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'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 - 10 Stars Confirmed to Return & Premiere Date Revealed!

Ginny and Georgia is coming back!

Season 2 of the hit Netflix series will premiere globally on the streamer on January 5, 2023.

Here’s a plot summary for the second season: “How do you live with the knowledge that your mother is a murderer? That’s what Ginny is going to have to figure out. Burdened with the new understanding that Kenny – her step-dad – didn’t die of natural causes, now Ginny must deal with the fact that Georgia not only killed, she killed to protect Ginny. Georgia on the other hand would much prefer that the past be left in the past, after all, she’s got a wedding to plan! But the funny thing about Georgia’s past is that it never stays buried for long…”

In addition, there are 10 stars confirmed to be in Season 2.

Find out who is in the show…

'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2 on Netflix: 12 Actors Confirmed to Return, 1 New Star Revealed!

The second season of Netflix’s hit series Ginny & Georgia has been long delayed and the show’s star Brianne Howey recently opened up about what’s causing the wait.

The season wrapped production back in April 2022 and there’s still no update about when the new episodes will premiere on the streaming service.

Thankfully, we do have some information to hold you over until the new season debuts. We’ve uncovered which cast members are confirmed to return for season two and we’ve learned which exciting star joined the cast in a new role.

Here is the show’s synopsis: “Angsty and awkward fifteen year old Ginny Miller often feels more mature than her thirty year old mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia Miller. After years on the run, Georgia desperately wants to put down roots in picturesque New England and give her family something they’ve never had… a normal life. But it’s not all carpool and Kombucha as Georgia’s past threatens her and her family’s new way of life… and Georgia will do anything to protect her family.”

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Scott Porter Says He Once Felt Like 'New James Marsden'

Scott Porter is reflecting on feeling typecast at one point in his career.

The 41-year-old Ginny & Georgia actor opened up about his past roles in an episode of the Watch with Us podcast.

“For a little while, I was, like, the new James Marsden, and the fact that if you watch The Notebook or the Superman Returns movie — or any number of films for a little while — he was the good guy who does nothing wrong, but still never gets the girl,” Scott said. “I kind of did that a couple of times. I was like, ‘Oh, no, I’m that guy. I’m the nice guy who doesn’t ever get the girl!’”

However, Scott is still grateful for the variety of characters he’s gotten to play over the years on shows like Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Hart of Dixie and The Good Wife.

“People were willing to give me opportunities to play different roles, and that’s something I was afforded for a very long time. And that’s something that a lot of people aren’t afforded; it’s not cool. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

Scott added, “[Ginny & Georgia] is created by women — not just for women, but to tell the stories of powerful women and powerful young girls and just allowing that story to be on full display. Talking with Brianne [Howey]. … She can do anything, she could play anything. And she just needs to be afforded that opportunity. And going forward, Tony [Antonia Gentry] and the rest of our young cast, like, I don’t believe that there’s anything they can’t do. So I want them to have that same opportunity. Those stories need to be told, they deserve to be told, and we have so many talented actors of different races and different genders.”

The actor said he’s “very aware” that he’s been lucky to be picky about the kind of roles he accepts.

“I’m fortunate that I never got pigeonholed 100 percent,” Scott shared. “Maybe I never played a role big enough, where somebody would only think of me in that role for the rest of my career. I tested for Captain America once upon a time, and I would have loved to have done that, but that’s a daunting challenge all on its own. So I’ve just been very fortunate. I think acting is a part of my life. It’s not all of my life. I think approaching it from that angle for me has also allowed me to kind of come in and out of projects that have different slices of who I am in them.”

Find out what Ginny & Georgia‘s creators have revealed about season 2!

Netflix Reveals Trailer for New Series 'Ginny & Georgia' - Watch!

The trailer for Ginny & Georgia is here!

The upcoming new series stars Brianne Howey and newcomer Antonia Gentry as the title characters, and premieres February 24 on Netflix.

Here’s a synopsis: Angsty and awkward fifteen year old Ginny Miller (Gentry) often feels she doesn’t measure up to her thirty year old mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia Miller (Howey). Growing up on the move, Georgia desperately wants to put down roots in picturesque New England and give her family something they’ve never had…a normal life. But it’s not all carpool and Kombucha as Georgia’s past follows them to threaten her and her family’s fresh start.

“As a young girl, I always wanted to watch a TV show that had a heroine who looked like me and Ginny was finally THAT GIRL!” director and producer Anya Adams shared.

“Her story was compelling and exciting and I wanted to be a part of bringing that to life. The opportunity to be part of creating a coming-of-age series with an all-female creative team that is centered on a mixed-race young woman was ultimately the draw for me.”

“We wanted Ginny & Georgia to be a fun, feel-good ride about women, by women, for everyone; one that depicted a nuanced and complicated mother-daughter relationship, and layered female friendships in a way that isn’t always seen in shows,” showrunner Debra J. Fisher added.

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‘Ginny & Georgia’ Trailer

Rachel Bilson Reunites with 'Hart of Dixie' Co-Stars Jaime King & Scott Porter at Freeze HD Gala!

The stars of Hart of Dixie are back together again!

Jaime King, Rachel Bilson, and Scott Porter are all smiles as they reunite on the red carpet for the Freeze HD Gala on Saturday night (September 28) at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Hart of Dixie ran on The CW from 2011 to 2015.

Other stars stepping out for the event included Jaime‘s husband Kyle Newman, Scott‘s wife Kelsey Mayfield, Glen Powell, Seth Green and wife Clare Grant, Shadowhunters actress Katherine McNamara, Good Trouble actress Emma Hunton, New Girl actor Lamorne Morris, and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World star Jason Ritter.

The annual event helps support the Huntington’s Disease Society, which is the world’s premiere non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by Huntington’s disease.

25+ pictures inside of the stars arriving at the party…More Here! »

rachel bilson hart of dixie jaime king scott porter freeze hd gala 01
rachel bilson hart of dixie jaime king scott porter freeze hd gala 02
rachel bilson hart of dixie jaime king scott porter freeze hd gala 03
rachel bilson hart of dixie jaime king scott porter freeze hd gala 04
rachel bilson hart of dixie jaime king scott porter freeze hd gala 05

Scott Porter & Janel Parrish Are Bringing 'The Last Five Years' to Life Like Never Before!

The beloved musical The Last Five Years is currently being produced in Los Angeles with two great stars – Hart of Dixie‘s Scott Porter and Pretty Little LiarsJanel Parrish – and in a way you’ve never seen it before!

The After Hours Theatre Company has created a multisensory experience utilizing scent design, 360° sound, curated cocktails, and an interactive pre-show experience.

Both Scott and Janel got their starts in theatre and they’re going back to their roots with this new production of Jason Robert Brown‘s two-person musical.

We caught up with the two stars to learn more about the production and how their experiences have been with the show so far.

Just Jared: When did you first hear about The Last Five Years? Have you ever seen a production of it before?

Scott Porter: I came to know of The Last Five Years while I was living in Tokyo for a year in 2003/4. My friend had a bootleg VHS of the original Chicago production of the show staring Norbert Leo Butz and Lauren Kennedy. I was blown away. As someone who was very familiar with the true breadth of theatre I always thought of Broadway shows to be big and flashy, and then I saw this incredibly powerful and personal story of just two individuals and I truly saw the power of this medium.

Janel Parrish: I heard about The Last Five Years when the soundtrack first came out in 2002. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the story and the music. It’s been a dream role! I’ve never seen a production on stage before, only clips online!

Click inside to read the rest of the interview… More Here! »

scott porter janel parrish last five years 01
scott porter janel parrish last five years 02
scott porter janel parrish last five years 03
scott porter janel parrish last five years 04

Rachel McAdams Joins Scott Porter to Co-Host Freeze HD Event

Scott Porter and his wife Kelsey are set to be honored at the upcoming Freeze HD event and Rachel McAdams has joined the host committee!

The annual Freeze HD event raises money and awareness for the fight against Huntington’s disease. Kelsey was diagnosed with the disease back in 2014.

“We are determined to bring awareness to this disease and offer support to anyone who is affected by Huntington’s,” the couple said in a statement. “We are incredibly grateful to accept this honor from Freeze HD and cannot thank our friends and family enough for lending their voices and their support to this important and personal cause.”

Rachel McAdams, Jason Ritter, Jaime King, Bryce Dallas Howard, Simon Helberg, and Marianna Palka are all on the host committee for the event, which will take place on September 28 in Los Angeles. The goal of the event is to raise $250,000 for the Huntington’s Disease
Society of America.