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Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Ready 'The New World of Jeffree Star,' Their Third Docu-Series

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have another docu-series in the works.

The 36-year-old beauty guru and 34-year-old YouTuber announced the release of their new docu-series The New World of Jeffree Star, which will presumably document the ways that Jeffree‘s life has changed since moving to Wyoming and setting up his Star Yak Ranch.

Their new series marks their third together. Shane released The Secret World of Jeffree Star in 2018 and The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star the following year. The latter documented the lead-up to the launch of their makeup collaboration – the Conspiracy Collection.

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Shane Dawson Returns to YouTube & Addresses His 'Cancellation'

Shane Dawson is back on YouTube.

The 33-year-old content creator, who left the platform last year amid beauty guru drama and controversy, posted his first video in over a year on Thursday (October 7).

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Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson React to Their Makeup Collab Showing Up at a Clearance Store

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are reacting to their popular collaboration hitting the clearance store shelves.

The YouTubers reacted to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics mini Controversy palette hitting Nordstrom Rack in a video over the weekend following backlash, and Shane‘s exit from the platform last year amid drama.

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Shane Dawson Wants to Get Back on YouTube: 'Just Waiting for Inspiration to Hit Me'

Shane Dawson is hoping to return to YouTube.

The 33-year-old YouTuber, who announced he would be stepping away from the platform amid drama, revealed in a post to his YouTube account that he has plans to come back.

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Shane Dawson Returns To Instagram, Assures Fans He Hasn't Abandoned His YouTube Channel

Shane Dawson has posted on Instagram for the first time in six months.

The 32-year-old YouTuber returned the social platform and offered an update for fans.

Shane‘s post featured a photo of him and fiancé Ryland Adams at a seaside dinner.

“Dads left the house,” he wrote with the post.

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Joey Graceffa Says He's 'Deeply Sorry' Laughing at Shane Dawson's Racist Jokes

Joey Graceffa is addressing a recently resurfaced video of he and Shane Dawson.

Joey, 29, took to his Twitter on Saturday (August 15) to release a statement regarding the clip where he laughed at racist jokes that Shane, 32, made.

“I want to address a clip that has recently resurfaced from a 2013 collaboration video for Shane Dawson’s channel that was deleted many years ago,” Joey wrote. “The video being circulated was from a makeup challenge where I ignorantly chose an improper shade of foundation – which led to Shane making some racists jokes. Although these ‘jokes’ made me uncomfortable, I was also complicit and at the time I was too intimidated to call out these offensive remarks.”

Joey continued: “Looking back, I am so disappointed and embarrassed in my own ignorance and cowardice. I take full responsibility for my mistakes, and for not putting a stop to what was happening right then and there. I am deeply sorry to those who were offended and disappointed by my participation in the video. I am too. While it was taken down many years ago, this still serves as a lesson that these issues should never be taken lightly – no matter what age you are.”

Shane has been coming under fire a lot lately, including trying to bring down James Charles in a grand scheme and sexualizing Willow Smith.

“I know I have lost trust with many of you,” Joey concluded. “Although I am not owed anything, I ask you all for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness as I have grown so much since then. I hope to regain your trust moving forward by continuing to use my platform to advocate against injustice, while educating myself along the way. Love, Joey.”

Jackie Aina Announces She Will No Longer Be a Morphe Affiliate Amid Beauty YouTuber Drama

Jackie Aina is distancing from Morphe.

The 32-year-old YouTuber announced on Thursday (July 2) that she will no longer be an affiliate with Morphe Brushes amid beauty YouTuber drama.

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“hey boos, as some of you may know as of this week I will no longer be a @MorpheBrushes affiliate. code ‘EDGES’ has deactivated. I refuse to align myself with a company that continues to retail antiblack racist beauty brands. I strongly encourage other influencers to do the same!” she wrote.

The news comes as Tati Westbrook alleged in a recent video that Jeffree Star is an investor in the company, which the brand has denied. The company also recently removed the Jeffree and Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette from their inventory amid backlash against both YouTubers for prior racist behavior and problematic jokes.

Tati also had an apology for Jackie in her video for not “walking away” before collaborating with Jeffree

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