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Pierce Brosnan Honors Sean Connery After His Passing: 'You Were My Greatest James Bond'

Pierce Brosnan is paying tribute to Sean Connery.

The 67-year-old actor took to Instagram on Saturday (October 31) to remember Sean after it was announced that he had passed away at the age of 90.

“Sir Sean Connery, you were my greatest James Bond as a boy, and as a man who became James Bond himself,” Pierce wrote. “You cast a long shadow of cinematic splendor that will live on forever. You led the way for us all who followed in your iconic foot steps. Each man in his turn looked to you with reverence and admiration as we forged ahead with our own interpretations of the role.”

“You were mighty in every way, as an actor and as a man, and will remain so till the end of time,” Pierce continued. “Your were loved by the world, and will be missed. God bless, rest now, be at peace.”

Connery was the first actor to portray James Bond, and he starred in seven 007 movies, beginning with Dr. No in 1962.

Pierce was the fifth actor to play the Bond, starring in four films in the franchise from 1995 to 2002.

Current James Bond Daniel Craig also paid tribute to Sean Connery after his death.

Daniel Craig Honors Iconic Bond Actor Sean Connery After His Death

Daniel Craig, the current actor playing James Bond, is paying tribute to the late actor Sean Connery, who just passed away at the age of 90.

Connery is widely considered to be the best James Bond actor of all time and he starred in six 007 movies, beginning with Dr. No in 1962.

“It is with such sadness that I heard of the passing of one of the true greats of cinema,” Daniel said in a statement (via Variety). “Sir Sean Connery will be remembered as Bond and so much more. He defined an era and a style. The wit and charm he portrayed on screen could be measured in mega watts; he helped create the modern blockbuster. He will continue to influence actors and film-makers alike for years to come. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Wherever he is, I hope there is a golf course.”

Daniel‘s final appearance in the Bond series will be in the upcoming movie No Time to Die, which was supposed to be released in April 2020. The film has been delayed to April 2021 due to the pandemic.

Read the statement that was released by Connery‘s son after his death.

James Bond Studio Wanted $600 Million to Put 'No Time to Die' on Streaming Instead of a Theatrical Release

A new report is revealing the amount of money it would have taken to get the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die to skip theaters for a streaming-only release.

The movie was supposed to be released back in April 2020, but the release date was pushed back until November 2020 right at the start of the pandemic. Now, it has been pushed back again until April 2021.

With some movies opting for streaming releases instead of going to theaters, MGM reportedly considered the possibility of selling the film to a streaming service.

“The studio was said to be looking for a deal of roughly $600 million — a price tag that was deemed too rich for two of the free-spending streaming services,” Variety reported.

Apple, Netflix, and some other streaming services were reportedly in the mix for the possible acquisition.

A rep for MGM told Variety, “We do not comment on rumors. The film is not for sale. The film’s release has been postponed until April 2021 in order to preserve the theatrical experience for moviegoers.”

The producer of the Bond movies has spoken out about casting the next Bond.

James Bond Producer Speaks Out About the Next Bond Casting

Who will be the next James Bond in the franchise?

Producer Barbara Broccoli spoke out in an interview with Total Film about the search for the next Bond, amid many unconfirmed reports about who’s set to play the titular role after the release of No Time to Die in 2021.

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“I always say: you can only be in love with one person at a time. Once the film’s come out, then some time will pass, and then we’ll have to get on to the business of the future. But for now, we just cannot think about anything beyond Daniel [Craig],” said Barbara.

“It will have to be reimagined, in the way each actor has reimagined the role. That’s what is so exciting and fun about this franchise; the character evolves. Eventually, when we have to think about it, we’ll find the right person,” she continued.

As for the “right person”, they aren’t restricting themselves to the traditional actors of the franchise’s past.

“He doesn’t need to be a white man. Not as far as I’m concerned,” she said.

She also hasn’t changed her stance on casting a woman as Bond, despite speculation that Lashana Lynch will inherit the role in No Time To Die.

“We should create roles for women, not just turn a man into a woman,” she said.

We asked our readers to vote on who they’d like to fill the role – here’s who won!

Daniel Craig Reveals His Hilarious & Amazing Advice for the Next James Bond

Daniel Craig‘s upcoming movie No Time to Die will be his final appearance as James Bond and there have been so many rumors about who will play the role next.

While Daniel doesn’t have any insight to give as to who will replace him, he does have some amazing advice for whoever gets the part. He opened to Jimmy Fallon during an interview on the Monday night (October 5) episode of The Tonight Show.

“Don’t f–k it up,” Daniel said about his advice. “It’s a beautiful, amazing thing. Don’t f–k it up! Leave it better than when you found it.”

“Is that alright? Can I say that? Probably not!” Daniel then added.

Some unfortunate news was recently announced about No Time to Die.

Harry Styles' Rep Responds to the James Bond Rumors

Rumors have been swirling that Harry Styles is in the running to play James Bond in the next 007 movie, but now his rep is shooting that down.

The Sun recently reported that Harry, 26, met with the producers about taking on the iconic role. Now, the actor and singer’s rep has told Daily Mail that the reports “aren’t even remotely true.”

Daniel Craig‘s final appearance as James Bond is in the upcoming movie No Time to Die, which is now being released in April 2021. The film should’ve been in theaters five months ago, but it was delayed due to the pandemic.

So many names have been mentioned as possibilities to replace Daniel, with Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston being among some of the top front-runners.

Harry does have some exciting films lined up though! See [Movie 1] and [Movie 2] now!

Bond Movie 'No Time to Die' Pushed Back to 2021 Amid Pandemic

No Time to Die is no longer hitting theaters in 2020.

The forthcoming Bond film, already pushed back amid the pandemic, is now being scheduled for April, 2, 2021, Easter weekend, abandoning its November 20 release date, Deadline confirmed on Friday (October 2).

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“MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, today announced the release of No Time To Die, the 25th film in the James Bond series, will be delayed until 2 April in order to be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience. We understand the delay will be disappointing to our fans but we now look forward to sharing No Time To Die next year,” said the studio in a statement.

No Time to Die stands to make $1 billion worldwide. Given that, it makes sense to release what is expected to be Daniel Craig’s final Bond film in an optimum, vibrant global marketplace,” Deadline reported, adding that this is “horrible news in the short-term” for theaters.

“While it’s good news for exhibition that MGM is keeping this a theatrical release, it’s horrible news in the short-term. Exhibition was banking on this movie, a notable IP versus Christopher Nolan’s original Tenet, and it would not be shocking to hear that some hardcore attrition in the exhibition space will take place.”

Deadline also pointed out that advertising for the film is now stalled again, presenting yet another issue.

“Another monkeywrench here for No Time to Die is the movie’s promotional partners which are moving for a second time. Omega Watches, Adidas, Swatch and Heineken have all started their promotions. Typically when movies jump release dates, there are penalties incurred by the studio. Why? The advertiser has racked up shipping and product design costs, and such ad elements are on a schedule. It essentially becomes a negotiation between the studio and the brand as they all want to remain in business with each other down the road. Sometimes, a decision is made to simply allow the product that’s been shipped to be out there, and products remain part of the movie’s pre-awareness.”

Another promotional piece of the movie was also just released.