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'Big Brother' 2021 Contestants - 16 Cast Members Revealed!

Meet the latest Big Brother cast!

The Julie Chen Moonves-hosted 23rd season of the long-running competition reality TV series debuts tonight (Wednesday, July 7), with 16 castmates set to enter the house.

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Sharon Osbourne Denies Allegations of Calling Julie Chen Racial Slurs

Sharon Osbourne is continuing to deny allegations.

The 68-year-old The Talk co-host is accused by multiple unnamed sources of calling her former co-star Julie Chen “wonton” and “slanty eyes,” which she reacted to on Wednesday (March 17).

Sharon called the claims “crap, all crap,” in an interview first given to Daily Mail, repeating the racist language.

“Everyone’s got an opinion or a story like the wonton story. It’s like f–k off with your f–king wonton story. F–k off!”

“Of course, it’s a pile on. People want to add fuel to the fire and it comes with the territory and that’s fine,” she went on to say.

Sharon recently revealed where she stands with co-star and friend Sheryl Underwood as The Talk extended its hiatus.

Sharon Osbourne Shares Email that Holly Robinson Peete Sent Her Blaming Julie Chen for Her 'The Talk' Firing

Holly Robinson Peete has accused former The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne of complaining that she was “too ‘ghetto’” while on the show, which she believes could have led to her firing.

Now, Sharon is sharing an email that Holly sent to her in September 2011, in which she blamed their co-host Julie Chen for the firing. At the time, Leah Remini was also let go from the talk show.

“In response to Holly Robinson Peete’s accusation of me getting her fired from The Talk, I am sharing an e mail sent to me from Holly one month after she was let go by CBS. As I have stated before, I have never had the ability/authority to get anyone fired from The Talk,” Sharon said on Twitter.

In the email, Holly talked about how everyone was “paralyzed in fear of the wrath of Julie” at the show. She added, “The irony that you were the 1st one to ‘quit’ and yet we end up getting fired and is just crazy.”

“I know you are in a tough spot…Naturally Leah is very angry and believes you turned and are not true to your word about your feelings toward Julie. She feels you re weak as Sara [Gilbert] and you all have been sippin on Julie Kool-aid. But I told her you are just looking out for yourself and scared of CBS blacklisting you like they are us,” she continued.

Another celeb is backing up the claims that Holly made.

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Julie Chen's 'Big Brother' Sign-Off Was Not a Dig at Ellen DeGeneres

Julie Chen went off script during the latest episode of Big Brother and signed off from the show by sending a message to viewers.

A lot of fans thought that Julie was sending shade at Ellen DeGeneres by bringing up the “golden rule,” but she’s now explaining what she actually meant.

“From outside the Big Brother All Stars house, I’m Julie Chen-Moonves, and remember the golden rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Goodnight,” Julie said on Thursday night.

As you probably know, Ellen signs off from her show by saying, “Be kind to one another.” That slogan has been called into question lately amid the allegations that Ellen isn’t actually a kind person and that there’s a toxic work culture at her show.

Julie opened up about what she meant by that saying while talking to EW.

“I feel fortunate that the network and the producers have been so supportive in letting me put my own personal messaging at the end of our live shows,” Julie said. “I chose to close with those words because Black Lives Matter and now is the time to speak up. If the number of Black lives that have been taken happened to people of your heritage, you would be saying (fill-in-the-blank) Lives Matter! It’s my faith in God that is getting me through these uncertain times. We CAN be better. Why not try? It can’t hurt. It can only help. Most of all, it’ll help the person who rises to the occasion.”

Here are all of the celebs who are showing support for Ellen amid the controversy.

'Big Brother All Stars' Contestants Cut From Show Due To Positive Coronavirus Tests

Julie Chen, host of Big Brother’s All Stars season debuting tonight, has revealed some information about the contestants.

Before heading into the Big Brother house, the contestants were quarantined and tested multiple times for the Coronavirus.

“I don’t even know all the confirmed 16 houseguests,” Julie said (via Us Weekly). “I know it’s eight women and eight men, all-stars that we all know from seasons past. … I said, ‘Don’t even tell me, I might slip [up].’ I mean, I know some of the names that are most likely going in, but I don’t want to know all the names until I’m done talking to you.”

She then revealed some of the potential contestants tested positive and could not compete.

“We flew in a bunch of people, more than 16,” she said. “And some people I thought were definitely going in the house, they tested positive for COVID-19 so they couldn’t go in. And I thought, ‘Well, expect the unexpected.’ … I’ll just find out when I need to find out.”

Find out how the contestants will be kept safe from Coronavirus during filming.

The 'Big Brother' Season Premiere Will Be Live for the First Time - See New Details!

Season 22 of Big Brother is premiering in just a few days and it will be an All-Stars season for the second time ever!

It was just revealed that the season premiere, which is airing on Wednesday (August 5), will be taped live for the first time. All of the new contestants are going to be revealed during the show.

“For the first time ever, we are having a two-hour all-live premiere, which means that everything is happening as it’s happening. And it’s going to be expect the unexpected and a roller coaster ride for everybody. But in order to do this, we certainly have made this an incredibly active jam-packed two hours that is going to keep these all-stars really busy. So there’s a lot going on. It’s completely different than a regular premiere,” executive producer Allison Grodner told EW.

She added, “You’re not going to see the players talking to us in the diary room. That’s not possible on a live opening night to edit that in. So there’ll be a lot of action and a lot of Julie guiding the conversation, but it’s bound to be really exciting. For us, we realized we could really take the chance to do this because it’s an all-stars cast and an all-stars cast that understands the process of Big Brother and just how things work. So we knew it’d be easier to do with a cast that’s been there before.”

Allison also revealed that there will be some changes this season due to the pandemic, but viewers at home hopefully won’t notice them.

See which fan favorite star has confirmed he will NOT be participating in the All-Stars season.

Julie Chen Moonves Will Return as Host for 'Big Brother 22'

Julie Chen Moonves is returning to host Big Brother.

The former The Talk co-host inked a deal to host Season 22 of the hit CBS series, which is due to air in Summer of 2020 according to Deadline on Thursday (September 5).

“I hear that any spillover to the former CBS News reporter from the controversy surrounding her spouse and former CBS overlord Leslie Moonves and his fall from power last year after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct emerged last fall has long since evaporated,” the report reads.

Season 21 of Big Brother is set to conclude with a finale on September 25. The show was renewed back in May.

It is not yet known if Celebrity Big Brother will also make a return.

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