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Nikki Bella Addresses Speculation She's Pregnant with Second Baby

Nikki Bella is shutting down speculation she’s pregnant.

The 37-year-old reality star and retired WWE pro recently shared several photos on Instagram of herself and twin sister Brie Bella making an appearance at WrestleMania 37 from over the weekend.

After posting the photos, fans commented on the photos questioning if Nikki is pregnant with her second child.

She then took to the comments to respond.

“No lol I have seen a few of these comments. My dress was baggy and with the number placement and being super bloated from travel and hormones (milk is coming to an end) I totally look it,” Nikki wrote. “It is what is is lol. Had abs in the day and a little belly at night. #momlife.”

Nikki then also shared a message about her changing body on her Story.

“So a lot of people have asked me this since the weekend, sucks lol, but I talk about it on the podcast tomorrow,” Nikki wrote. “Hormones, body changes and holding 8 pounds of water weight! Today back to normal today!!”

Nikki and fiance Artem Chigvintsev are parents to 8-month-old son Matteo.

If you missed, it couple recently announced their wedding date!

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Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Announce Their Wedding Date

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are setting a wedding date!

The pair revealed their wedding plans during the season finale of Total Bellas on Thursday (January 28).

“We are going to be getting married the weekend of Thanksgiving 2021!” Nikki announced to her family as she popped a bottle of champagne.

Nikki and Artem got engaged in November 2019. She gave birth to their son, Matteo, in July.

In the episode, Nikki also opened up about her struggle with post-partem depression, telling Artem, “I think it’s hard for men to truly understand postpartum.”

The 37-year-old former WWE star added, “Our body goes through so many changes inside and out and the battle we face mentally as moms, as a new mom, figuring that out… I’ll be honest, I started to just feel super invisible.”

Nikki recently shared that she and Artem would be starting couples therapy.

Nikki Bella Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body Five Months After Giving Birth

Nikki Bella is getting back in shape!

The 37-year-old reality TV star and former WWE wrestler took to her Instagram Story on Friday (January 8) to give fans a look at her post-baby body.

“Getting there! Slowly but surely!” Nikki wrote, along with a photo of herself posing in front of a mirror pulling her shirt up to show off her stomach.

Nikki also share another photo, while writing, “Finally going to start workouts again! Hopefully today but definitely tomorrow! And Monday Im going to start the @TheYogaStandard 30 day challenge! I miss hot yoga so much!”

Nikki welcomed her first child, son Matteo, with fiance Artem Chigvintsev five months ago back on July 31.

If you missed it, Nikki recently opened up about the possibility of returning to the WWE with her twin sister Brie Bella.

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Nikki & Brie Bella Are Serious About Their Return To The WWE

Nikki and Brie Bella bid goodbye to the WWE just a few years ago, however, it looks like the twin sisters could return to the ring once again.

During an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, the 37-year-old pro wrestlers, and new moms, revealed that they have a bucket list item of getting back in the ring.

“When Nikki and I left, the Tag Team titles came and we were like, wait a second, those titles are for the Bella twins, how’d they come after us?” Brie shared, and added that she and Nikki have “said we definitely have one more last run in us.”

“It’s not anytime soon,” Brie stated, but “we’d kind of like to do it in a couple years is what we’re feeling because we’d like our boys to be 2 and watch us.”

Nikki continued on, saying that the Tag Team Titles are something they’d like to achieve.

“We both felt like our last run, we’re like, that’s not what we want to end on, like our careers officially. We just have that one more left in us.”

The Bella Twins made their debut in 2007, but Brie left because of persisting injuries and she was expecting her first child with Daniel Bryan. Nikki subsequently left a few months later, after doctors found a cyst on her brain.

If you didn’t see, the sisters recently linked up with Katherine Schwarzenegger to chat about the tribulations of new motherhood. See what they said…

New Moms Katherine Schwarzenegger, Brie & Nikki Bella Talk About Sleep Deprivation

Katherine Schwarzenegger, Brie and Nikki Bella are bonding over lack of sleep.

The two new moms, who welcomed Lyla Pratt (Katherine), and Matteo Chigvintsev (Nikki) earlier this year, chatted on Katherine‘s Instagram Live this week and focused in on just how tiring it is to be a mom and how they’re figuring when to take some time for themselves while raising another human.

“You definitely have moments where it’s harder some days than it is other days,” Katherine shared. “You have [days] of feeling bad with a partner or wanting to make everything good again. For me, it’s also like if you want to get so many things done, [you should] sleep when the baby sleeps. [But] I don’t know how you do that. How does anything get done that you want to get done during the day?”

She added, “It’s really hard and then you need to catch up on your sleep obviously.”

Nikki agreed, revealing she also hasn’t slept that much since welcoming Matteo, who she shares with fiance DWTS pro Artem Chigvintsev, in July.

“Aren’t you ever like, ‘How am I doing this?’” she joked.

Brie Bella also chimed in on her experience with her second child, Buddy.

“You get this FOMO of the old you — who you were before pregnancy, who you were before your child came into your life,” she said, but “you’re too embarrassed to say it out loud, ’cause then everyone’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, do you hate your baby?’ And you’re like, ‘No, I just [miss] my old life.’ ”

She goes on, “I think I was trying to keep up with my sister to not lose that part of me when I should’ve just let go and really enjoyed motherhood more with Birdie like I’m doing now with Buddy, instead of trying to just not let go of who I was before Bird came into my life.”

Nikki also touched on her own depression and anxiety struggles, saying that there are “days where I struggle…but I feel like I’m out of the dark hole. I was like on a cliff, about to be pushed over to go into a super place, but now I’m in a place that’s so much better.”

Just recently, Katherine was seen standing up for her husband, Chris Pratt, after he was labeled this by the internet.

Meanwhile, Nikki admitted that as soon as Dancing With the Stars is over, she and Artem are going here…

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Are Planning On Going to Couples Therapy

Nikki Bella is getting candid about the problems in her relationship.

During a new interview, the 36-year-old Total Bellas star revealed that she and fiance Artem Chigvintsev will be going to couples therapy once he finishes this season of Dancing with the Stars.

“I would be lying to say, ‘Oh, it’s great.’ It has definitely been a struggle for us,” Nikki shared with Us Weekly. “It’s hard. We have so many ups and downs. It’s been so difficult on our relationship because I need so much from him, but he’s, like, torn between his job that requires so much from him and then us at home.”

The 38-year-old dancing pro returned to work shortly after Nikki gave birth to the couple’s son Matteo back in July.

A few weeks ago, Nikki said that she “hated” Artem for going back to work while she raised their newborn son alone while also battling postpartum depression.

If you missed it, Nikki Bella revealed the last time she spoke with ex John Cena.

Nikki Bella Reveals The Last Time She Spoke with Ex John Cena

Nikki Bella is sharing an update on her relationship with ex John Cena.

During a new interview, the 36-year-old reality star revealed that she and 43-year-old actor former WWE wrestler are on good terms these days.

“John and I will be tied forever. I get that, like, we had a public relationship on a reality show for six years,” Nikki shared with Us Weekly. “All I’ve ever wanted was for him to be happy. So, it makes me happy when I see that and, like, him kicking butt in the movie world and all that stuff. I love that!”

After being together for six years, Nikki and John split up in 2018. She got engaged to DWTS pro Artem Chigvintsev in January of this year, and the couple welcomed their first son, Matteo, back in July.

One day after Nikki gave birth, her twin sister Brie Bella welcomed her second child, son Buddy, with husband Daniel Bryan.

After the sisters gave birth, John reached out to congratulate them.

“So with the baby, he reached out to Brie and I both,” Nikki shared. “We haven’t had an individual conversation in gosh, I don’t know how long, but it was very short and sweet!”

If you missed it, John Cena very quietly married girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh last month in Florida.

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