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Stars Who Regret Their Roles in Movies & TV

Not every actor likes to see themselves on the big screen – but some don’t even like to remember that they participated in a production altogether.

Over the years, many different stars have revealed in various magazine interviews and through assorted podcast and TV appearances that they don’t always love the movie and TV roles they took on in the past…even if the roles might be some of their most iconic and memorable works to date.

Sometimes, the stars have doubts about their performance. Or, they had poor experiences with their co-stars or directors. And in other cases, they just decided that the script wasn’t all that good looking back. In any case, they’ve all since come out and said they don’t necessarily love their appearances in certain films and TV shows.

If you’re interested in learning about other artists who don’t care for their own work, find out which musicians don’t like their own biggest hits.

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These Celebs Have All Used Raya & There Are Some Wild Stories from the Dating App

The exclusive dating app Raya has been in the news all week after multiple celebs were revealed to be members.

A viral TikTok video showed that a woman matched with Ben Affleck, then unmatched him when she thought he was fake. But, he later sent a video message to her on Instagram to prove that he was real.

Matthew Perry was also revealed to be a member after a young woman shared a video from the FaceTime call she had with the actor after they matched on the app.

Dozens of celebrities have been confirmed to be members of the dating app and there are some wild stories out there about what has happened. One star allegedly matched with 35 women and then accidentally added them all to a group chat on WhatsApp. Some stars have even met the love of the lives on the app!

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These Celebrities Disliked Their Famous Co-Stars & Some Have Publicly Admitted Their Feelings

There have been a lot of celebrity feuds over the years, and many have been between famous co-stars.

While there have been some famous feuds that have just been rumored and never confirmed, some celebrities have actually disclosed details in public during interviews and television appearances.

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Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, & More Stars Are Celebrating Their First Mother's Day This Year!

So many stars have become new moms lately!

Since last May, tons of famous women have given birth to adorable little babies.

And this year, stars like Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, and Emma Stone will all be celebrating their first ever Mother’s Day! has compiled a list of models, actress, singers, and reality TV stars that will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time on Sunday (May 9).

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Netflix Cancelled These TV Shows After They Were Already Previously Renewed

2020 was a rough year as there were (and still are) many industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While streaming services have enjoyed having viewers tune in more due to stay-at-home orders, there are some television shows that were not immune to 2020′s wrath. In addition, a 2021 show was just added to this list! The show debuted this year and was cancelled just this week.

Netflix previously renewed five separate, fan favorite television shows, only to rescind their renewals and cancel the shows far too soon. There is some speculation that because of the pandemic and the hardships of filming amid social distancing and testing mandates, the streaming service decided many shows are now not able to move forward as originally planned.

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Stars Banned From 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live has seen so many fantastic guest stars over its nearly 50 year run – but not everyone is exactly welcome back to Studio 8H.

From controversial performers who managed to do something shocking on stage to actors and comedians who had confrontations on and off-screen, there are some stars along the way who have done or said something controversial enough to be banned from hosting or performing on the show ever again.

From Sinead O’Connor to Adrien Brody to Martin Lawrence, a surprising amount of talent has been told not to come back.

We’ve rounded up some of the celebrities who are no longer welcome at Saturday Night Live.

Speaking of TV flubs, find out which television shows only lasted for one episode.

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April's 10 Most-Watched Movies & TV Shows Include 1 Cancelled Show & a Non-Netflix Surprise

The 10 most-watched streaming service television shows in April 2021 have been revealed and there are a few notable names on this list.

First, a show that was just cancelled is one of the most-watched TV shows of the entire month.

And two, the number one show on this list is not a Netflix show, which is unusual for this list as it often features majority Netflix content.

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