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Andie Case Premieres 'Stuck In My Head' Music Video - Watch! (Exclusive)

Andie Case is back with a brand new music video for her song “Stuck In My Head,” which you can watch right here on Just Jared!

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter released her latest visual on Friday (March 15).

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The track was produced by Prince Fox.

“It was perfect the way it came together,” Andie explains.

“My band mate and songwriting partner Ajay and I met the producer Prince Fox through mutual friends, and this was the first time we worked together. You never know how a first session is going to go, but there were immediate good vibes. We all started throwing out ideas and the song literally just came to life. We were all so stoked that I had to FaceTime my manager, saying that we wrote the next single!”

Watch the music video for “Stuck In My Head” below!

Bella Thorne & Prince Fox Drop Music Video For 'Just Call' - Watch Now!

Bella Thorne and Prince Fox have finally released the music video for their song “Just Call” and you need to see it!

The video stars Bella and Prince Fox, who play two lovers on totally different pages.

While Bella‘s side of the story is shown, Prince Fox‘s story is told in reverse as we get a glimpse into his life where he parties and kisses other girls.

Meanwhile, Bella anxiously awaits his call, which never comes.

In the end, Bella smashes his things with his guitar, all while wearing a red fur coat and heels.

Check out the entire music video below…

Prince Fox Explains How He Came Up with His Stage Name (Exclusive)

Prince Fox is currently climbing the charts thanks to his song “Just Call” featuring Bella Thorne and now he’s telling us about how he came up with his stage name!

“I got the name from the French book ‘The Little Prince,’” Prince Fox told in an exclusive interview. His real name is Sam Lassner.

“My grandmother taught the book so I grew up with promotional material all over my bedroom. I have my favorite quote, “Not everything can be seen through the eyes, but through the heart,” he added. “I’m doing a really bad job paraphrasing but it’s something I try to always live by… follow my heart and always trust my gut in everything I do and I kind of adopted that because that of that.”

You can listen to “Just Call” below or download it on iTunes!

Prince Fox- Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) – (Official Audio)
prince fox explains how his stage name was made 01
prince fox explains how his stage name was made 02
prince fox explains how his stage name was made 03
prince fox explains how his stage name was made 04
prince fox explains how his stage name was made 05

Bella Thorne Considered Using Different Name to Release New Music (Exclusive)

Bella Thorne is opening up to about releasing her first new song with Prince Fox in over 4 years!

The 19-year-old actress shared with us that she’s been working on new music and is proud of how she’s progressed as an artist, but admits that she understands that people might not bother listening to her because they don’t like what she’s released in the past.

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“So far everyone’s been really liking this song,” Bella said “As far as the people that didn’t like my music in the past – I get it. That s–t was cheesy as f–k. I wasn’t making great music. I didn’t have a great voice, i still don’t have a great voice, but I’m working on it.”

Last week, Bella teamed up with Prince Fox to drop the hot new song “Just Call.”

Bella went on to say that she’s considered releasing new music under a pseudonym so that people wouldn’t automatically hate her music just because they aren’t her biggest fan.

“I was actually thinking of changing my music name under Avery because when people look up my name they have like this preconceived notion of who I am and what I’m going to give you,” Bella said. “So I was thinking of putting all my music tracks under a completely different name. Like obviously people will know it’s me that know me and that are fans of mine. But maybe people that aren’t fans of mine will listen to it and like the song whether they like me or not.”

Head over to to listen to Bella Thorne & Prince Fox‘s new song “Just Call”!