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HBO Announces They Have Their Own GameStop Film in Development

HBO is developing a new film based on the GameStop Reddit controversy that took over the headlines last week.

The network announced their plans via Variety, with executive producers Andrew Ross Sorkin of TBTF Productions, Len Amato of Crash&Salvage, and Jason Blum of Blumhouse Television.

HBO’s movie will focus on “how a populist uprising of social media day traders beat Wall Street at their own game, turning the stock market upside down and shaking the financial world to its core.”

If you didn’t see what was happening, over the past six months, GameStop’s stock has risen 8,000 percent. The “stock has become the central game piece in a financial power struggle between a major hedge fund, Melvin Capital, and a group of amateur stock traders” on Reddit.

Wall Street titans were betting that the stock would fail and a group of people on Reddit came together to make sure that did not happen. Social media star David Dobrik was one of those investors.

This isn’t the first project planned based on the GameStop story. Noah Centineo is set to star in a Netflix series based on it.

Just last year, GameStop was in the news, but for a much different reason.

David Dobrik Reveals How Much Money He Lost from Investing in GameStop Stock

YouTube star David Dobrik decided to invest his money in GameStop stock last week during the stock’s boom, but now he reveals he’s lost a ton of money on the gamble.

The 24-year-old social star revealed on the latest episode of his podcast that he invested about $50,000 in GameStop stocks.

Just last week, stock for GameStop soared after a group of people on Reddit were able to get the stock price for it to rise significantly and cause a hedge fund worth billions of dollars to go bankrupt in the process.

A movie based on the GameStop stock drama is already in the works with a popular star attached.

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