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Chris Hemsworth Reveals the Actor Whose Career He'd Most Like to Emulate

Chris Hemsworth wears a relaxed gray suit while stepping out for the 2023 Red Sea International Film Festival on Monday (December 4) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The 40-year-old actor joined director Baz Luhrmann for an “In Conversation” event between the two.

During the event, Chris revealed some actors that he admires their career, with one standing out in particular as one whose career he’d most like to emulate.

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Tom Cruise's Christmas Cake List: 1 Celebrity Was Removed From the List, Several More Confirm They Receive It Every Year (Plus, Where to Purchase It!)

If you don’t know, every year, Tom Cruise sends a list of Hollywood friends a special cake for the December holidays.

Celebrities have raved about the cake over the years, and we just learned that one celeb was axed off of the list. We also learned where you can purchase the cake to see if it’s worth the hype!

Keep reading to see which celebrities are still getting the cake and which celeb was cut from the recipient list…

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Melissa McCarthy Has a Huge Crush on Tom Cruise In Her Movie 'Genie' - Here's How It Happened

Melissa McCarthy has a huge crush on Tom Cruise in her new movie Genie.

The actress is so enamored with the movie star that she even received a shirt with his face on it. While the actor doesn’t make a physical cameo in the movie, he goes appear via a scene from Mission: Impossible.

In a recent interview, Genie‘s writer Richard Curtis opened up about lining up the running joke and getting permission from Tom.

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20 Celebrity Divorces That Shook Hollywood (Some A-Listers Have Experienced Multiple Publicized Splits)

The end of a relationship is never easy to navigate, and that’s especially the case in Hollywood. However, there is no denying that some celebrity divorces go more smoothly.

Over the years, there have been A-list lovers who have decided to consciously uncouple after years of marriage. They navigate splits with ease and go on with their lives relatively unscathed.

Other divorces come with a bit more drama. Some are plagued with rumors of infidelity that generate endless headlines. There can be legal battles that play out for years over spousal support, custody issues and so much more.

While drama can play out in court, sometimes it comes in other forms such as songs and memoirs, which unearth old memories.

We rounded up 20 of the most contentious celebrity divorces and recapped what made them so tense.

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings of All Time, Ranked From Lowest to Highest Cost - See Which Stars Spent the Most!

Love is in the air!

Celebrities are known to splash out large amounts of money on different luxuries – from cars and boats, to huge mansions, to stunning getaways. And weddings are no exception!

Over the years, several stars have made headlines for their expensive nuptials, sparing no expense for designer outfits, an abundance of flowers, giant tiered cakes, picturesque locations, and of course, plenty of security.

We’ve rounded up the most expensive celebrity weddings, and ranked them from lowest to highest.

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'Mission: Impossible 8' Delayed to 2025

Mission: Impossible 8 is being delayed.

The next Mission: Impossible film, originally set to be released on June 28, 2024, is being pushed back a year.

Paramount has pushed the film back to May 23, 2025 after it shut down amid the Hollywood strikes in mid-July, THR confirms.

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The Strangest & Most Surprising Contract Clauses of Hollywood's Biggest Stars - Details Revealed!

After Keanu Reeves made headlines with his contract stipulations, fans are wondering about all the unique and strange contract clauses that other celebrities might have too.

Celebrity contract clauses are provisions or stipulations included in the agreements between actors, musicians, or other celebrities and their employers or production companies.

Often tailored to the specific needs or preferences of the celebrity, they can cover a wide range of topics, from salary and billing to travel arrangements and accommodation.

Some clauses, however, are quite bizarre and can include anything from a specific color of toilet paper to a personal basketball court on set.

Check out the full list of unique and quirky contract clauses celebrities have in their contracts…