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Four Republican Senators Accused of Selling Their Stocks After Private Briefings on Coronavirus

Four Republican senators are being accused of dumping their stocks after being briefed on the coronavirus in private meetings.

Richard Burr, the senior senator from North Carolina and also the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, reportedly sold up to $1.7 million of shares on February 13.

Kelly Loeffler, the junior senator from Georgia, reportedly dumped as much as $3.1 million of stock over a three-week period.

Ron Johnson, the senior senator from Wisconsin, reportedly sold over $5 million in stock on March 2 and the number could be as high as $25 million.

The fourth senator being accused is Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe, who reportedly sold up to $450,000 in stock in late February.

The senators were reportedly part of private briefings on the coronavirus pandemic and decided to sell their shares before the market crashed. They are being accused of insider trading and people are calling for them all to resign.