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Tubi's Super Bowl Commercial Led to a Couple Breaking Up Because of The Guy's Reaction, Viral Reddit Post Reveals

A woman has revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend because of the way that he reacted to Tubi‘s Super Bowl commercial and the story is going viral online.

A Reddit post, which has since been taken down, reveals the story about what happened to this couple on the night of the Super Bowl.

If you haven’t yet watched the commercial, Tubi played a prank on viewers by making it look like someone was changing the TV to the streamer’s app in the middle of the game. The 15 second commercial received a lot of shocking reactions, but this is the first breakup we’ve heard about.

“I’m sure that in many households it caused chaos and was a funny event but not in mine,” the poster started her story.

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Top 10 Super Bowl 2023 Commercials Revealed, Most Popular Ads Ranked by Views

The 2023 Super Bowl commercial numbers are in!

Super Bowl LVII went down on Sunday (February 12), with the Kansas City Chiefs reigning over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Along the way, there were dozens of commercials from advertisers all paying millions of dollars in the hopes of securing eyeballs on their products, with a global audience of millions.

The Top 10 highest-viewed commercials from the night have just been revealed, and we’ve rounded up the results. One thing that sticks out for sure: the ones with the celebrities were far and away the biggest hits. Only one Top 10 commercial didn’t include a star!

YouTube’s analysis of Super Bowl ads is based on the traction solely on game day, so views on ads released before then weren’t factored into the count. The ranking is based on global views from 12:01 a.m. ET until the end of the game, via Variety.

Here’s what the most popular Super Bowl 2023 commercials were…

Martha Stewart Gets Tattoo of Snoop Dogg in Skechers Super Bowl 2023 Commercial - Watch Now!

Martha Stewart is showing off her love for Snoop Dogg!

The 81-year-old businesswoman, chef, and TV personality stars in Skechers new Super Bowl commercial to show off how easy it is to slip into Skechers new hands-free Slip-Ins sneakers.

“Watch how easy it is to put on new hands-free Skechers Slip-Ins. Even if my hands are full, I just step in and go,” Martha says in the commercial while holding flowers. “You don’t even need to touch them.”

Later in the commercial, Martha gets a tattoo of Snoop‘s on her arm along with the phrase “My Dogg.”

“Oooo,” Martha says. “That’s gangsta.”

Martha also does some jumps and cartwheels before slipping into a pair of the Skechers.

Martha also made a cameo in Snoop‘s own Skechers commercial!

R-Rated Dog Movie ‘Strays’ Airs Trailer During Super Bowl 2023 - Watch Now!

Universal Pictures just dropped the new trailer for Strays during the 2023 Super Bowl!

You might be fooled with a first look at the trailer, this is not a family friendly animal movie. It’s actually rated R!

Here’s the full summary: They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but what if the man is a total dirtbag? In that case, it might be time for some sweet revenge, doggy style.

When Reggie (Will Ferrell), a naïve, relentlessly optimistic Border Terrier, is abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife owner, Doug (Will Forte), Reggie is certain that his beloved owner would never leave him on purpose.

But once Reggie falls in with a fast-talking, foul-mouthed Boston Terrier named Bug (Jamie Foxx), a stray who loves his freedom and believes that owners are for suckers, Reggie finally realizes he was in a toxic relationship and begins to see Doug for the heartless sleazeball that he is.

Determined to seek revenge, Reggie, Bug and Bug’s pals—Maggie (Isla Fisher), a smart Australian Shepherd who has been sidelined by her owner’s new puppy, and Hunter (Randall Park), an anxious Great Dane who’s stressed out by his work as an emotional support animal—together hatch a plan and embark on an epic adventure to help Reggie find his way home … and make Doug pay by biting off the appendage he loves the most. (Hint: It’s not his foot).

Directed by Josh Greenbaum, Strays will be in theaters on June 9!

U2 Confirms Las Vegas Residency in Super Bowl 2023 Commercial - Watch Now!

U2 is heading to Las Vegas!

During the 2023 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 12), the band confirmed in a commercial that they will be headlining a new residency in Vegas.

The show – “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere” – will be held at the MSG Sphere at The Venetian, a new venue that opens later this year.

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Maya Rudolph Hijacks M&M's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial, is Replaced as Spokesperson by Iconic Spokescandies

Maya Rudolph starred in her first Super Bowl commercial as the official spokesperson for M&M’s, and it looks like it will also be her last.

The comedian was announced as a replacement for the brand’s colorful spokescandies earlier this year amid backlash about the characters being made more inclusive.

Her takeover was reflected in the commercial, which aired during the 2023 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 12). In it, she threw M&M’s with her face on them in the air before pitching a new line of candy coated clam bites.

The Red M&M appeared in the background holding up a “HELP!” sign in the final moments of the commercial, and it looks like help has arrived.

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Tubi's Super Bowl Commercial 2023 Scares America, Makes Everyone Think Channel Was Changed - Best Reactions!

Tubi just scared everyone in America and made people think that they accidentally changed the channel in the middle of the Super Bowl!

The streaming service, which allows viewers to watch movies and TV shows for free, is actually owned by Fox.

The commercial aired near the end of the fourth quarter and made it seem like someone was accidentally changing the channel.

“Tubi should be sued for this,” one fan tweeted.

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