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Get to Know 'Sneaky Pete' Actress Libe Barer with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Libe Barer is a rising star that you should know more about so we caught up with her to learn 10 Fun Facts that fans likely don’t know.

The 26-year-old actress currently stars as Carly in the Amazon Prime series Sneaky Pete and the second season just debuted this month.

Check out the fun facts below:

  • 1. I have a cat names Gilda Radner and am convinced she’s the softest cat in the world.
  • 2. I am a Mexican Jew.
  • 3. When I was a kid I wanted to be an actor/ ballerina/ astronaut (pretty sure I can still make all of those happen).
  • 4. I went to an arts high school like the school from Fame and while I was there they made a documentary on it called “Fame High.”
  • 5. I love plants, but I can’t keep them alive.

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