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Alicia Silverstone Recreates Paul McCartney's PETA Ad With Her Adorable Son Bear

Alicia Silverstone and her 8-year-old son, Bear, recreated the iconic PETA ad starring Paul Cartney and his late wife Linda for a new campaign that declares: “STOP Eating Animals. GO Vegan.”

The campaign, which features “Stop” and “Go” t-shirts, urges everyone cutting meat, eggs, fish, and dairy from their diets in an attempt to boost their immune system.

“The meat trade’s threat to our health can be halted,” said the Beatles icon, whose original ad is almost 30 years old. “And there are hopeful signs that people are starting to realize that this must be done to secure a brighter future for our children and theirs.”

Alicia added, “I’ve been lucky to be an activist alongside [Paul] for the last 25 years, and he’s just an incredible man and an incredible heart. I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet his beautiful wife, Linda. But doing anything in his honor is extraordinary.”

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'The Bachelor' Star Cassie Randolph Poses in PETA Ad: 'Think Isolation Is Hard? Try Being an Animal at Seaworld'

Cassie Randolph stars in a new PETA campaign.

The 24-year-old Bachelor star, who is currently helping care for boyfriend Colton Underwood as he recovers from the pandemic, is taking on SeaWorld in a new campaign.

“If you think isolation is hard, try it for 30 years. Don’t go to SeaWorld,” the campaign poster reads.

“It’s important to not visit these places that are putting their mammals in captivity. I don’t think people are really aware of how sad their lives really are when they’re there,” Cassie says.

SeaWorld is currently closed amid the global health crisis, and PETA is calling on the park to use this time to develop a plan to move the orcas, bottlenose dolphins and other marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries.

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PETA Super Bowl Commercial 2018 with James Cromwell - Watch Now

PETA created a commercial for the 2018 Super Bowl starring James Cromwell, who has been a vocal supporter of the organization for years.

The actor plays a priest who gets a visit from a meat industry executive trying to make a confession in hopes of receiving forgiveness for his actions.

The exec confesses that even though he tells customers that the animals slaughtered for meat are treated humanely, that’s not exactly the case.

Cromwell tells the exec that there’s no penance for him and there’s no forgiving him either. “For the love of god, we have to draw the line somewhere,” he says before shutting the door.

The commercial will not actually be airing during the game.

PETA Calls Out Luke Bryan for Gifting Wife Caroline With Two Kangaroos: 'Right This Wrong'

PETA was not happy to see Luke Bryan gifting his wife Caroline with two baby kangaroos for Christmas.

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“Baby kangaroos belong in their mothers’ pouches, not in gift bags. These joeys have complex needs, including specialized diets and room to roam—they are not toys and will only become more difficult to care for as they grow older. PETA is calling for an investigation into where these kangaroos came from and stands ready to help Luke Bryan right this wrong and move these vulnerable marsupials to a reputable sanctuary,” the animal rights organization’s Vice President Colleen O’Brien said in a statement issued on Friday (December 29).

Luke previously shared that the kangaroos were the latest addition to his and Caroline‘s “Brett Barn” – named in honor of his infant niece who died earlier this year – which homes llamas, ponies, and other animals to cheer up children with different illnesses.

Watch Luke gift his wife with the kangaroos below.