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7 Original Stars from 'That '70s Show' Will Return for Netflix Sequel, One Actor Will Not

It was announced last year that Netflix is working on a That ’70s Show sequel series and now the cast has been confirmed!

That ’90s Show will be set in 1995 and will feature Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp‘s characters Red and Kitty as grandparents.

It was just confirmed that five other original cast members will make appearances in the upcoming series, while one star is not going to return.

Newcomer Callie Haverda will star in the series as “Leia Forman, the daughter of Eric and Donna, as she visits her grandparents for the summer and bonds with a new generation of Point Place kids,” according to THR.

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Uzo Aduba Reunites with 'Orange Is the New Black' Stars at Her Broadway Opening for 'Clyde's'

Uzo Aduba had a reunion with some of her former Orange Is the New Black co-stars this week!

The Emmy-winning actress had the support of her friends at the opening of her new Broadway play Clyde’s on Tuesday (November 23) at Second Stage’s Helen Hayes Theatre in New York City.

Uzo plays the title character in the new play, in which a truck stop sandwich shop offers its formerly incarcerated kitchen staff a shot at reclaiming their lives. Even as the shop’s callous owner (Aduba) tries to keep them under her thumb, the staff members are given purpose and permission to dream by their shared quest to create the perfect sandwich.

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Laura Prepon Supports Husband Ben Foster at TIFF 2021 Premiere of 'The Survivor'

Laura Prepon is joining Ben Foster on his big night!

The 41-year-old Orange is the New Black actress supported the 40-year-old actor at the premiere of his new movie The Survivor on Monday night (September 13) at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada.

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The screening was held during the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.

For the red carpet, Laura kept things chic and classic in a black dress while Ben sported a charcoal-gray suit paired with a navy dress shirt.

Here’s the synopsis for The Survivor via TIFF: “When the Nazis invade Poland, Harry Haft (Foster), who is Jewish, is sent to the Auschwitz extermination camp. He is a powerfully built man, so a charming but sadistic officer (Billy Magnussen) offers him an impossible deal: fight fellow prisoners in the boxing ring for the amusement of his captors, or die. The winner of the bout survives to fight again. The loser is shot or sent to the gas chamber. How far will Harry’s will to live take him? What will he do to escape the death all around him?”

In a recent interview, Laura revealed a big update about her personal life.

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Laura Prepon Reveals She's No Longer Practicing Scientology

Orange Is the New Black‘s Laura Prepon has revealed that she’s no longer practicing Scientology.

In a new interview, the 41-year-old actress revealed the information and explained how long it has been since she practiced.

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Laura Prepon Explains Why She Hasn't Revealed Her Son's Name Yet

Laura Prepon and her husband Ben Foster welcomed their newborn son in February, and now we’re learning why they have yet to announce his name.

“We make all those decisions as a family because we’re in the public eye,” the 40-year-old “You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood” author and actress told Us Weekly. “So whenever we do something like that, we have a conversation about it first and make sure that we’re comfortable with it.”

Shortly after his birth, the Coronavirus pandemic “took over everyone’s lives,” so they have not had the conversation about when they might announce his name. “Until we have a conversation, we know not to talk about it,” she added. “It’s cute that people want to know his name.”

She added, “It’s a constant negotiation because we’re so fortunate to do what we love. But part of being in the public eye is how do you negotiate keeping your privacy, how do you negotiate keeping your personal life private?”

Just a few weeks ago, Laura revealed that she and Ben actually had to terminate their second pregnancy together.

Laura Prepon Reveals She & Ben Foster Had to Terminate Their Second Pregnancy

Laura Prepon revealed the heartbreaking decision she had to make with Ben Foster when they became pregnant in 2018 with their second child.

At one of her routine appointments, they found out their baby had suspected cystic hygroma.

Her doctor explained the complications their baby was facing due to this syndrome. “Our neonatal specialist told us the brain was not growing and the bones were not growing. We were told the pregnancy would not go to full term and that my body was at risk carrying any longer,” Laura told People.

Ben held me as I cried,” she added. “We had to terminate the pregnancy.”

“To get to the second trimester and then be told this awful news, I felt like a failure. I felt like my body had failed and failed having another baby. The whole cycle of what’s wrong with my body came back,” she continued.

“He was so supportive,” she added of her husband. “It got to the point where I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get pregnant again because the healing process took so long. But my husband knew we would be able to have a healthy sibling for Ella.”

“I couldn’t fathom going through it again. When the news began to sink in, we realized we’re going to go on this journey again and bring our daughter a sibling,” Laura said. They have since welcomed their second child!

Laura documents this story and more in her upcoming book “You & I As Mothers.” In one excerpt from the book, Laura opened up about how her mother taught her to be bulemic.

Laura Prepon Reveals Her Mother Taught Her to Be Bulimic

Laura Prepon is getting candid about her eating disorder.

The 40-year-old Orange Is the New Black star spoke about her story in the upcoming guide to moms, You & I, as Mothers, and People provided an interview and excerpt from the book on Wednesday (March 25).

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“My mother taught me bulimia. It started when I was 15 and lasted until my late twenties. I always thought of myself as this strong, confident woman, but it became a compulsion that would completely debilitate me,” she revealed.

She explained that at 15, when she went to an open casting at a modeling agency, she was told to lose 25 pounds, which became her and her mom’s “shared project.”

“My mom started weighing me every morning and taking my measurements,” she said.

“That’s when she told me, ‘You can have your cake and eat it too.’ I knew exactly what she was talking about. It was a bonding thing we would do together. A shared secret.”

“She was bulimic in college, and after she lost weight, she met my father. So to her, being thin equaled success,” Laura went on to explain.

She also reflected on her relationship with her mother today, who is in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

“I don’t want to be angry with her, especially now, because I don’t know how much time we have left. I want those moments when she is present to be good.” For more from Laura, head to