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The Richest Disney Channel Stars, Ranked From Lowest to Highest (& the Top Earner Has No. 2 Beat By $65 Million!)

The Disney Channel has provided quality content for years, and many of the network’s child stars have gone on to find enduring careers in Hollywood.

Stars such as the Jonas Brothers, Shia LaBeouf, Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus used the network as a springboard to incredible levels of fame and success in music and acting, and they amassed impressive net worths over the years.

From their original movies to series such as Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, so much talent emerged from the Disney Channel from the late ’90s through the early ’00s alone.

We got to thinking and rounded up some of the most recognizable stars from that era. After taking the trip down memory lane, we ranked them from lowest to highest based on their estimated net worth.

Believe it or not, the top earner beat out the star at No. 2 by $65 million!

Scroll through the slideshow to see which Disney Channel star comes out on top in terms of net worth…

Shia LaBeouf Poses in Full Makeup, Heels & a Dress (Complete with Sparkly Fishnets) for 'Megalopolis' Scenes

Shia LaBeouf is barely recognizable in a long flowing dress, full makeup, and very high heels while filming outside of a theater for Francis Ford Coppola‘s upcoming film Megalopolis on Wednesday evening (January 18) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 36-year-old actor was seen filming alongside Chloe Fineman, Isabelle Kusman, and Jon Voight, among others that evening. The film features a star-studded ensemble including Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza, Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel, Laurence Fishburne, Grace VanderWaal, Kathryn Hunter and more. No release date has been set at this time.

Shia‘s look featured sparkly fishnets and even a full manicure. These photos are going viral as fans are trying to deduce more about this mysterious film.

Adam and Aubrey were photographed filming last month and you can see those very interesting set photos right here.

Browse through the entire gallery below to see every angle of Shia LaBeouf’s full ensemble for this scene in Megalopolis…More Here! »

shia labeouf megalopolis full makeup dress set 01
shia labeouf megalopolis full makeup dress set 02
shia labeouf megalopolis full makeup dress set 03
shia labeouf megalopolis full makeup dress set 04
shia labeouf megalopolis full makeup dress set 05

Shia LaBeouf Photo Gallery

Shia LaBeouf Wears A Long Ponytail For 'Megalopolis' Filming With Nathalie Emmanuel

It looks like Shia LaBeouf will have some long hair in his upcoming movie, Megalopolis!

The 36-year-old actor and co-star Nathalie Emmanuel kicked filming off on the set of the new film on Monday (November 7) in Atlanta, Ga.

Shia and Nathalie were both dressed up in black and gold looks, alongside a few other cast members in the movie.

Here’s the plot summary thus far: “The fate of Rome haunts a modern world unable to solve its own social problems in this epic story of political ambition, genius and conflicted love.”

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the cast is also set to star his sister Talia Shire, and his nephew Jason Schwartzman, plus Grace Vanderwaal, Kathryn Hunter, James Remar, Adam Driver, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Jon Voight and Aubrey Plaza.

Check out 15+ pictures of Shia LaBeouf and Nathalie Emmanuel on the set of Megalopolis…

shia labeouf nathalie emmanuel megalopolis set 01
shia labeouf nathalie emmanuel megalopolis set 02
shia labeouf nathalie emmanuel megalopolis set 03
shia labeouf nathalie emmanuel megalopolis set 04
shia labeouf nathalie emmanuel megalopolis set 05

Stars Who Regret Their Movie & TV Roles

Not every actor likes to see themselves on the big screen – but some don’t even like to remember that they participated in a production altogether.

Over the years, many different stars have revealed in various magazine interviews and through assorted podcast and TV appearances that they don’t always love the movie and TV roles they took on in the past…even if the roles might be some of their most iconic and memorable works to date.

Sometimes, the stars have doubts about their performance. Or, they had poor experiences with their co-stars or directors. And in other cases, they just decided that the script wasn’t all that good looking back. In any case, they’ve all since come out and said they don’t necessarily love their appearances in certain films and TV shows.

If you’re interested in learning about other artists who don’t care for their own work, find out which musicians don’t like their own biggest hits.

Click through to see which actors reconsidered and regretted their roles years later…

Olivia Wilde Clears Up If She Fired Shia LaBeouf or If He Quit 'Don't Worry Darling'

Olivia Wilde is once again clearing the air on if she fired Shia LaBeouf from her film,

If you don’t know, a couple weeks ago, Olivia claimed that she fired Shia from the movie, but then Shia spoke out and said that he actually quit and was later replaced by Harry. A leaked video that Olivia allegedly sent to Shia also emerged in which she seemingly tried to convince him to continue with the movie, making it seem like Shia did quit.

Click inside to find out Olivia Wilde’s answer…

Shia LaBeouf Puts Tattoos on Display During Shirtless Beach Day in Italy

Shia LaBeouf is enjoying some downtime during his trip to Italy.

The 36-year-old actor was spotted going shirtless while relaxing at the beach with his family on Wednesday (September 7) in Portofino, Italy.

Shia went into the water with his wife Mia Goth and their baby daughter Isabel (not pictured). They are in town after attending the Venice Film Festival this past weekend, where they both had films being promoted.

In a new interview from his time at the festival, Shia revealed that his mother sadly passed away less than two weeks ago. He paid tribute to her legacy during the interview, in which he also addressed the Don’t Worry Darling controversy.

Click through the gallery for 10+ photos of Shia LaBeouf at the beach with his family… More Here! »

shia labeouf beach photos tattoos 01
shia labeouf beach photos tattoos 02
shia labeouf beach photos tattoos 03
shia labeouf beach photos tattoos 04
shia labeouf beach photos tattoos 05

Shia LaBeouf's Mom Died of Heart Failure, One Day After His Public Drama with Olivia Wilde

Shia LaBeouf‘s mother Shayna Saide tragically passed away two weeks ago, he just revealed in a new interview.

Shayna died from heart failure at the age of 80 on August 27, just one day after Shia publicly responded to the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde‘s movie Don’t Worry Darling.

On August 26, Shia released a statement denying the claims that he was fired from the movie and he also leaked a video that Olivia sent to him in which she seemingly asked him to continue with the film. That same day, a new interview went viral in which Shia talked about the trouble he’s dealt with in his career and life.

Click inside to read what Shia LaBeouf said about his mother’s death… More Here! »

shia labeouf mom died 01
shia labeouf mom died 02
shia labeouf mom died 03
shia labeouf mom died 04
shia labeouf mom died 05