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DaBaby Tweets Directly at JoJo Siwa After Apparent Diss Amid Explanation About His Viral Lyric

DaBaby called Jojo Siwa a “bi-ch” in a new freestyle and the mention caused the Internet to explode this weekend.

“You a bitch, JoJo Siwa (bitch),” he declared on “Beatbox Freestyle.” According to ET, who figured out what the lyric actually means: “DaBaby‘s real name is Jonathan (hence ‘JoJo‘) and he used Siwa as a twist on ‘See why.’”

The curious diss of the 17-year-old teen superstar caused a lot of reaction on social media, with many people mocking DaBaby for taking a swipe at JoJo.

Well, amid all the backlash, DaBaby actually tweeted directly at Jojo and explained further.

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DaBaby Randomly Disses JoJo Siwa in a Freestyle & The Internet Reacts!

DaBaby apparently has beef with JoJo Siwa, and the Internet is going wild.

The 29-year-old “Rockstar” rapper posted a freestyle on Friday (February 19), and one of the lyrics is getting a lot of attention.

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“You a bitch, JoJo Siwa (bitch),” he declares on “Beatbox Freestyle.”

The curious diss of the 17-year-old teen superstar caused a lot of reaction on social media, with many people mocking DaBaby for taking a swipe at JoJo.

At the same time, JoJo‘s been making plenty of headlines recently for her brave decision to publicly come out, and she just introduced her girlfriend to the world for the first time.

DaBaby – Beatbox “Freestyle” (Official Video)

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JoJo Siwa Shares Sweet Post Celebrating First Valentine's Day with Girlfriend Kylie

JoJo Siwa is celebrating her first Valentine’s Day with her girlfriend Kylie!

The 17-year-old entertainer took to Instagram on Sunday (February 14) to share a sweet post in honor of the day of love, calling her girlfriend “the most perfect person ever.”

“It’s my first valentines dayyyy!!🥰 No one in the world makes me as happy as this girl does,” JoJo wrote along with a photo getting a piggyback ride from Kylie and a sweet video with her girlfriend.

“I’m so thankful to have fallen in love with the most perfect person ever who makes me smile 24/7. I love you more thank you’ll ever know!❤️” JoJo continued.

JoJo first revealed her girlfriend Kylie‘s identity earlier this month after she came out saying that she was part of the LGBTQ+ community.

JoJo Siwa Reveals The Name of Her Girlfriend In Sweet Instagram Slideshow For Their One-Month Anniversary

JoJo Siwa looks so happy in this cute shot with her recently revealed girlfriend, Kylie!

The 17-year-old entertainer revealed the name of her partner following her appearance on The Tonight Show were she opened up about having a girlfriend for the first time.

“After being my best friend for over a year, January 8th 2021 I got to start calling this exceptional human my Girlfriend… and Since then I’ve been the happiest I have ever been!” JoJo shared on Instagram with a handful of cute images.

JoJo adds that Kylie “seriously is the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective, and just the most beautiful perfect person in the world. And I get to call her mine! Happy one month to my girl! I love you more and more everyday!❤️”

Inside the slideshow, JoJo shared a cute video of her and Kylie singing along to Justin Bieber‘s “As Long as You Love Me.”

There’s also a cute TikTok video of the couple, too!

JoJo is pictured below checking out of her quarantine hotel in Vancouver, and heading to another, prior to start filming on her upcoming Nickelodeon movie on Monday (January 8).

jojo siwa gf name vancouver hotel 01
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jojo siwa gf name vancouver hotel 05

JoJo Siwa Reveals She Has A Girlfriend & Reflects On Coming Out On TikTok

JoJo Siwa is opening up just weeks after revealing that she is gay.

In a new interview with The Tonight Show, the 17-year-old actress and singer opened up about her decision to come out to her fans through a TikTok video.

“I was doing TikTok with the people in the Pride House… and I’m like, ‘I think this TikTok is going to out me,’” she shared. “I was like, ‘I don’t really mind, it is true. I do have the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, I just haven’t shown the internet yet.’”

JoJo also spoke of how her girlfriend, who she hasn’t named, was supportive of the decision to share the news.

“The day after I posted on TikTok, I was on FaceTime with her and we were talking about it, and talking about all of the love that came in and technically I still hadn’t confirmed it,” she says. “And I was like, I kind of want to post this picture [wearing a 'Best Gay Cousin Ever' shirt]… She was super encouraging like, ‘Do it!’ I was like, ‘Alright, I did it.’”

JoJo added that just before the interview she was on the phone with “her girl”, as well.

“I was like, ‘Technically it was a really big risk posting that… but if I lost everything that I’ve created because of being myself and because of loving who I want to love I don’t want it, that’s not what,’” she says. “If I can’t love who I want to love, that’s one of the most important things to me.”

“About 10 minutes before I came out to do this interview today, I was again on the phone with my girl and I started crying,” JoJo shared. “She’s like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ I’m like, ‘I’m just so happy because now I get to share what makes me the happiest with the world, and it makes my heart so happy.’”

After coming out late last month, JoJo talked with her fans about coming out and even put one fan’s mom in her place.

JoJo Siwa Reacts to Parent Who Said Their Child Will Never Watch Her Again After Coming Out

JoJo Siwa‘s got no time for intolerant former fans.

The 17-year-old superstar reacted in a very unbothered way to a comment left by a parent who claimed they would not be letting their daughter watch her again after coming out as part of the LGBTQ community.

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“My daughter will never watch you again,” a person commented.

“Okay!” JoJo simply replied.

Regardless of some negative comments, she spoke out about how positive the response has overwhelmingly been since coming out.

“Now that the world gets to see this side of my life, it makes me really, really happy. Now that I got to share that with the world, it’s awesome…I want people to know that there is so much love in the world and it is so incredible!” she said.

“Somebody said, ‘What label are you?’ And you know, I have thought about this and the reason I am not ready to say this answer is because I really don’t know this answer. I think humans are awesome. I think humans are really incredible people.”

Find out what else she said about coming out!

Abby Lee Miller Reacts to JoJo Siwa Coming Out as Part of LGBTQ+ Community

Abby Lee Miller is one proud mentor.

The 55-year-old dancer teacher took to Instagram on Sunday (January 24) to share a post celebrating former student JoJo Siwa, who recently came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I always knew the world would be a more colorful, positive, sparkly place with a kind, loving, dazzling triple threat like you in it – a shining example for the kids out there to live their BEST lives each and every day,” Abby wrote along with a few throwback photos with the 17-year-old entertainer.

“You put your heart on the platter! (If you know you know) Love you kiddo!!!” Abby continued. “Keep making me proud 🌈 #aldcalways #ALDC #abbyleedancecompany #losangeles #aldcla #LA #pittsburgh #aldcpgh #PA #jojo #jojosiwa #loveyou”

JoJo then reacted to the post, writing, “Love you!!!” in the comments.

JoJo rose to fame while appearing on the reality show Dance Moms alongside Abby. The two have remained close over the years.

JoJo revealed her sexuality this week by wearing a “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” t-shirt and also by posting some videos on TikTok.

During a live session with fans on Instagram, JoJo was asked about putting a label on her sexuality, coming out to her parents, and more.