead singer Matt Berninger and Taylor sing on the chorus.

Taylor ends the song by singing, “Back in love with you.”

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Dove Cameron Sings to a Lip-Syncing Sean Penn in Diplo's Video for 'Use Me (Brutal Hearts)' Song - Watch Now!

Dove Cameron has teamed up with Diplo for a new song!

The 44-year-old DJ and producer uses his named Thomas Wesley for his country music persona and he also worked with country music legend Sturgill Simpson for the track, “Use Me (Brutal Hearts).”

Sturgill is going by the name Johnny Blue Skies for the song, but he doesn’t appear in the music video, so Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn lip-syncs for him.

In the video, Dove appears as a nightclub singer with Sean and Diplo both as patrons.

“To prepare for this new Thomas Wesley project, I went back to my father’s house in Florida and I spent six months learnin guitar, gettin in touch with nature, working his boat when the shrimp were running on full moons at the trailer park,” Diplo said in a statement. “I tried on a lot of cowboy hats. I rode a lot of motorcycles and horses basically reflected on my whole life and career and connection with this music…there was a lot. It all started in the swamps I was raised in. This is the greatest single piece of work I’ve ever done, I can promise you that.”

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SZA & Doja Cat Team Up Again for 'Kill Bill' Remix - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

SZA and Doja Cat are together again!

On Friday (April 14), the two singers released the remix for SZA‘s hit song “Kill Bill,” which was featured on her 2022 album SOS.

“I’m in a funk, so I bought a bouquet of roses / And cut ‘em up at your doorstep, your new neighborhood is gorgeous / I paid a lot of money for the fragrances you wore when we were dating,” Doja adds to the song. “And I sold some lemonade just to afford them / I know it’s not a really good occasion to be bargin’ in / I couldn’t help but watch you kiss her by the kitchen sink.”

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Kelly Clarkson Releases 'Me' & 'Mine' Songs, Explains Meaning of 'Chemistry' Album Title, Reveals Track List!

It’s a big night for Kelly Clarkson fans as she just dropped so much content!

The Grammy-winning singer and original American Idol winner is gearing up for the release of her 10th studio album Chemistry and two songs are out now.

Kelly just released the songs “Me” and “Mine” at the same time.

“We decided to release ‘mine’ and ‘me’ at the same time because I didn’t want to release just one song to represent an entire album, or relationship. There are many stages of grief and loss on this album. Each song is a different stage and emotional state,” she said in a statement.

Kelly‘s album is going to be released on June 23 and it’s already available for pre-order. In a new statement, she explained the meaning of the album title and also revealed the track list.

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Post Malone Drops 'Chemical' Song - Lyrics Revealed, Plus Watch Him Go Shirtless in the Music Video!

Post Malone is back with new music!

The 27-year-old singer and rapper just dropped his new song “Chemical” to launch a new era of his career.

The song is the first track off Post‘s upcoming fifth studio album, which is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

This is Post‘s first song to be released since the drop of his album Twelve Carat Toothache, which came out back in June 2022.

In the video for “Chemical,” Post is seen going shirtless and showing off his tattooed torso. Earlier this year, sources spoke out to insist he is “happy and healthy” amid concerns over his weight loss.

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Simu Liu Releases Debut Single 'Don't' - Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Simu Liu is getting into the music business!

On Friday (April 7), the 33-year-old actor released his debut single titled “Don’t.”

“Don’t give up when you’re halfway down the road / There’s so much more inside you than you know / When everything is telling you it’s over,” Simu sings. “Baby, don’t, there’ll be times when it gets hard to stay / Feels easier to throw it all away / Just give me one more day when you think of letting go / Baby, don’t.”

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