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Press Secretary Jen Psaki in Talks to Join MSNBC After Leaving White House in Spring (Report)

Jen Psaki may be taking on a new role soon.

The 43-year-old White House press secretary is in talks with MSNBC to join the network after she leaves the White House around May, via Axios.

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'SNL' Pokes Fun at Joe Biden Meeting With TikTok Stars to Combat Russian Disinformation in Cold Open

Saturday Night Live is poking fun at one of President Joe Biden‘s recent strategies.

The stars of the show opened Saturday night’s (March 12) episode with Biden meeting with TikTok stars to get their help in fighting the spread of Russian disinformation amid the invasion of Ukraine.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Has COVID-19, Reveals the Last Time She Was with President Biden

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, has revealed she has COVID-19.

The 42-year-old revealed the news in a statement, and revealed the last time she had contact with President Joe Biden.

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Olivia Rodrigo Is At the White House Today - Find Out Why & See the Pics!

Olivia Rodrigo is at the White House today, and appeared alongside White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at a press conference on Wednesday (July 14) in Washington, DC.

The 18-year-old Disney star and entertainer appeared in the Brady Press Briefing Room to discuss a very important topic.

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White House Salaries Revealed - Find Out How Much the Biden Administration Makes!

The salaries are in!

New salary data from President Joe Biden‘s White House administration was released on Thursday (July 1), as has been customary for years.

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Darby Stanchfield Has Advice For Press Secretary Jen Psaki After Fans See Comparisons To Scandal's Abby Whelan

Jen Psaki assumed her role as acting Press Secretary for the Biden Administration this week and fans were quick to pick up that she looks an awful lot like Darby Stanchfield, who famously played Press Secretary Abby Whelan on Scandal.

“Jen Psaki is giving me boring Abby Whelan vibes and I’m LOVING it,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another added, “Did we get our real life Abby Whelan? Lol @PressSec #InaugurationDay.”

After seeing the likeness herself, Darby shared some advice for Jen on her own Twitter feed.

“Dear @PressSec,” she addressed her note to Jen, “#1- If your boss forgets your name, slap a name tag on. (Fitz called me “Gabby” for WEEKS 😩).”

Darby continued, “#2- Don’t get power hungry & try to get your friend killed. It won’t go well.😳 #3- No such thing as too much hairspray. Ever. 💨 Best, “Red” aka Sassy Abby Whelan.”

She also added one more piece of advice for Jen in her new role:

Jen is one of the few accounts the new POTUS Twitter is following, along with this sole celebrity.