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Jeffree Star Jokes About Kim Kardashian's Daring New Photoshoot

Jeffree Star seems to think that a photo from one of Kim Kardashian‘s recent photoshoots looks familiar.

The 41-year-old The Kardashians star dared to bare in a sexy shoot for Interview. In one of the images, she looks back at the camera while wearing a pair of jeans pulled down to expose her butt in a white jock strap.

Her wavy platinum hair and bleached blonde brows are likely a fashionable reference to the ’90s. However, Jeffree seems to think that Kim looks like him in the shot, and he took to Twitter to comment on the matter.

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Highest Paid Beauty Influencers Per Sponsored Posts Revealed (the Top Earner Can Make Almost $200,000 From a Single Video!)

Ever wonder how much money Jeffree Star or James Charles might make for sponsored posts? A list was just released of the beauty influencers who have the highest earning potential on social media…and some of the richest YouTube, makeup, and beauty celebrities are featured here!

Some of the most famous names on the list include controversial beauty gurus such as Jeffree (known for his lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and more), James (known for his YouTube challenge videos), and Nikita Dragun (known as the founder of Dragun Beauty). Nikkie Tutorials, Bretman Rock and Safiya Nygaard also made the cut.

The number one earner on this list has the potential to earn $196,877 across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson React to Their Makeup Collab Showing Up at a Clearance Store

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are reacting to their popular collaboration hitting the clearance store shelves.

The YouTubers reacted to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics mini Controversy palette hitting Nordstrom Rack in a video over the weekend following backlash, and Shane‘s exit from the platform last year amid drama.

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Jeffree Star Announces He Is Leaving California & Getting Help

Jeffree Star is getting very candid.

The 35-year-old beauty entrepreneur posted a video on Tuesday (June 15) announcing his exit from California, as well as where he’s at mentally amid long-running drama in the beauty community, losing two of his dogs and his relationship with ex Nathan Schwandt.

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Jeffree Star Addresses the 'Hilarious' Kanye West Rumors Again

Jeffree Star is speaking out again about the “hilarious” rumors that he was hooking up with Kanye West.

The rumors spread at the beginning of the year when Kanye and Jeffree were both in Wyoming at the same time, which led a TikToker to share a theory that they were together.

Jeffree previously addressed the situation in a YouTube video and now he’s speaking out again in a new interview.

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Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill & More Slam YouTube Stars for Putting Their Dog Down After Biting Their Son

Family YouTubers Dan and Nikki Phillippi are facing backlash.

The couple shared a video on Monday (May 3) where they announced that they had put down their family dog, a bull terrier named Bowser, after he bit their 1-year-old son Logan.

In the clip, Nikki and Dan explained in that Bowser reacted to Logan taking food from him, adding that the injury “wasn’t bad” and their son had a “little mark.”

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Jeffree Star Updates Fans On Condition Following Rollover Accident

Jeffree Star has updated fans on his condition following his rollover accident that happened this afternoon in Wyoming.

If you missed the news, Jeffree and his friend Daniel Lucas had been involved in a “severe” accident, which resulted in their car flipping multiple times.

After first sharing an image of the two in the hospital getting treated for their injuries, Jeffree updated fans on how things were going.

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