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Stanley Tucci & Dwayne Johnson React to Losing World's Sexiest Bald Man Title to Prince William

Stanley Tucci and Dwayne Johnson are reacting to news that they lost out on being named the World’s Sexiest Bald Man!

On Saturday (March 27), The Sun announced that Prince William won the title, which is based on the amount of times “sexy” was mentioned for each celebrity on the Internet. Stanley didn’t even make the Top 10!

Shortly, after the announcement was made, Stanley and Dwayne both took to social media to react to the news.

“Whose crown should wear this crown? So many wonderful choices,” Stanley wrote on Instagram along with a collage of bald celebrities, including himself, Dwayne, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Tilda Swinton as her bald character The Ancient One from Doctor Strange.

Over on his Twitter, Dwayne was downright shocked that Larry David didn’t win the title.

“How in the cinnamon toast f*ck does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?!#demandingrecount,” Dwayne wrote along with ballot checkmark emoji and smiley face emoji.

You can check out the Top 10 celebs that made the list of the World’s Sexiest Bald Men here.

CNN Picks Up 'Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy' for Second Season

Stanley Tucci is heading back to Italy!

CNN announced on Wednesday (February 24) that they were renewing Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy for a second season, which is set to premiere some time in 2022, Deadline reports.

The series follows the 60-year-old actor as he travels and eats his way throughout various regions of Italy while interviewing chefs, restaurateurs, and other people involved in the Italian food industry.

The first two episodes featured Stanley taking viewers around Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome. Next week’s episode will follow Stanley as he travels through Bologna.

New episodes of Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy air on CNN on Sunday nights at 9pm ET.

In another recent interview, Stanley Tucci shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about The Devil Wears Prada.

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Stanley Tucci is Still Mourning Death of First Wife Kate 11 Years Later

Stanley Tucci is reflecting on the death of his first wife Kate.

While promoting his new movie Supernova, the 60-year-old actor said that he is still mourning Kate, who died in 2009 at the age of 47 after a battle with breast cancer.

“You never stop grieving,” Stanley shared in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Stanley and Kate married in 1995 and had three children – twins Nicolo and Isabel, 21, and daughter Camilla, 19.

“It’s still hard after 11 years,” Stanley continued. “It’s still hard. And it will always be hard. But you can’t let it… and she would never want any of us to ever wallow in that grief and let it take over our lives. She would never want that. She wasn’t like that.”

In 2012, Stanley married Felicity Blunt, a literary agent and his The Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt‘s older sister. They share two kids – son Matteo, 6, and daughter Emilia, 2.

In another recent interview, Stanley Tucci shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about The Devil Wears Prada.

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Michael Peña Replaces Stanley Tucci in Star-Studded 'Moonfall' - Find Out Why

Stanley Tucci is being replaced by Michael Peña in the Roland Emmerich-helmed sci-fi epic Moonfall.

Unfortunately, Stanley had to exit the project “due to government-imposed travel restrictions banning UK flights into Canada,” Deadline reports.

The cast also includes Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Eme Ikwuakor, Charlie Plummer and Donald Sutherland.

Here’s a synopsis of the film, according to Deadline: The space drama takes off with a mysterious force that knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it. With mere weeks before impact, and against all odds, a ragtag team launches an impossible last-ditch mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love and risking everything to land on the lunar surface and save our planet from annihilation.

Stanley Tucci Makes Christmas Cocktails with Sister-in-Law Emily Blunt & John Krasinski - Watch Now!

Stanley Tucci is stirring up some cocktails with the help of his “elves”!

The 60-year-old actor took to his Instagram on Christmas Eve, Thursday (December 24) to share a video of himself making a Christmas cocktail.

Filmed by wife Felicity Blunt, Stanley takes viewers through the steps of making a Christmas cosmo, explaining that his version of the cocktail is a “little different than a normal cosmo” as he replaces the usual lime juice with pomegranate.

Before taking a sip of his concoction, Stanley revealed that he had some “helpers” off camera working on the garnishes.

The camera then pans to Felicity‘s sister Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski wearing Santa hats while John snaked on some pomegrantate seeds.

“I told him that was supposed to be the garnish,” Emily said.

“I’m so sorry,” John told Stanley. “This is delicious, but I did mess up.”

At the end of the video, John, Emily, Felicity, and Stanley are all seated around the kitchen table while sending a message to fans.

“Happy holidays!” they all said together, before Stanley added, “Stay safe!”

Click inside to see photos from their Christmas Eve…
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Stanley Tucci Reveals He Was Cast Last in 'The Devil Wears Prada'

Stanley Tucci has some The Devil Wears Prada trivia!

The 59-year-old actor made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday (October 27).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stanley Tucci

“I loved it. You know what it’s like, every time you make a movie it’s like the first day of school kind of so you know you are always a bit nervous and I think particularly with Annie [Anne Hathaway] it was just so nice, it was so easy,” he said of the experience of making the movie.

“I’ll be honest about The Devil Wears Prada, they were already shooting and then they cast me. I was the last person to be cast in the film. But also with Julie & Julia, I was doing The Lovely Bones and just prior to doing that Meryl [Streep] had asked me, ‘Would you be interested, would you do this role?’ Of course I always loved Julia Child, I love food, I’m food obsessed. When she asked me, I said, ‘Yeah.’ What do you say, no? ‘No, I’m not going to work with you and Nora.’ So, yeah of course I did it and it just was one of the happiest experiences ever.”

Stanley Tucci is lovers with this actor in an upcoming LGBT-oriented film.

'The Witches,' Starring Anne Hathaway, Will Skip Theaters & Launch on HBO Max This Month

The highly anticipated remake of The Witches was supposed to hit theaters this month, but the movie will be released on HBO Max instead!

Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, and Stanley Tucci star in director Robert Zemeckis‘ fantasy adventure based on the classic story by Roald Dahl.

The Witches tells the darkly humorous and heartwarming tale of a young orphaned boy (newcomer Jahzir Kadeem Bruno) who, in late 1967, goes to live with his loving Grandma (Spencer) in the rural Alabama town of Demopolis. As the boy and his grandmother encounter some deceptively glamorous but thoroughly diabolical witches, she wisely whisks our young hero away to an opulent seaside resort. Regrettably, they arrive at precisely the same time that the world’s Grand High Witch (Hathaway) has gathered her fellow cronies from around the globe—undercover—to carry out her nefarious plans.

Also starring in the movie are Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Rock, and Codie-Lei Eastick. The screenplay was written by Zemeckis with Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

The movie will start streaming on HBO Max on October 22. Watch the trailer below!

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