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Keira Knightley Reveals Upsetting Reality About Harassment Against Women

Keira Knightley is sharing the sad reality of the harassment that women face in the world.

The 36-year-old actress just gave a new interview to Harper’s Bazaar UK and she said that every woman she knows has experienced harassment.

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Claire Danes Takes Over Keira Knightley's Role in AppleTV+'s 'Essex Serpent' Series

Claire Danes has taken over a role slated for Keira Knightley in an upcoming Apple+ TV series.

Deadline reports that the Homeland star will replace Keira in The Essex Serpent adaptation series.

The Essex Serpent follows newly widowed Cora (Danes) who, having being released from an abusive marriage, relocates from Victorian London to the small village of Aldwinter in Essex, intrigued by a local superstition that a mythical creature known as the Essex Serpent has returned to the area.

The book, written by Sarah Perry, was named Book of the Year by the British Book Awards in 2016.

It’s reported that Keira pulled out of the project over concerns about childcare for her two young children.

Just last year, Claire ended an eight season run on Homeland as Carrie Mathison, and reflected on playing the badass character in a recent interview.

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Keira Knightley Explains Why She Now Refuses to Film Sex Scenes with Male Directors

Keira Knightley is addressing her stance on sex scenes.

In a new interview, the 35-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actress revealed in a new interview that she is no longer willing to do nude or sex scenes with a male director.

“It’s partly vanity and also it’s the male gaze,” Keira shared on Chanel Connects podcast. “I feel very uncomfortable now trying to portray the male gaze.”

“I don’t want it to be those horrible sex scenes where you’re all greased up and everybody is grunting. I’m not interested in doing that,” Keira continued.

“I feel very uncomfortable now trying to portray the male gaze,” Keira added. “Saying that, there’s times where I go, ‘Yeah, I completely see where this sex would be really good in this film and you basically just need somebody to look hot.’”

Keira also said that her new outlook on nude and sex scenes comes after being a mom two daughters Edie, 5, and Delilah, 1.

“I’m too vain and the body has had two children now and I’d just rather not stand in front of a group of men naked,” Keira said.

Keira clarified that she isn’t totally opposed to nude scenes, saying that she would feel more comfortable filming them with female directors.

If I was making a story that was about that journey of motherhood and body [acceptance] I feel like, I’m sorry, but that would have to be with a female filmmaker, Keira explained. “I don’t have an absolute ban, but I kind of do with men.”

If you missed it, Keira Knightley recently dropped out of a new Apple TV+ project. Find out why here.

Keira Knightley Drops Out of Apple TV+ Series 'The Essex Serpent' Over Childcare Concerns

Keira Knightley was set to star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent, but she has reportedly made the decision to drop out of the project over concerns for childcare.

The 35-year-old Oscar-nominated actress was set to begin filming the project in six weeks, but with the COVID-19 pandemic still going, she decided this isn’t the right time to go back to work.

Keira‘s rep told the Daily Mail that she “had to unfortunately pull out” due to “family reasons.”

The statement continued, “There wasn’t a comfortable scenario for Keira that could be put in place for an extended period of childcare required for the four-and-a-half-month production.”

Keira‘s casting in The Essex Serpent was announced on August 24. She’s also booked for a Hulu series that was announced back in June.

A couple weeks ago, Keira went viral when she couldn’t remember anything about one of the first movies she appeared in!

Keira Knightley Has No Recollection of Who She Played in 'Star Wars'

One of Keira Knightley‘s first movie roles was in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, but she has no recollection of the film!

The 35-year-old actress was only 12 when she appeared as Sabé, Queen Amidala’s double, in the epic movie.

While chatting with, Keira joked about how she barely remembers anything about the experience.

“Your character survived, whereas Padmé did not,” the interviewer said and Keira replied, “Wait a minute. Who did I play? Was I not Padmé?”

After being reminded that she played Sabé, Keira said, “Do you know, I saw the film once. I think I was 12 when I did it and it came out and I saw it the year after. And I’ve never seen it again. So, I played Sabé and she didn’t die? Okay!”

Keira was asked if she has any thoughts on where Sabé might be these days and she said, “I hope she lived a long and happy life somewhere on a planet far, far away. I’m sure she did!”

With all of the Star Wars reboots and spinoff series happening, she was also asked if there’s any talk of her reprising her role as Sabé.

“Reprising the character I can’t even remember the name of?” Keira asked while laughing. “No, there hasn’t.”

Keira just signed on to a period drama for Apple TV+ and an upcoming series for Hulu.

Keira Knightley Boards Another Period Drama!

Keira Knightley has found her next period drama – Sarah Perry’s novel The Essex Serpent for Apple TV+.

The 35-year-old actress is well known for her work in period pieces including Colette and The Imitation Game.

According to Deadline, “The Essex Serpent follows newly widowed Cora, played by Knightley, who, having being released from an abusive marriage, relocates from Victorian London to the small village of Aldwinter in Essex, intrigued by a local superstition that a mythical creature known as the Essex Serpent has returned to the area….Set in 1893, the book was published by Serpent’s Tail, an imprint of Profile Books in 2016 and was named Book of the Year by the British Book Awards that year.

Keira is also set to star in another TV show that is set in the Prohibition era!

Keira Knightley to Star in Hulu Series 'The Other Typist'

Keira Knightley is taking on a new role.

The 35-year-old actress is set to star in and executive produce The Other Typist, a television adaptation of the Suzanne Rindell novel coming to Hulu, Deadline reported on Thursday (June 11).

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Here’s a description: “Set in New York City at the height of the Prohibition era, The Other Typist is a psycho-sexual suspense thriller that turns on themes of identity, class, obsession and misplaced (or misunderstood) desire. In it, Rose, a prim, unworldly police department typist gets drawn into the shady world of her glamorous new co-worker, Odalie (Knightley) but when the ultimate crime is committed, it’s uncertain which of the two women was the more treacherous.”

The original novel, published in 2013, has garnered comparisons to The Great Gatsby.

Also of note: “This would mark the biggest TV commitment to date for Knightley who, with the exception of the 2011 Neverland miniseries, has been focused entirely on features since bursting into the scene with the 2002 hit Bend It Like Beckham,” Deadline reports.

Meanwhile, in quarantine, Keira recently showed off this fun party trick…