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Sharon Stone Reveals She Crossed State Lines at 18 to Get an Abortion

Sharon Stone is revealing new details of her abortion as a teenager.

The 63-year-old Basic Instinct actress got candid in her memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice.

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In the book Sharon revealed that she went to high school and college in Pennsylvania, and her first serious pregnant got her pregnant at the time, so they drove to a clinic in Ohio because it was easier to get the procedure there.

Find out what happened next…More Here! »

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Sharon Stone Says Britney Spears Sent Her a Letter Asking for Help in 2007

Sharon Stone is opening up about a letter from Britney Spears.

The 63-year-old Basic Instinct actress made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday (March 30).

During her appearance, she poke about getting a letter from Britney during a hard time in her career back in early 2007.

Britney wrote to me a very long and important, poignant letter during a very difficult time in her life, about the time when people would recognize her for when she shaved her head, wanting me to help her. And I was in a very difficult time of my life, and I couldn’t help myself. But the truth of the matter is, we both needed help. She needed help, and I needed help,” she said.

“The true fact of it is, it’s very hard to be a very successful woman and not have everyone controlling you, taking your finances and handling you. I’m sure all of the young stars get handled.”

“The thing with Britney Spears is so out of control and so awful. And certainly, I can say it’s been very out of control and very awful more than once in my life, and I have certainly had it. And it’s very complicated to take control of your life. It’s very hard to get control of your finances,” she went on to say.

Britney Spears recently spoke out about speculation about her life. Here’s what she said.

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Sharon Stone Paid Leonardo DiCaprio's Salary For 'The Quick and the Dead'

Sharon Stone is opening up about what she personally did to ensure that Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in The Quick and the Dead.

In an excerpt from her new book, “The Beauty of Living Twice”, the 63-year-old star recalled the time when she had to fight the studio making the 1995 film to cast Leo, who was about 21 at the time.

The movie centered on a woman gunslinger (played by Sharon) who visits a frontier town and clashes with its leader (Gene Hackman).

As a producer on the movie, Sharon revealed that she paid for Leo’s salary herself after studio TriStar Pictures refused to cast him.

“This kid named Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one who nailed the audition,” she wrote. “In my opinion he was the only one who came in and cried, begging his father to love him as he died in the scene.”

She went on, revealing that the studio pushed back on Leo and asked her “Why an unknown, Sharon, why are you always shooting yourself in the foot?”

“The studio said if I wanted him so much, I could pay him out of my own salary. So I did.”

Sharon also revealed that she stood up to have Sam Raimi direct the movie, who the studio thought was a “D-movie director.”

“Getting a producer credit as an actress is often thought of in my business as a ‘vanity deal,’ meaning they pay you for the job but shut the f*** up and stay out of the way,” she added about using her producing power to fight for talent she believes in. “I won’t accept a vanity deal and let them know that upfront. This is illegal, I say, and I like to work within the law. That gets a lot of silence and not a lot of joy on the other end.”

Elsewhere in the book, Sharon opened up about her plastic surgery and voiced her opinion about today’s cancel culture.

Sharon Stone Says Her Surgeon Gave Her Larger Breasts Without Her Consent

Sharon Stone is opening up about being mistreated by a doctor.

The 63-year-old actress detailed the experience during an interview with The Times on Sunday (March 28).

Sharon shared that she underwent surgery in 2001 to remove benign tumors that were “gigantic, bigger than my breast alone.”

“When I was un-bandaged, I discovered that I had a full cup-size bigger breasts, ones that he said, ‘go better with your hip size,’” she said. “He had changed my body without my knowledge or consent.”

When Sharon confronted the doctor, he told her that he “thought that [she] would look better with bigger, better boobs.”

Sharon also recounted the experience in her new memoir The Beauty of Living Twice, which contains a number of personal stories about her time in Hollywood.

In the book, she also revealed that she was “tricked” into her infamous scene from Basic Instinct and said she was pressured by an executive to sleep with a male co-star.

Sharon Stone Says Cancel Culture Is the 'Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Seen'

Sharon Stone is getting candid.

The Basic Instinct actress sat down for an interview for SiriusXM’s Just Jenny with Jenny Hutt.

During the interview, she discussed cancel culture.

“I think cancel culture is the stupidest thing I have ever seen happen. I think when people say things that they feel and mean, and it’s offensive to you, it’s a brilliant opportunity for everyone to learn and grow and understand each other. We all come from different ages, different cultures, different backgrounds, different things, and have had different experiences, different traumas, different upbringings, different parents, different religious backgrounds, different everything. Give people an opportunity to discuss things before you wipe out their entire person over a statement or a comment or a misunderstanding stop being so small,” she said.

“The world is bigger. People have done so much more than one sentence. Like grow up. Grow some empathy.”

She also revealed something about her infamous Basic Instinct scene.

Pictured inside: Sharon Stone co-hosts an auction at the 28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in February of 2020 in West Hollywood, California.

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Sharon Stone Defends Christian Bale's Infamous 'Terminator' Set Ourburst

Sharon Stone is defending Christian Bale.

The Basic Instinct actress made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night (March 24).

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During the appearance, Sharon discussed the actor’s infamous 2009 outburst on the set of Terminator: Salvation, which went viral.

She expressed that a lot of people don’t get what it takes for actors to do their jobs, “or that you have to have a small protected space to do that.”

“Many people are trying to get so much else from you while you’re doing that that you almost feel like you’re gonna snap and you’re criticized if you do snap,” she said.

“I would not say so much for myself, but I can certainly say that I see that with such brilliant actors, like maybe Christian Bale, who completely transforms himself into someone else, whether he’s playing George Bush or whether he’s playing an anorexic or whether he’s playing an O.C.D. stockbroker, he becomes a different person.”

“People want to get up in his business while he’s trying to completely transform into another person. And then he’s like, ‘Get away from me!’ And then they want to criticize him for not being available to them. I find that a little bit, you know, maybe they should just grow up.”

Sharon Stone also made a revelation about her infamous cross-legged scene in Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone Recalls Being Pressured By a Producer to Sleep with Male Co-Stars in New Memoir

Sharon Stone is speaking out about her experience in Hollywood.

The Oscar-nominated actress recounts being pressured by a studio executive to sleep with her male co-star in order to improve their chemistry in her new memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, per Variety.

Sharon writes that an unnamed male producer “explained to me why I should f-ck my co-star so that we could have onscreen chemistry.”

“Why, in his day, he made love to Ava Gardner onscreen and it was so sensational! Now just the creepy thought of him in the same room with Ava Gardner gave me pause. Then I realized that she also had to put up with him and pretend that he was in any way interesting,” she continues.

Sharon adds, “‘You guys insisted on this actor when he couldn’t get one whole scene out in the test… Now you think if I f-ck him, he will become a fine actor?’ Nobody’s that good in bed.”

The actress also says that her refusal to sleep with the actor ultimately had an impact on her reputation.

“I felt they could have just hired a co-star with talent, someone who could deliver a scene and remember his lines. I also felt they could f-ck him themselves and leave me out of it. It was my job to act and I said so. This was not a popular response. I was considered difficult,” Sharon says.

Sharon also opened up about being tricked into not wearing underwear for her famous scene in Basic Instinct.