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Chris Brown Doesn't Wear the Same Underwear Twice

Chris Brown Doesn't Wear the Same Underwear Twice

18-year-old R&B heartthrob Chris Brown sat down with Blender to talk about his nerdy straight-A days and his current pimp ways. Here are some highlights:

Have you ever been arrested? Yeah, but it’s not on my record. I got arrested for fleeing from the police on a little minibike. When I was living in New York, my homeboys wanted to ride through the park. The police caught us, but all they did was take the bikes from us, so we didn’t get in trouble.

If you could make one apology, what would it be? I’d apologize to God for all my sins.

What personal habit do you have that other people find annoying? I like picking the nails off my toes.

Underwear or commando? Underwear. I wear a new pair of drawers every day. I won’t wash my drawers and put ‘em back on. I just throw them away.

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  • hsl


  • Taudy


  • Taudy




  • third4


  • Natalie

    It does feel good to put on a brand new pair of undies or socks, lol

  • menna

    second!!!!!!!!!!!! he doesn’t wear underwear twice???

  • chrisbrownishott[;

    i went on that one webbsite xD

    haha hee sayz sum bad shit about his ex.

    chriss is FIINE!

  • JunoFirst

    Now that is what I call wasteful extravagance.

    How about just learning to use the washing machine. I could see maybe replacing underwear every 3 months, is less excessive.
    Wait til his 15 minutes of fame is done, and he finds he has no money to buy new underwear. Geeeeze.

  • cici

    um, adorable kid and all, but learn to wash your d*mn undies, kiddo! Heck, you are rich, have your maid do ‘em!

  • far far malaysia

    i love chris brown! he’s zexy!!!!

  • Reader

    Now that’s just wasteful.

  • jess

    That’s stupid (wasteful) about the underwear.

  • zanessa

    I love chris brown he is so cool n so hott

  • far far malaysia

    Taudy @ 11/30/2007 at 7:59 pm

    wtf! wrong place

  • SkankyHO

    Man what a waste of money. I know he is rich any everything, but still.

  • zanessa

    This is a chris brown thread y r u pple talking bout zashley n zanessa even though I love zanessa … dude zashleys not real get over the dam fact pple I hate ashley tisdale she is so fake vanessa is hott just keeping it real …….. this is CHRIS BROWN go sumwhere else n talk bout them

  • A

    That is real sad. How wasteful.

  • becky

    Yes with global warming, polution, landfills encroaching on our living space, heck why not just throw away every single item after one use. Once for that shirt, oh I drove that car once let’s junk it, My house? Oh I slept in it once, let’s demolish it…

  • azz0r

    What a wasteful retarded bitch. To think some of you are all “he’s so sexy”.

    He’s also a freaking moron who deserves to eat his underwear for filling up waste sites.

    Its morons like this that I hope choke.

  • Blah

    I would rather read about someone important… someone with actual talent.

  • …!?

    He does have talent.
    This really isn’t an odd thing to do… Usher does the same thing – he said it a while back.

  • antonia aka toni

    Luvin Chris Brown Even More. And umm 21st comment! LOL :]
    and to the gurl who wrote
    “GO ZASHLEY BOO ZANESSA” wtf! ur a hater! ur just hatin bcuz u dont got luv like that in ur life >:[

  • movie madness

    as much as I like Chris the fact that he or any celebrity wears something only once is disappointing. I mean if they want to wear clothes or shoes once, then that is cool, they can just give them away. however underwear, you can’t give that sh!t away

  • bee

    so i don’t agree with the whole, throwin away yo draws after wearin em once thing, but the boy is FINE non the less..

    && i love that he doesn’t drink, because he sees the effects of what it can do to you..

    && his ex-girlfriend is a dumbass for cheatin on him lol even if he wasn’t in the business, look at him! && he seems to have a really good personality.. mm-mm damn shame..

    thanks Jared.

  • Thelostgirl

    Also… has too much time on his hands!

  • Thelostgirl

    Also… has too much time on his hands!

  • kiooul

    he is lying

  • lops723

    He’s new money so he wants to be completely ignorant about his finances, let him be… Wearing new underwear everyday must mean to him that he’s “made it” i agree with the person who said he’ll lose it all in couple years. Bet he’ll learn to do laundry then!

  • yfw

    i’ve always wanted to be rich so I could throw undies out and just buy new ones

  • kippax

    he cant sing and never be next michael jackson.overrated guy for sure

  • encee

    I can’t stand this fool . he’s a douche and a dumb cunt.

  • from the block

    I think he’s just saying that. Oh Puhleaze. This guy wasn’t born rich. I bet you, he doesnt chuck away underwear. He just said that to seem moe interesting.

  • black

    What a jerk…

  • anna

    Gross you should always wash your new unders before wearing them. God knows what factory they were in…..

  • Cynthia


  • romanian

    he’s cool…

  • Lulu

    Que idiotice!! Não tem cérebro pra usar o dinheiro que ganha e fica gastando com cuecas novas… Huahuahuahua… Burro!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    Wow Brangelina is out there saving lives and building homes and Chris Brown wastes and helps add to global destruction. this tells you how fame gets to your head.

  • juanita

    WTF get a grip boy wat de f*** u used ta do before all de money buy new underwear all de time?????? i dont think so….nobody cares if u wear a new one all tha time…anyhow luv ya still dont let de money get ta ya…caus one minute it there and then the other it gone….STUDY IT

  • http://? Javante

    Weird on the underwear man…makes a litlle sense but yeah save a little money u should…your cool!!-Javante waiting 2 meet u

  • iwhitecastle

    yea it do feel better when its brand new. only shit feel nasty is fresh wife beaters. i have to wash them first before i wear em. but sock and boxers shit i paid 14 bucks for boxer i aint throwing shit away i aint ballin. and plus do you pick out the same looking boxers like common they dont make that many looking boxers in abercrombie /

  • larissar

    k this goes out to alll you haturs to chrisbrown , whoever said chris kissed a guy dummy it and share tha real issues instead of telling bullsh*t alright .
    and quit dissing him ; stay on the topic , quit bringing rihanna in here . becuz they were only { dating } there not married yeah they were cute together ,that dont mean you got to be haturs towards there relationship ok so SHUT YOUR TRAPS ! & beat it
    peaccceee home`sz.
    you scumbag hatur`s ..