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James Marsden & Tika Sumpter Film Action-Packed Scene for 'Sonic 2'

James Marsden and Tika Sumpter are hard at work on the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie!

The 47-year-old actor and the 40-year-old actress filmed an action-packed scene for their upcoming movie on Tuesday afternoon (April 20) in Vancouver, Canada.

In the photos, James and Tika run down the street as smoke from an explosion follows them.

Earlier in the day, James and Tika were seen getting off of a helicopter to film another scene.

The two stayed safe in face masks as they chatted in between scenes.

Last May, it was announced that there would be a Sonic the Hedgehog sequel. The first film was released back in early 2020.

As of right now, details for the movie are being kept under wraps. The first film told the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) and his new best friend Tom (Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) as he plots world domination.

In the movie, Tika plays James‘ wife Maddie Wachowski.

If you missed it, fans just realized that James‘ first actin job was on this hit ’90s sitcom!

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Yep, That's James Marsden in 'The Nanny' Pilot - His First Job!

The Nanny is now streaming on HBO Max and people are discovering that James Marsden was in the pilot episode!

In his first job back in 1993, the actor played a waiter who was working at Mr. Sheffield’s party and he ends up kissing Maggie at the end of the night.

James‘ character Eddie also shows up in the second episode when he takes Maggie on a date, which Fran has to chaperone.

Back then, James was using the stage name “Jimmy Marsden” and he’s credited as a guest star with this name.

“Guys James Marsden is in the pilot of The Nanny, credited as JIMMY MARSDEN, why aren’t we all talking about this,” one fan tweeted. See what more people are saying below!

Make sure to see what Fran Drescher just revealed about the upcoming Broadway musical of The Nanny.

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Idina Menzel & James Marsden Are Returning 'Enchanted' Sequel, 'Disenchanted'

It was just confirmed by composer Alan Menken that two more original stars of Enchanted will be returning for the sequel, Disenchanted.

In a new interview, he revealed that not only are Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey returning, but so are Idina Menzel and James Marsden.

“Amy Adams is in it, Patrick’s in it. Idina Menzel’s in it… Jimmy Marsden. They’re in it,” Alan said, before adding that the movie is the middle of filming right now.

Idina and James played Nancy Tremaine, and Prince Edward, in the original 2007 movie, who ended up getting married in the animated realm of Andalasia.

There’s no word yet if Susan Sarandon, who played Edward’s evil stepmother Narissa, will be back as well.

The first movie grossed over $340 million worldwide and received three Oscar nominations, all in the Best Song category for Alan and Stephen Schwartz‘s songs.

Disenchanted is slated for a Disney+ premiere.

Scott Porter Says He Once Felt Like 'New James Marsden'

Scott Porter is reflecting on feeling typecast at one point in his career.

The 41-year-old Ginny & Georgia actor opened up about his past roles in an episode of the Watch with Us podcast.

“For a little while, I was, like, the new James Marsden, and the fact that if you watch The Notebook or the Superman Returns movie — or any number of films for a little while — he was the good guy who does nothing wrong, but still never gets the girl,” Scott said. “I kind of did that a couple of times. I was like, ‘Oh, no, I’m that guy. I’m the nice guy who doesn’t ever get the girl!’”

However, Scott is still grateful for the variety of characters he’s gotten to play over the years on shows like Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Hart of Dixie and The Good Wife.

“People were willing to give me opportunities to play different roles, and that’s something I was afforded for a very long time. And that’s something that a lot of people aren’t afforded; it’s not cool. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

Scott added, “[Ginny & Georgia] is created by women — not just for women, but to tell the stories of powerful women and powerful young girls and just allowing that story to be on full display. Talking with Brianne [Howey]. … She can do anything, she could play anything. And she just needs to be afforded that opportunity. And going forward, Tony [Antonia Gentry] and the rest of our young cast, like, I don’t believe that there’s anything they can’t do. So I want them to have that same opportunity. Those stories need to be told, they deserve to be told, and we have so many talented actors of different races and different genders.”

The actor said he’s “very aware” that he’s been lucky to be picky about the kind of roles he accepts.

“I’m fortunate that I never got pigeonholed 100 percent,” Scott shared. “Maybe I never played a role big enough, where somebody would only think of me in that role for the rest of my career. I tested for Captain America once upon a time, and I would have loved to have done that, but that’s a daunting challenge all on its own. So I’ve just been very fortunate. I think acting is a part of my life. It’s not all of my life. I think approaching it from that angle for me has also allowed me to kind of come in and out of projects that have different slices of who I am in them.”

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James Marsden Mourns Passing of Beloved Family Dog Buddy

James Marsden has announced the death of his family dog Buddy.

The 44-year-old Hairspray actor took to his Instagram on Tuesday (February 16) to pay tribute to his beloved dog while sharing a slideshow of photos with Buddy.

He was love. He was healing. He was the center of our little universe and our best friend,” James wrote. “Rest In Peace, our sweet Buddy, and we will meet again. ❤️”

Along with the photos of Buddy, James also shared throwback photos of his older kids Jack, now 20, and Mary, 15, with their beloved dog.

Over on his own Instagram, Jack paid tribute to Buddy with a sweet post.

“This is buddy, my first dog. When I was 8 I wanted a dog for Christmas because I was ready to take on that responsibility,” Jack wrote. “I just hoped that I was going to have a deep connection with him, and that he would feel the same way. And he did. Since the day he came into my life to the day he said goodbye, him and I grew up together, laughed together, played together, held each other, talked to each other, and much more.”

“I appreciate you more than I can even think of, and I thank you for all that you’ve done for me,” Jack continued. “I’ll never have another dog to take your place, because in the end, you were never truly just a dog. You were my best friend. I love you, I miss you, you’re always with me in my dreams and in my heart. And I will see you again❤️”

Our thoughts are with James Marsden and his family during this difficult time.

James Marsden Turned Down 'Magic Mike' Role Over This Fear

James Marsden revealed in an interview with James Corden that he had turned down a role in Channing Tatum‘s famous movie Magic Mike.

“I had fear I would be edited out of the movie,” the actor confessed. “Just all my lines would be cut out and I’d be an extra just rushing around in a g-string so I think it was a lack of courage on my part.”

He added that some of his friends and family, “they didn’t want to see me like that. I could have jumped in and had fun with that.”

For a fun blast from the past, be sure to check out some of the stills from Magic Mike featuring all the shirtless stars!

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Alexander Skarsgard Is Evil Personified In 'The Stand' Trailer - Watch Here!

It’s good versus evil in the first trailer for The Stand.

The series, based on Stephen King‘s novel of the same name, is an apocalyptic vision of a world decimated by plague and embroiled in an elemental struggle between good and evil.

The fate of mankind rests on the frail shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abagail (Whoopi Goldberg) and a handful of survivors. Their worst nightmares are embodied in a man with a lethal smile and unspeakable powers: Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård), the Dark Man.

Jovan Adepo, Owen Teague, Greg Kinnear, Brad William Henke, Nat Wolff, Daniel Sunjata, James Marsden, Amber Heard, Odessa Young, Eion Bailey, Katherine McNamara, Heather Graham, Marilyn Manson, Hamish Linklater and Henry Zaga also star in the limited series.

The Stand will premiere on CBS All Access on December 17.

See the trailer below now!

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