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Who Is Jalen Hurts' Girlfriend? He's Dating Bryonna Burrows!

Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts will be showing off his talents on the field during tonight’s NFL matchup against the Dallas Cowboys during Sunday Night Football…but we’re taking a look at his dating life! If you don’t know, he’s dating Bryonna “Bry” Burrows, and we’re highlighting her and her achievements thus far!

Up until the Eagles won the NFC Championship Game earlier in the year, fans could only speculate about Jalen‘s love life.

After winning the NFC Champtionship game back in January 2023, Jalen brought his girlfriend, Bry, on the field to celebrate with him and his team, confirming their romance!

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Inside Taylor Swift's Suite at Chiefs-Bills Game: Who's She Sitting With at Sunday's Game?

Taylor Swift‘s friends and family are enjoying the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills!

The “Wildest Dreams” singer was spotted attending the NFL game to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce on Sunday (December 10) at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

Taylor had a whole crew with her!

Browse through the slideshow to see all of the guests sitting with Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game…

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Dak Prescott's Dating History (Including His Pregnant Girlfriend) - Full List of Known Ex Girlfriends & Current Partner Revealed!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s dating history has been the subject of a lot of talk among NFL fans in recent weeks.

We’re breaking down all his past public relationships, including his current girlfriend (who is pregnant!)

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10 Highest-Paid Dallas Cowboys Football Players, Ranked From Lowest to Highest Salary

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

Several of the football players on the team have amassed a considerable amount of money over the years, both due to their lucrative team contracts and their endorsements worth millions of dollars.

We’ve rounded up the Dallas Cowboys players who makes the highest average annual salary, and ranked them from lowest to highest.

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Who Is Mitch Trubisky's Wife? Meet Hillary & See the Shirtless Photos She's Shared of Him!

Mitch Trubisky is filling in for Kenny Pickett as the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers for the coming weeks and we’re filling you in on his personal life!

“We’re trying to score points. I’m going to be aggressive. I’m going to take care of the football, and we’ve got to play better as an offense. We’re going against a good defense this week that is well-coached. So, we’ve got to do our job and execute,” Mitch said this week during a press conference.

So, who is Mitch‘s wife?

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Who Is Mac Jones' Girlfriend? Get to Know Sophie Scott

Mac Jones has a sweetheart in his life!

The 25-year-old New England Patriots quarterback doesn’t just have the love of his many fans: he’s also got a girlfriend since his college days, Sophie Scott.

The player first became a starting quarterback at Alabama University in 2021 during the national title bid, and he moved to Boston together with his girlfriend after being drafted by the New England Patriots two years later.

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Inside Taylor Swift's NFL Suite at Chiefs-Packers Game: Who's Sitting With Her at Sunday Night's Football Game?

Taylor Swift is enjoying another football game to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce!

The 33-year-old entertainer flew up to Wisconsin to attend Sunday night’s (December 3) game with the Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers.

There were even a couple of fans at the game who made signs referencing Taylor and Travis‘ relationship!

Before heading up to her suite, Taylor was spotted arriving at the stadium for the game.

Taylor was seen keeping warm during the cold night in an all black outfit with a red trench coat.

We’re taking a look inside Taylor’s NFL suite and who she’s sitting with to cheer on the Chiefs.

Find out who else is in the booth with Taylor at Sunday’s (December 3) game…

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