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Fox Cancels 'Prodigal Son' After Two Seasons, Series Finale Air Date Revealed

The Fox series Prodigal Son has been canceled after just two seasons.

A source told Variety that it was a “difficult” decision to cancel the series, but the “show’s ratings did not justify a third season.” The second season is still airing and the air date for the series finale has been revealed.

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Catherine Zeta Jones Joins Season 2 of 'Prodigal Son'

Catherine Zeta Jones is set to star in the upcoming season of Prodigal Son!

According to TV Line, Catherine will play Dr. Vivian Capshaw, Claremont Psychiatrics’ resident MD and leading man Michael Sheen‘s primary antagonist. When Michael‘s character Dr. Martin Whitley is tasked with infirmary duty, Dr. Capshaw delights in assigning him menial cleaning duties. But as Martin becomes more adept at treating patients, Dr. Capshaw realizes he may be more valuable than she assumed.

Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn said in a statement to TV Line, “An extraordinary talent, Catherine Zeta-Jones is the perfect foil for the brilliant Michael Sheen. I can’t wait to see these two greats go head-to-head in a season that is bound to raise the bar set by an outstanding Season 1.”

Prodigal Son was picked up by Fox in 2019 after only two episodes aired. The series stars Tom Payne as Tom Bright, who has unique insight into the mind of serial killers because his father, played by Michael Sheen, is one. The cast also includes Bellamy Young, Halston Sage, Lou Diamond Phillips, Aurora Perrineau, and Frank Harts.

A few months ago, Catherine announced she would be taking on a new “passion project” – click here to learn more!

Tom Payne On Understanding Serial Killers in 'Prodigal Son': 'It's An Endless Riddle'!

Michael Sheen, Bellamy Young, Tom Payne and Lou Diamond Phillips all got together to attend their SAG-AFTRA Foundation conversation panel for their series Prodigal Son held at The Robin Williams Center on Sunday (December 15) in New York City.

Tom, 36, and his co-stars sat down for a panel discussion following a screening of the show.

In the hit Fox series, Payne plays the son of a serial killer (Sheen) who draws on his knowledge to help the New York Police Department solve crimes and stop killers.

“It’s a never-ending riddle. It’s never one thing that (triggers the killing). It’s a variety of things. Generally, there’s anger and pain involved,” Tom expressed. “The human condition is endlessly fascinating. Everyone is seemingly born as a blank canvas and then ends up being a fully formed person. How much of that is nurture and how much is nature?”

“I was in the (series’) writers’ room and they had a book that was literally an encyclopedia of serial killers,” Tom continued. “You learn there is no common thread. The reason Ted Bundy is so fascinating is he was a well-put-together guy, an attractive man, intelligent and yet he did all these terrible things. It’s an endless riddle.”

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Fox's 'Prodigal Son' Gets Full Season Pickup!

Fox’s new show Prodigal Son has been given a full series pickup after just two episodes have aired of the new series!

The show stars Tom Payne and Michael Sheen, and follows criminal profiler Tom Bright (Payne), who has unique insight into the minds of serial killers — because his father, Dr. Martin Whitly, is one (via THR). This is the first Fall show to receive a full season pickup from their network!

Prodigal Son delivers a fantastic crime procedural with a complicated and compelling father-son relationship at its core, thanks to the stellar performances from Tom Payne and Michael Sheen,” Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn said in a statement. “The series has razor-sharp writing, cinematic visuals and is an inventive twist on the genre….We can’t wait to see how this twisted journey continues to unfold.”

In total, the show has been given nine more episodes, totaling 22 for the season.

Bellamy Young, Halston Sage, Lou Diamond Phillips, Aurora Perrineau, and Frank Harts also star.

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Finn Jones Exits 'Prodigal Son' Pilot, Replaced by Tom Payne

The lead role in the upcoming Fox pilot Prodigal Son has been recast following the show’s initial table read.

Iron Fist‘s Finn Jones was set to play the role of criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright, but producers decided to recast the role as a creative decision, according to TVLine.

The Walking Dead‘s Tom Payne has landed the role. The character is “a criminal psychologist with specific insight into how murderers operate because his dad (played by Michael Sheen) is a notorious serial killer known as ‘The Surgeon.’”

Scandal‘s Bellamy Young will play the character’s “sarcastic and manipulative mother.”

Greg Berlanti is the executive producer on the project.