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JoJo Siwa Talks Coming Out, Her Parents' Reactions, & Labels on Her Sexuality

JoJo Siwa is opening up about coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community!

The 17-year-old entertainer, who rose to fame on Dance Moms and has since become a huge social star, went on Instagram Live on Saturday (January 23) to chat with fans about her big news.

“Personally I have never, ever, ever been this happy before and it feels really awesome. I’ve been happy for a little bit now. It’s just so, so, so awesome. You guys probably haven’t seen me this happy since I was on tour,” JoJo told her fans.

JoJo revealed her sexuality this week by wearing a “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” t-shirt and also by posting some videos on TikTok.

During the live session, JoJo was asked about putting a label on her sexuality, coming out to her parents, and more.

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JoJo Siwa Seemingly Comes Out as Gay with Help From Her Cousin

Fans started speculating this week that JoJo Siwa was hinting at being a member of the LGBTQ+ community and now it seems the young star is coming out.

The 17-year-old entertainer, who rose to fame on Dance Moms, shared a new photo on Instagram Stories on Friday (January 22) that seems to confirm her sexuality.

JoJo posted a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt that her cousin bought for her.

“Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever,” the shirt reads. JoJo captioned the photo, “Thanks for the shirt cousin @wandawandawanda.”

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Here's Why JoJo Siwa Fans Think She Came Out as Queer

JoJo Siwa, who shot to fame while appearing on Dance Moms, appears to have come out as LGBTQ+ and she has even acknowledged all of the social chatter happening right now.

Fans have been talking about JoJo‘s sexuality after she posted a lip-sync video for Lady Gaga‘s song “Born This Way.”

In the video, JoJo, 17, emphasized the lip-sync on the line, “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life, I’m on the right track baby, I was born to survive.” She’s also wearing rainbow themed clothing and there are rainbow lights in the video.

After noticing all the fans talking, Teen Vogue posted an article with the title, “Fans Think JoJo Siwa Came Out as Queer.”

JoJo noticed Teen Vogue‘s tweet with the article and hit the like button, seemingly approving all of the speculation about her coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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JoJo Siwa Says Her Whole Family Got COVID-19

JoJo Siwa is opening up about her experience with coronavirus.

The 17-year-old child superstar got candid about COVID-19 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of JoJo Siwa

During the interview, she explained that she and her immediate family members all contracted COVID-19, and have thankfully since recovered.

“I did end up getting it, the big, dreaded COVID-19. It got through my whole family,” she said.

She also opened up about their symptoms.

“We had headaches, we were tired, we had shortness of breath — we had all the things. All my family actually lost their taste and smell, but all have it back. But I never did. Everyone who gets this virus, it’s gonna affect them differently. We were all, like, three days apart,” she explained.

Kim Kardashian recently sung JoJo Siwa‘s praises. Find out why.

Kim Kardashian Calls This Star a 'Great Role Model for Children' in Time 100 Profile

Kim Kardashian is honoring JoJo Siwa!

The 39-year-old reality star penned a touching tribute to the 17-year-old star, who has been named as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. JoJo is also the youngest person on the list this year.

“JoJo Siwa is a ray of sunshine in a world that seems scary right now,” Kim wrote. “As a parent, you want your kids to admire positive figures. There’s no one more positive than JoJo. You just can’t help but smile when you see her rainbow ponytail.”

“She’s a great role model for children, and her optimism is more necessary now than ever. It’s no wonder my 7-year-old daughter North and millions of other children around the world adore her,” Kim continued. “When North met JoJo last year to fulfill her dream of being part of her YouTube channel, North got really shy. But JoJo, like a big sister, made her feel at home as they dressed up, danced and made slime.”

Last year, Kim let JoJo “babysit” daughter North, 7, in a super cute YouTube video.

“JoJo is never ashamed to be herself, which can be really hard to do in this industry, especially when you’re so young,” Kim continued. “When Keeping Up With the Kardashians first aired, I was old enough to know who I was and make my own decisions. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live this life at age 17. JoJo embraces it, and I hope she always will.”

Kim concluded: “At some point, she’ll evolve and grow up a little bit, and that’s O.K. The people who love and support her will always be there. Live in the moment. Have fun. Be yourself and surround yourself with people who will keep you positive.”

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JoJo Siwa Looks So Different After James Charles' Makeover - See Photos!

YouTube beauty guru James Charles gave JoJo Siwa a full makeover and we have the before and after photos!

James did a full makeup job on JoJo and she looks so different from her usual look, and fans are loving this video. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

In addition, Jojo actually gave James a makeover as well and you can see the video right here.

Meanwhile, if you missed the news, Jojo actually has a new boyfriend and you may recognize him! Be sure to check out who he is!

Watch the video that James Charles posted of his makeover of JoJo Siwa…

Check out photos of JoJo Siwa’s makeover, given to her by James Charles, in the gallery of this post…

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jojo siwa makeover 02
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