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Tom Cruise, Glen Powell & Miles Teller Head to Korea For 'Top Gun: Maverick's Latest Premiere

The cast of Top Gun: Maverick gathers together on the red carpet for a group shot at the premiere event held at Lotte World on Sunday (June 19) in Seoul, Korea.

Tom Cruise joined Miles Teller, Greg Tarzan Davis, Glen Powell, and Jay Ellis, as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer for the event.

Many of the guys headed straight to the fans who were in attendance, and made time to sign autographs and get a pic with the crowd before heading inside the event.

Jerry‘s wife Linda, and Miles‘ wife, Keleigh Sperry, were also at the premiere.

Just four weeks into release, Top Gun: Maverick has become the biggest hit of the year domestically, with over $473 million in the bank stateside, and nearly $900 million worldwide, according to Collider.

FYI: Tom wore a Brioni suit. Keleigh wore a Zuhair Murad taffeta ballgown. Miles wore Tom Ford. Glen is wearing a Luca Faloni polo shirt.

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'Top Gun: Maverick' Soars at the Box Office with $90 Million in Second Weekend

Top Gun: Maverick is a huge hit.

According to a report published by Variety on Monday (June 6), the film has scored a major second weekend, earning $90 million.

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Val Kilmer's Voice in 'Top Gun 2' Was Created by A.I. Technology

Val Kilmer reprises his role as Iceman in the new movie Top Gun: Maverick and his voice in the film was created using A.I. technology.

For those who don’t know, the 62-year-old actor was diagnosed with throat cancer and he underwent a tracheotomy in 2014. He ultimately lost his voice, according to a profile in The New York Times Magazine.

When it came time to making Top Gun 2, Tom Cruise was “adamant” that Val return for the sequel.

“He said, ‘We have to have Val, we have to have him back. We have to have him in the film,’” producer Jerry Bruckheimer told People. “And he was the driving force. We all wanted him, but Tom was really adamant that if he’s going to make another Top Gun, Val had to be in it. He’s such a fine actor, and he’s such a good individual. We had such a good time on the first one and wanted to bring some of the gang back together again.”

A recent report revealed the technology that was used to give Val a voice in the movie.

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'Top Gun: Maverick' Breaks a Record for Tom Cruise's Career - Box Office Numbers Revealed

Top Gun: Maverick is huge already.

The film just had the second-best Memorial Day opening of all time with a projected three-day domestic total of $124 million and $151 million for the four days, via THR.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End still holds the No. 1 title at $153 million, via Disney.

It’s also significant for Tom Cruise!

Find out why…

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Find Out Why Meg Ryan's Carol Bradshaw Is Missing From 'Top Gun: Maverick'


Meg Ryan was a key cast member in the original Top Gun movie, making it her first major movie role – but she didn’t return for Top Gun: Maverick.

In the 1986 film, the now 60-year-old actress starred as Carol Bradshaw, the wife of LTJC Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (played by Anthony Edwards).

After Goose is killed during a training accident, it leaves Carol alone to raise their son – the future Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller).

Meg, along with Kelly McGillis, were the two key stars who didn’t return for the sequel, and director Joseph Kosinski shared an explanation as to why.

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Lady Gaga's 'Top Gun' Song: Listen to 'Hold My Hand' & Read Lyrics Here!

That incredible song at the end of Top Gun: Maverick is Lady Gaga‘s new single “Hold My Hand” and you can listen to it right here!

Not only did Gaga write and record the lead single for the movie, she is also credited as a composer for the movie’s score. This mean’s that she’ll be eligible for both Best Original Song and Best Original Score at the upcoming Oscars.

“So cry tonight / But don’t you let go of my hand,” Gaga sings on the new song. “You can cry every last tear / I won’t leave ’til I understand / Promise me, just hold my hand.”

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Here's Why Kelly McGillis Didn't Return for 'Top Gun: Maverick' - Her Comments Differ from the Director's

Some fans might be sad to see that Kelly McGillis, who played Charlie in the original Top Gun movie, is not in the sequel.

Charlie was the love interest of Tom Cruise‘s character Maverick in the original 1986 movie and Jennifer Connelly is playing his new love interest in 2022′s Top Gun: Maverick.

Jennifer plays Penny Benjamin, a character who was referenced in the original movie, but never seen.

Both Kelly and Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski have spoken out about why she’s not in the new movie, and their opinions are definitely very different.

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