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Paris Berelc & Taylor Zakhar Perez Star in Gaming Comedy '1UP' - Watch the Trailer!

The first trailer for the upcoming gaming comedy 1UP has been released!

Paris Berelc and Taylor Zakhar Perez lead the cast of the new film, which is being released on Prime Video on July 15. Kyle Newman directed the movie with a screenplay by Julia Yorks.

The new film “follows Vivian “V” Lee (Berelc), a competitive gamer whose impressive skills have landed her a college scholarship and a place on the Betas, Barrett University’s male-dominated team. But when the Betas’ captain Dustin (Perez) tells V she’ll never be a starting player, it’s game on. Joined by her best friend Sloane (Hari Nef), and under the guidance of her coach Parker (Ruby Rose), V forms a fierce all-girl team to band together with one common goal: level up to the nationals…and take down the Betas!

Taylor, who previously starred in The Kissing Booth movies and HBO Max’s Minx, is currently filming another Prime Video movie: Red, White, and Royal Blue.

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1up movie trailer

Warner Bros TV. Responds to Ruby Rose's Allegations Against 'Batwoman' Co-Star Dougray Scott

Ruby Rose made some allegations against her former Batwoman co-star Dougray Scott, and now, Warner Bros. TV is responding in a statement.

The first allegation she made was that he “hurt a female stunt double, he yelled like a little b*tch at women and was a nightmare. He left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted. He abused women and in turn as the lead of a show I sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they declined.”

Then, this weekend, she added on her Instagram, “Dougray. I have too many witnesses coming forward with worse than just your anger issues .. but ur sueing me for 10 million cos @gberlanti shared his lawyer with you.. please.. come first so I can use the money from that case to take on g berlanti.”

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'Batwoman' Crew Member Responds to Ruby Rose's Claims About Toxic Environment on Set

A crew member from Batwoman is speaking out.

Earlier this week, Ruby Rose made a number of allegations about the treatment she received while working on the show, claiming her exit stemmed from the toxic conditions on set.

Alexander J. Baxter, who worked as a PA on season 1 of Batwoman, refuted her allegations in an interview with Comic Book Resources on Thursday (October 19).

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Warner Bros. TV Responds to Ruby Rose's Allegations, Says She Was Fired Over 'Multiple Complaints About Workplace Behavior'

Warner Bros. TV, the company behind The CW’s Batwoman, is responding to Ruby Rose‘s litany of allegations made overnight about her time working on the show.

The 35-year-old actress starred in the title role for one season and detailed her side of the story, alleging toxic conditions, alleged appalling behavior, one apparently abusive co-star and more. You can read everything Ruby Rose said today right here.

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Ruby Rose Unloads Her Entire Shocking 'Batwoman' Story, Makes Allegations About 1 Cast Member & Unveils the Real Reasons She Exited

Ruby Rose is saying “enough is enough” about the rumors about her and why she left The CW’s Batwoman.

Back in 2020, the 35-year-old actress announced her exit from the show, and now, she’s revealing her side of the story alleging toxic conditions, alleged appalling behavior, and more.

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Ruby Rose Reveals She Was Hospitalized Following Surgery Complications

Ruby Rose is opening up about why she had to be hospitalized recently.

The 35-year-old Aussie actress revealed on her social media that she was admitted at a hospital over the weekend and it was due to surgery complications and not because of COVID-19.

However, Ruby is still educating her fans on getting vaccinated.

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Ruby Rose Reveals That She Was Allergic To The Batwoman Suit!

Ruby Rose has revealed that another secret about her time as Kate Kane on The CW’s Batwoman, that maybe led to her departure.

Turns out that the -year-old actress was actually allergic to the suit!

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