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Britney Spears' Mom Lynne Avoids Paparazzi's Questions About Her Daughter at LAX

Lynne Spears is keeping family matters private.

On Thursday (February 18), Britney Spears‘ mom was spotted at LAX airport and followed by paparazzi. When asked how her daughter was doing, Lynne stayed quiet and kept walking.

A source told E! News that Lynne was in town to visit her daughter.

“She comes out every few months and spends a good amount of time with Britney,” the source shared. “When she isn’t here, they talk all the time. Lynne wants to help Britney and make sure she has the freedom that she deserves.”

In July, Lynne requested to be a part of her daughter’s financial planning, filing documents to be included in any “special notice” of “all matters” having to do with Britney‘s trust.

Britney‘s convservatoriship has come under intense scrutiny following the release of Framing Britney, a documentary from the New York Times that examines the course of her career and the Free Britney social-media campaign.

Find out which celebrity recently came out in support of the Free Britney movement after previously criticizing the pop-star.

Jamie Lynn Spears Named Trustee of Britney Spears' Fortune

Britney Spears‘ sister, Jamie Lynn, is now the trustee of a trust that holds the fortune belonging to the 38-year-old Glory pop star, The Blast reported Tuesday (August 25).

According to legal documents obtained by the outlet, Jamie Lynn was named trustee of the “SJB Revocable Trust,” set up by Britney in 2004 to protect her vast fortune and provide for her children’s financial future.

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The trust was “amended in 2018, naming Jamie Lynn as the ‘trustee’ and the move was signed off on by her co-conservators Andrew Wallet, and their father Jamie Spears. According to the documents, while alive Britney Spears is the ‘sole beneficiary’ of the SJB Trust, but it outlines what steps are to be taken if she passes away.”

Jamie is asking the court to approve the appointment of Fidelity Financial Management to create “blocked accounts” that will hold all of Britney‘s assets and serve as advisors with her investments, the documents also outline.

It’s “unclear if Jamie is asking to move the assets to these accounts now, or in the event of Britney‘s death. But, the trust outlines exactly what should happen to her fortune in the case of her death…in other words, if she passes away, Jamie Lynn will ensure that the assets and cash be transferred to the trust set up to take care of her children.”

This is the first time her sister has been named in connection to her conservatorship.

Her mother, Lynne Spears, recently filed to become more involved in this trust.

Lynne Spears Files to Be Included in Decisions About Britney Spears' Finances

Britney Spears‘ mother, Lynne Spears, is requesting to be included in decisions made about her finances.

The 65-year-old mother of the 38-year-old Glory pop superstar filed legal documents obtained by The Blast on Tuesday (July 14) with the Los Angeles County Courts to be included in any “special notice” of “all matters” having to do with Britney‘s trust.

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Britney filed the “SJB Revocable Trust” in 2004 to protect her multi-million dollar assets and set up her kids for the future, which was established to “hold and manage her material financial assets during her lifetime, and provide distribution of those assets upon her death.”

If you didn’t know, Britney was put under a conservatorship in 2008 and removed as “Trustee” of the trust, with the court appointing temporary successors of the trust, according to The Blast.

“Now, it appears Lynne wants to be involved in any changes or movements involving Britney‘s vast $60 Million fortune. Lynne‘s lawyer, filed the documents on July 13, 2020, to be included as an ‘interested person’ in all matters pertaining to the SJB Revocable Trust, and any hearings discussing the trust itself. The filing was the first time anything has happened in the trust case in many years,” the outlet reports.

Fans have expressed concern about the legitimacy of the conservatorship over the years, more recently with the “#FreeBritney” movement on social media. Here’s what recently happened to spark more speculation…

Britney Spears' Mom Lynne Will Appear in Court for Conservatorship Hearing

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Britney Spears Enjoys Caribbean Vacation With Mom Lynne!

Britney Spears is getting in some quality time with her mom Lynne!

The 37-year-old singer is enjoying a beach vacation with her mom in the Caribbean, according to People.

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Britney took to her Instagram to share a montage of videos from the trip, including a cute vid splashing in the water in a yellow bikini.

“This is my kind of place,” Britney captioned the post.

The mother-daughter vacay comes after a difficult few months for the Spears family, which included legal battles and a restraining order against her former manager Sam Lutfi.

Watch the entire beach video of Britney below…

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Judge Orders Investigation of Her Case

The judge involved in the conservatorship of Britney Spears is ordering an investigation of everyone involved in the case.

The judge ordered a probate court investigator to examine the case prior to the next hearing in September, The Blast reported on Wednesday (May 15).

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The investigator will “conduct extensive interviews with all the people involved in a conservatorship case, including guardians, conservators, doctors and even law enforcement officials who have had contact with the subject of the conservatorship. The investigator will also be reviewing medical and financial records, including custody agreements and even contractual obligations…such as her Las Vegas residency.”

Britney and her mother Lynne Spears reportedly claimed in court last week that her father Jamie Spears committed her to a mental health facility against her will and forced her to take drugs, according to sources via TMZ. The judge then reportedly took no action and ordered an evaluation of Britney.

Britney‘s current manager, Larry Rudolph, spoke out on Wednesday (May 15), saying the conservatorship, which has been in place since 2008, is there “for a reason.”

“The personal issues that Britney is dealing with are highly complicated and the conservatorship is there for a reason. The courts of the State of California take this very seriously. I hope the people allow her to have her private time,” he told Variety.

“Let her be a civilian for a while. She’s given so much. Give her time,” he added.

Britney Spears' Mom Lynne Has One Word Response When Asked About Her Daughter

Britney Spears‘ mom Lynne Spears was stopped by paparazzi and asked about her daughter’s well-being amid reports about her mental health.

“Was Britney held against her will, Lynne?” the photographer asked, but he received no response.

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He then asked, “How is she getting on now?”

Lynne then responded, “Wonderful.”

You can watch the video on The Blast‘s site.

Britney recently spent time in a mental health facility and late last month, addressed speculation about all the rumors circulating.