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Hilarie Burton & Sophia Bush Want a 'One Tree Hill' Do-Over With a 'Girl Boss'

Hilarie Burton is speaking out.

The 38-year-old actress opened up on Twitter after seeing a still from One Tree Hill with her honest thoughts about the show.

The photo was of her and co-star Chad Michael Murray, and it appeared in an “adolescent psychology textbook.”

The caption beneath the photo reads: “Adolescents are exposed to sex in many contexts, including TV and the Internet. Is it surprising, then, that adolescents are so curious about sex and tempted to experiment with sex?”

“Embarrassed by this. Teen girl sexuality was a cornerstone of #oth, so its gross to me that there were no women in positions of power there. No one we could turn to to advocate for us. Men telling the stories of girl sexuality is a red flag. I want a do-over with a girl boss,” she wrote in response.

Among the many people who chimed in was co-star Sophia Bush, who wrote “co-sign.”

Later on, guest co-star Kate Voegele also supported the idea: “Me three. I’m breathing a sigh of relief just thinking about a woman making those wardrobe decisions!”

Back in November of 2017, the stars were among several former castmates who accused the show’s creator of sexual harassment. Here’s what she more recently said about it,

Sophia Bush Helps Explain How the 'Challenge Accepted' Trend on Instagram Started

For the past few days, women have been nominating each other on Instagram to post black-and-white photos of themselves along with the caption “Challenge accepted” and the hashtag #womensupportingwomen. People have assumed that the challenge is about women’s empowerment.

Sophia Bush is now explaining the reasoning behind the new social media challenge.

“Beginning recently in Turkey, the black & white photo posts originated as a show of defiance in support of Turkish women, & specifically #PinarGültekin who was brutally murdered there,” Sophia wrote on Instagram. “Turkey has one of the highest global rates of #femicide, with more than 500 murders of women recorded in 2019, & many more that went unreported. Turkey is attempting to abolish certain aspects of the Istanbul Convention, which are meant to protect women from domestic violence. This reprehensible action would quite literally make murdering women easier. Women in Turkey are protesting the lack of action or punishment for these murders by their government.

“They are protesting because every day they wake up to see black & white photos of women who’ve been murdered on the news,” Sophia continued. “The instagram action was intended to show the Turkish government that all women know it could be them, their picture on the news, next.”

Along with her post, Sophia shared a black and white photo of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police officers while she slept in her home in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this year.

“While the women educating the internet around this know there’s no ill will in the whole ‘tag women who inspire you’ thing that’s trending, it’s important to acknowledge the mission of the trend’s inception. And so in THAT spirit, I’ll say #challengeaccepted for #BreonnaTaylor. She was murdered. In her bed. By the police. 200 days ago. And not one of those men has been arrested for killing her. Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly, & Myles Cosgrove need to be arrested & charged,” Sophia wrote. “I ‘challenge’ state attorney general @danieljaycameron to pursue justice in this case. There is no justice until her killers are arrested. There is no justice until we end qualified immunity. There is no truth to the promises of police reform until there is accountability for murdering the citizens you are tasked to serve and protect. There is no freedom until all of us are free.

“For Breonna, and for our sisters in Turkey, I chant again today ‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!’ #justiceforbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter #Turkey,” Sophia concluded.

You can see Sophia Bush‘s entire post on Instagram here.

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Sophia Bush Grabs Lunch with Boyfriend Grant Hughes in Venice

Sophia Bush is enjoying a day out with boyfriend Grant Hughes!

The 38-year-old One Tree Hill actress and the founder of FocusMotion Health went for a walk after grabbing a quick bite to eat on Wednesday afternoon (July 15) in Venice, Calif.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

Sophia looked cute in a blue and white striped shirt paired with a cream-colored tank shirt and jeans while Grant wore an all black outfit for their outing.

If you didn’t know, Sophia and Grant have been quietly dating for the past few months. Back in May, the couple was spotted picking up some groceries together.

Sophia recently revealed that she owns a gun, and said that she wants “much stricter legislation” for gun owners. Read more here.

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sophia bush grabs lunch with boyfriend grant hughes in venice 05

Sophia Bush Owns a Gun & Wants 'Much Stricter Legislation' for Gun Owners

Sophia Bush is opening up about being a gun owner.

The 37-year-old One Tree Hill actress spoke to People about her experience with guns, beginning with her first one at age 12.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

“Going to the range was the thing my dad and I loved to do together and something that I really took to. Riflery, and then marksmanship in general, became a passion of mine and over the years has been something that I’ve continued to pursue. It proved to be both a lot of fun and a good skill set in my line of work,” she explained.

“I’m a really passionate advocate for responsible gun ownership and for much stricter legislation around gun ownership. It feels a bit mental that we wouldn’t regulate guns in the same way that we regulate cars, for example. You have to pass a test, have insurance, get your qualifications checked.”

She also opened up about gun violence.

“People look at something like gun violence, they look at something like systemic racism, they look at something like political corruption, and they think, ‘How am I ever going to do something about that? That feels big. That feels far away. They aren’t as tuned in to how close the effect of issues like those are. It’s up to all of us to remind ourselves that if this has happened to a family somewhere, it’s happened to our family.”

“Every single one of us has a platform now — that’s been one of the incredible benefits of the democratization of the internet. If this is important to you, post about it, talk about it. Offer some facts to the people who are in your circle. Figure out how you can have a conversation publicly and how you can have a conversation at home and to make sure that you’re doing both. Your platform is yours, and you can use it for the betterment of society.”

She also discussed the ongoing protests globally following the murder of George Floyd.

“It feels incredibly clear that organizations like Everytown, and campaigns like Wear Orange, really matter. We have the power to remind our lawmakers that they work for us, not the other way around; that we want to be listened to, that we want safer communities, safer schools, safer homes. We should be able to end gun violence. That’s really the point of Wear Orange.”

Here’s resources to help support the Black Lives Matter cause.

Sophia Bush Makes Bold Statement With Her Mask After Picking Up Essential Items

Sophia Bush holds on to a few grocery bags while leaving the store in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (May 21).

The 37-year-old actress made a big statement with her mask that she wore to, from, and inside the store, which read: “This Was Preventable”.

Sophia later took to Instagram, re-posting a conversation about the importance and reason for wearing masks during this critical time.

“Nothing else to add here … though I really wish I’d had flyers of this exchange printed out to hand out to all the folks refusing to wear masks in LA this weekend, though that would’ve compromised responsible physical distancing. Ugh,” she captioned the exchange.

Sophia continued, “HEALTHCARE WORKERS AND FOOD SERVICE WORKERS ARE DYING — at disproportionate numbers to the rest of us!! — SO PUT ON A GD MASK, Karen. It’s literally the least you can do.”

“There is nothing hard about it. Your freedoms aren’t being infringed on. You’re being asked to do your part, which you should jump at since you claim to love your country,” she adds. “Or does that not apply across the board? Because if it DOES … wait for it … MASK UP. Oh, and science is real. Period. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.”

Earlier this week, Sophia was spotted holding hands with her new boyfriend. See who it is here!

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Sophia Bush Runs Errands With Grant Hughes

Sophia Bush heads into a grocery store with entrepreneur Grant Hughes on Thursday (May 14) in Malibu, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress was reportedly dropped off at a medical building by Grant earlier in the day and he later picked her up. They then went grocery shopping together to pick up food for quarantine.

Sophia showed her support for healthcare workers on her face mask while Grant showed support for The Wayfarer Foundation with his “Be Love” hat.

Throughout the quarantine, Sophia has been actively supporting worthy causes with her activism work and she has also kept busy with new episodes of her podcast, Work in Progress. You can listen now on the Apple podcasts app.

In the first few days of quarantine, Sophia was joined by a famous friend for some grocery shopping.

FYI: Sophia is carrying the Madewell x Warm striped straw shoulder bag.

40+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush at the grocery store… More Here! »

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Sophia Bush Wants More Episodes of This Netflix Show To Be Made

Sophia Bush waves to the cameras while on a walk around the neighborhood in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (April 3).

The 37-year-old actress wore a cute striped top and jeans as she stepped out of her home for a bit of fresh air.

Earlier, Sophia was seen sporting a mask and carrying an armful of things while going out to get some essential items.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Sophia, like many of us, is wanting more episodes to be made of Feel Good on Netflix.

“Guys. I truly can’t believe @feelgoodnetflix is over. Six 30 minute episodes of this utter brilliance and raw hilarity is not enough EVER, but certainly not enough in quarantine,” she wrote.

Check out her full post below!

What shows are you watching during quarantine?

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sophia bush feel good ig stripe top 03
sophia bush feel good ig stripe top 04
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