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Peloton's Ben Alldis & Leanne Hainsby Are Engaged - See the Ring!

Fan favorite Peloton instructors Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby, who are based in the company’s London studio, just announced they are engaged!

The couple has been together for three years and they just got engaged during a trip to Ibiza, Spain. While they initially kept their relationship a secret from fans, people began to figure out that they were a couple when they started doing live-stream classes from the same room during the COVID-19 lockdown.

β€œWe were conducting classes from our tiny spare room where we struggle to get a bed in!” Leanne previously told You magazine. β€œAt one time there were 10,000 people in that bedroom!”

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Colton Underwood Flaunts Ripped Body After a Shirtless Peloton Ride

Colton Underwood has been focusing on his health and happiness this year amid his decision to tell the world he’s gay.

The 29-year-old former football player and The Bachelor star put his ripped body on display after doing a Peloton workout to kick off the weekend.

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Peloton's Cody Rigsby, aka Britney Spears' Biggest Fan, Finally Shares Thoughts on the Documentary!

If you’ve ever taken Peloton classes with instructor Cody Rigsby, then you know he is probably the biggest Britney Spears fan out there.

Everyone has been wanting to hear his take on the Framing Britney Spears documentary, but he hasn’t done any live classes in weeks because he has been recovering from COVID-19.

Well, Cody finally returned to Peloton this week and he shared his thoughts!

“I been telling you that Britney is an icon. I been telling you that Britney is that diva. I been telling you that she sacrificed 20 years of her life to give us a library of bops, hot tracks, and hits. I been telling you that she’s given us iconic performances that have never been done and never been topped. Have I not? I have. Now I’m glad that everybody can wipe off this image of thinking that Britney is crazy,” he said.

Cody then turned his attention on Justin Timberlake and called him out for the apology he wrote last week.

“I will also be commenting on a certain individual, a certain ex-boyfriend that was dragged in this documentary. I won’t be naming names, but I have also been telling you that he’s trash. I have also been telling you that he wasn’t the most talented person in his band. And sir, sir, you are not going to come up into my feed with an Apple phone notes app apology and post it on Instagram twenty years late. Twenty years late! No sir. You ain’t going to do my girls like that. Do better! I’m not here cancelling nobody, I’m just saying do better. They deserve better,” Cody said.

He then concluded by offering his support to the Free Britney movement.

“That does not conclude my opinions on the documentary… I’m going to Harvard Law and I’m getting this bitch her freedom. That’s all I gotta say. But, I’m going to Harvard Law. Elle Woods style and everything. We’re getting her out, one way or the other. We’re going to make it happen!” he said.

Peloton's Cody Rigsby Explains Recent Absence, Reveals He's Battling COVID-19

Beloved Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby is explaining where he’s been lately after fans noticed he hasn’t done any live classes in recent weeks.

The 33-year-old fitness instructor was recently dubbed the “King of Quarantine” by Vogue and he is definitely one of the most popular instructors at the company.

Cody took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (February 4) to explain that he’s currently battling with COVID-19 and he is cancelling his classes this week and next week.

“Hi friends. It’s me. It’s been a while. I know you’ve been asking yourself where is this b–ch and unfortunately I’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for the past two weeks. I have never been more sick in my life. It is a very real, real virus,” Cody said in his video post.

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'Peloton Husband' Gives Real-Life Girlfriend a Peloton Bike for Christmas!

The “Peloton husband” is giving the gift of – what else? – a Peloton bike for Christmas for his real-life girlfriend.

Sean Hunter, who plays the husband in the controversial ad that went viral for weeks, gifted his actual girlfriend with a bike for Christmas, he revealed on Instagram.

“Here’s hoping this goes over better the second time. Merry Christmas to my actual girlfriend (pls don’t leave me),” he captioned the amusing post.

The Peloton commercial was slammed by critics as sexist, with some viewers taking issue with the fact that the husband thought his wife should exercise more, while others took notice of how seemingly frightened she appeared.

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