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Cindy Crawford Sizzles in a White Bathrobe & Black Trench Coat in New Photo Dump

Cindy Crawford has still got it! By “it,” we mean her ability to model any article of clothing she’s ever worn.

The 56-year-old supermodel hopped on social media to share what she deemed her “First photo dump of 2023″ on Saturday (January 28), and the collection of snapshots included one of her looking fantastic in a white bathrobe.

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Britney Spears Explains Why She Left Instagram, Talks Her Mental Health After Wellness Check & Reveals a Moment She Said 'It's Britney, B-tch' Recently

Britney Spears is speaking out and letting fans know that she is “alive and well” after police performed a wellness check on her earlier this week.

The 41-year-old had the police called to her home on Wednesday (January 25) amid concerns stemming from her decision to close her Instagram account, which she has done multiple times in the past. Britney spoke directly to her fans on Twitter and asked for more privacy and respect shortly thereafter.

She took to the app again on Saturday (January 28) and spoke candidly about why she left Instagram, how she’s doing and another encounter out in public that had her saying “it’s Britney, b-tch.”

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Britney Spears Speaks Out After Fans Call Cops to Her Home: 'My Privacy Was Invaded'

Britney Spears is not happy with the fact that police came to her house for a wellness check.

Earlier in the week, allegedly concerned fans placed a call with the police department to do a wellness check after she disappeared from Instagram, which she’s occasionally done in the past few months.

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What is Instagram's New 'Quiet Mode' Feature & How Does It Work?

Instagram introduced a new feature called “Quiet mode” that will allow users to take steps to limit their access to the app when they need to focus on other things.

On Thursday (January 19) the social media company announced the change in a post on their blog and hinted that it was particularly aimed at teens to help when they need to study.

How does Instagram’s “Quiet mode” work? At a base level, think of it as putting your phone on Do Not Disturb.

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Only 7 Celebrity Instagram Accounts Have Over 300 Million Followers (& Only 2 Have Over 400 Million!)

Only 7 celebrity Instagram accounts have over 300 million followers.

Even more interesting, is only 2 of those 7 have over 400 million, and only 1 major star has over 500 million followers.

We’ve gathered all of the data here for you to check out. Do you follow all 7 of these major stars? Sound off in the comments and let us know who’s your fave follow!

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Britney Spears Gives the Camera the Finger in New Video Amid Reports of Her Having 'Manic' Episode in Public

Britney Spears seemingly delivered a pointed message to the reports that she was suffering a manic episode while out with husband Sam Asghari for dinner.

The 41-year-old “My Prerogative” princess of pop generated headlines after she went out for a meal in Los Angeles on Friday evening (January 13).

Others in the restaurant filmed her as she hid behind a menu in an attempt to get some privacy. Sources told TMZ that Sam stormed off after Britney has a “manic” episode while they were seated.

She didn’t directly react to the reports. However, Britney took to social media to share what appeared to be a pointed response to reports about the encounter.

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10 Most Popular K-Pop Stars on Social Media, Ranked From Lowest to Highest

So many K-Pop superstars also happen to be social media sensations – and the top accounts have millions and millions of followers!

From solo superstars to girl group and boy band members, plenty of South Korean stars have become huge on Instagram.

And based on the latest roundup of idol follower counts, we know who the most popular stars are on the social media platform.

There was a huge shake-up to the list last year, thanks to a certain popular boy band debuting individual Instagram accounts for each member. As a result, the whole Top 10 shifted around – and now they’re still gaining millions of followers.

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