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Tom Brady Reveals His Post Super Bowl LV Plans

Whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win or lose the Super Bowl LV tonight, Tom Brady already knows what he’s doing after the game.

During an interview with ET Canada, the 43-year-old quarterback shared that he’ll be at home with his kids.

“I’ll be surrounded by my kids,” he shared. “The best part about winning is having the people that have helped you get there and supported you there with you to enjoy it.”

Tom adds that “some of the best memories I’ve had in my life were being with my kids right after the Super Bowl and celebrating with them so I hope we have that experience on Sunday.”

He also revealed that ahead of the game, he was actually home alone as wife Gisele Bundchen and their kids, Benjamin, 11, and Vivian, 8, left so he could get his head in the game.

“My family won’t get back in town until Saturday,” he revealed. “I really had an empty house for what will be 12 days leading up to the game. That’s the most time I’ve had to really focus on what I need to do from a football standpoint.”

Tom continued, “I have time to get my body right. There’s been no travel for our team. It’s a home game. That’s very different. We’re staying at our own home. That’s very different. You don’t have to eat hotel food for a week, that’s very different. The stadium will be, I don’t know… 25,000 people. That will be different.”

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Michael B. Jordan Becomes Amazon's Alexa In Super Bowl LV Commercial

Michael B. Jordan is Alexa.

The 33-year-old Creed star is the physical embodiment of Amazon‘s smart device in the retail giant’s Super Bowl LV advertisement.

The video depicts a gorgeous female employee, who daydreams about the ideal physical form for “Alexa” and decides it has to be Michael, who was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

The commercial continues on, with the employee imagining herself in a variety of romantic and hilarious situations with Michael, and her husband is not impressed.

“The crazy thing about shooting this spot, there’s a lot of things that don’t make it to the (final) spot,” Michael shared with USA Today about some of the behind-the-scenes moments in the ad.

He added, “The guy that plays the husband is freaking hilarious. A lot of his reactions, just the way we were all working that day, it was pretty funny.”

“You just have so many memorable Super Bowl commercials going back over the years,” Michael recalls, and “being a part of (one), it’s a bucket list type thing to check off, you know? Like, ‘OK, cool, I was part of a Super Bowl moment.’ … It’s pretty cool to be a part of that.”

Super Bowl LV will take place THIS Sunday, February 7.

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