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Most Controversial & Banned Music Videos of All Time

The music icons of our day love to push boundaries and challenge the public – with their sound, their style, and of course, their controversial music videos.

Some of our favorite pop entertainers, rappers and rock stars have made music videos that have tested the limits of what is acceptable on network television – and, in some cases, they’ve even benefitted from the allure and added curiosity of having their music videos banned from networks.

From flashing ample amounts of skin, to violence and gore, to inciting outrage with controversial political views, to potentially even causing harm from flashing visual elements, there’ve been all different reasons why music videos from top stars were not allowed to see light of day. (And sometimes, the stars go on to regret their biggest hits.)

We’ve gathered up some of the most controversial, banned music videos over the years. Are there any music videos from your favorite artists that also sparked a ton of controversy? Sound off in the comments!

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The 5 Most Valuable Music Catalogs Revealed & These Entertainers Beat Michael Jackson for the Number 1 Spot

Forbes has investigated the five most valuable music catalogs of all time!

Many music catalogues constantly royalties from music streaming services, making some music catalogues a lot more valuable than others.

You may think Michael Jackson‘s music catalogue would be the most valuable of all time based on how many hit songs he created had over the years, however, his catalogue placed in second on this list.

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Lizzo Sparks Twitter Debate After Naming Janet Jackson the 'Queen of Pop'

Lizzo is sharing some of her hot takes!

The “Rumors” performer inadvertently caused some controversy on Sunday (August 29) after she posted a tweet dubbing Michael Jackson the King of Pop and Janet Jackson as Queen.

The list was a follow-up to a tweet where she referred to Usher as the King of R&B, leading her to rank the best of the best in some other genres.

“King of Pop- Michael Jackson, Queen of Pop- Janet Jackson, Prince of pop- [Justin] Bieber, Princess of Pop- Britney Spears, The Pop princess- Rihanna, Queen of music- Beyoncé,” she tweeted.

She also named Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul, Mariah Carey the Queen of R&B, Mary J Blige the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and Tina Turner the Queen of Rock and Roll.

However, not everyone agreed with Lizzo‘s ranking.

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Michael Jackson Wanted to Be a Part of Disney's 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'

Michael Jackson originally wanted to be part of a big animated movie.

The late King of Pop requested to be a part of 1996′s Hunchback of Notre Dame, it was just revealed by composter Alan Menken in an oral history of the film.

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Paris Jackson Reveals the Extent of Her PTSD From Paparazzi While Growing Up in the Public Eye

Paris Jackson is getting candid about the damage done by living in the public eye.

The 23-year-old star spoke about being the daughter of Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson during an appearance on Red Table Talk this Wednesday (June 16).

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Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Alleged Sexual Harassment From Michael Jackson's Late Manager Frank DiLeo

Sheryl Crow is coming forward.

The 59-year-old “Soak Up the Sun” singer spoke out about the alleged sexual harassment she faced from Michael Jackson‘s late manager Frank DiLeo while touring with him in the late ’80s in an interview with The Independent.

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Roddy Ricch Releases 'Late At Night' Music Video, Inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' - Watch Now!

Roddy Ricch is paying tribute to one of the most iconic music videos in history!

The 22-year-old rapper released the music video for his new single “Late At Night” – which references the late Michael Jackson‘s video “Thriller.”

In the video, Roddy returns to his home in Compton to start working on new music, but is distracted by the mysterious Ferris wheel that appears in his backyard.

After boarding the ride, Roddy is transported back to a party back in the ’80s, featuring tons of extras playing stars from that era including Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson, Salt N’ Pepa, and many more.

While at the party, Roddy meets Karrueche Tran, and that’s when things start referencing MJ‘s “Thriller” video!

If you missed it, Roddy Ricch picked a few nominations at the upcoming 2021 BET Awards. You can check out all the nominees here.