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John Stamos Is Joining 'American Idol' for a Special Reason!

John Stamos is joining American Idol!

The 57-year-old star is set to join the current season as a guest mentor, ET reported Tuesday (April 27).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of John Stamos

If you’ve been following along for the ride, you’ll already know that this season’s Top 9 will be taking a trip to Disney World for a Disney Night episode.

In that episode, they will get some guidance from Big Shot star John Stamos, as well as some inspiration from the Magic Kingdom itself. (John is a huge Disney fan, and even popped the question to Caitlin McHugh at Disneyland in 2017.)

“They said, you know, ‘Could you come down and be a mentor?’ I’m like, ‘Mentor?!’ These kids are so great I’m gonna tell them one thing, and they’re gonna go, ‘Stamos, we’ve heard you sing. Stop,’” he said with a laugh.

“I think John probably said yes when he heard ‘Disney.’ The thing is, John and I are probably the biggest Disney fans. So he gets to go to Disney World with the kids, which is basically the greatest place on Earth, and so I’m a little jealous because they didn’t ask me. I would’ve totally done it!” judge Katy Perry said.

The Top 9 will join the to-be-revealed Comeback show winner to perform a song from the Disney songbook.

One star of the show revealed they had a feeling they would be the next to be eliminated.

American Idol‘s Disney Night airs live on Sunday (May 2) at 8 p.m. ET.

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John Stamos Admits He Was 'Disappointed' the Olsen Twins Didn't Return for 'Fuller House'

John Stamos is talking the Olsen twins.

On Thursday (April 15), the 57-year-old actor appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and during the interview, John was asked by a fan if he was surprised Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided not to return for Fuller House.

“We were disappointed, but we understood,” John admitted.

The 34-year-old actresses turned fashion designers rose to fame playing Michelle Tanner on the original Full House back in the ’90s.

When Netflix announced that they were doing Fuller House, Mary-Kate and Ashley were the only two original stars that decided not to come back, as they have put acting behind them to focus on their extremely successful fashion line The Row.

Over the course of the show’s five seasons, the Fuller House cast often poked fun at the Olsen twins’ decision not to come back.

“I remember [costar Lori Loughlin] saying to me, ‘They won like 2 or 3 CFDA Awards, that’s like winning 2 or 3 Oscars. If you won 3 Oscars, would you come back and do this?’ I was like, ‘Eh, maybe not!’” John added.

During another recent interview, John explained how sobriety helped him to decide to settle down and start a family.

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John Stamos Reveals How Sobriety Helped Him Decide to Settle Down

John Stamos is getting candid about his sobriety and fatherhood.

The 57-year-old actor appeared on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show to discuss his new Disney+ show, Big Shot, and revealed how he decided he was ready to have children and get married.

When Howard Stern asked when John realized he wanted to be in a serious relationship, the actor responded, “The sobriety helped. My mind got very clear.”

“I realized I just had to put everything into it,” he continued.

John also shared that meeting his wife Caitlin played a huge role in knowing he was ready to settle down.

The pair met while John was filming an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but Caitlin was in a serious relationship with someone else at the time.

“She was engaged, and we exchanged numbers, but after a while she said ‘We have to stop texting because I’m getting married,’” he explained.

They then reconnected years later on the set of Fuller House, which is where their relationship really began.

“She was just a nice, really beautiful, normal girl, and I had to tell myself that this is I think what I need and put everything into it,” John said. “And if it doesn’t work then that’s okay.”

Luckily, it did work and the couple were married in February 2018. They welcomed their first son together, Billy, the same year.

Check out the trailer for John‘s new series here!

John Stamos Coaches A Girls' Basketball Team To Greatness in 'Big Shot' Trailer

John Stamos gets an unexpected hug from the athletes in the full-length trailer for Big Shot.

Here’s a summary of the new series: After getting ousted from the NCAA, a men’s basketball coach is given a chance for redemption with a coaching position at an elite private high school. He soon learns that the teenage players require empathy and vulnerability — foreign concepts for the stoic Coach Korn (Stamos).

By learning how to connect with his players, Marvyn starts to grow into the person he’s always hoped to be. The girls learn to take themselves more seriously, finding their footing both on and off the court.

Jessalyn Gilsig, Richard Robichaux, Sophia Mitri Schloss, Nell Verlaque, Tiana Le, Monique Green, Tisha Custodio, Cricket Wampler and Yvette Nicole Brown also star in the show.

Big Shot is set to premiere on Disney+ on April 16.

John has recently been open about his fight against coronavirus. Read the latest here…

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John Stamos Shares Throwback Photo of Him & Young Elizabeth Olsen on 'Full House' Set

John Stamos is ready for the finale of WandaVision and he’s taking a look back at a moment he shared with the show’s star Elizabeth Olsen many years ago.

The 57-year-old actor took to Instagram on Thursday night (March 4) to share a throwback photo of him and Elizabeth on the set of Full House.

Lizzie‘s older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Michelle Tanner in the beloved sitcom and the show got a brief nod in the 80s episode of WandaVision.

“One day she’s a little girl wandering the set, and next thing you know, she’s taking over a whole town, mindcontrolling the citizens to play out her favorite TV Sitcoms! They grow up so fast… Wanda had a vision we’d both be on @disneyplus Check out #BigShot coming in April and @wandavision Tonight!” John captioned the below photo.

John‘s new series Big Shot will be premiering on Disney+ in April.

Click inside to see the adorable throwback photo shared by John Stamos… More Here! »

John Stamos Opens Up About Isolating from Son After COVID-19 Exposure

John Stamos is sharing his experience isolating from his son during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 57-year-old revealed on social media last week that he was self-isolating for a third time after being exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus.

He added that the experience has been very challenging for his son, Billy, who “went to bed crying” because he couldn’t be with his father.

In a recent interview with People, John opened up further about how difficult it’s been to quarantine away from his son.

“He still cries,” John said. “He’ll FaceTime me, but then he starts crying a lot. ‘I want to cuddle,’ he says. ‘Daddy, I want to cuddle.’”


The Full-House actor shared how he and wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos have been explaining the situation to Billy.

Caitlin‘s been telling him that I might have some germs and I have to take a test,” John said. “So every day, he goes, ‘Dad, you have germs? You have germs?’”

John also hinted that he and Caitlin were hoping to expand their family in the near future, but that having to quarantine had thrown a wrench into his plans.

“When I’m locked upstairs in a room and she’s downstairs it makes it hard,” John joked.

John‘s former castmate Bob Saget recently shared how John helped him prepare for his appearance on The Masked Singer. Find out what he said!

John Stamos Is Back In Isolation After Being Exposed To Coronavirus For The Third Time

John Stamos has been coming into close contact with COVID-19 a lot.

The 57-year-old actor revealed on social media this week that he’s now back in isolation after he was exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus for a third time.

“I was exposed to the virus for the 3rd time, and have to isolate again for another 10 days!” he shared in his tweet, after revealing that his son, Billy, was in tears over it.

In a subsequent tweet, John encouraged his followers to take the virus seriously as the United States nears a total of 26 million confirmed cases.

John‘s tweets follow the news that Johnson & Johnson is on the road to becoming the third pharmaceutical company to be working on a vaccination. Here’s how theirs will be different…