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K-Pop Groups Disbanding in 2022 - 4 Groups Have Broken Up & Several More Contracts Are Expiring!

K-pop is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

While there are so many incredible girl groups and boy bands in the South Korean music scene, there’s also fierce competition – and contract deals that often expire in less than a decade’s time.

It’s pretty common for members of groups to go solo after their contracts expire, or pursue new opportunities, like acting and TV hosting gigs.

As a result, we’ve already lost some pretty major K-pop acts in 2022 – and there are a handful of groups with contracts set to expire later in the year. Fans are already wondering if they’ll renew, or disband and go their separate ways.

Find out which groups disbanded in 2022 so far, and which groups have contracts set to expire…

The Richest 'Station 19' Cast Members, Ranked From Lowest to Highest Net Worth

Station 19 is on fire.

The ABC TV series, created by Stacy McKee, premiered back in March of 2018, and it’s the spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, following Private Practice.

The series focuses on the lives of the men and women at Seattle Fire Station 19.

Earlier in the year, the series was renewed for a sixth season. Season 5 of the show is wrapping up on Thursday (May 19) with “Crawl Out Through the Fallout.”

The actors featured on the show have also amassed a sizable sum. We’ve rounded up the stars of Station 19, and ranked them according to estimated net worth.

Find out how much the top earners of Station 19 are worth…

Celebrities Supporting Amber Heard in Johnny Depp Defamation Trial

Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against his ex wife Amber Heard is underway and celebrities have been speaking out.

Click through the slideshow to see which celebrities support Amber Heard in the trial…

So Many Famous Stars Had Guest Appearances on 'Grey's Anatomy' Over the Years (& You May Have Forgotten A Few!)

There have been so many memorable Grey’s Anatomy guest stars over the years…and you likely forgot that some of these huge superstars were guests on the TV show at one point over the 18 season run!

Stars like Demi Lovato, Millie Bobby Brown, and Mandy Moore have all made cameos on the show.

We’ve rounded up some of the celeb names that you might have forgotten had guest-starring roles.

Click through the slideshow to see which celebs you forgot guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy…

'This Is Us' Star Salaries Revealed & the Cast Got Big Raises for Final Season!

This Is Us is wrapping up in just a few days and the salary information for the main stars was recently revealed!

We have information for Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley, including their season one salaries and their salaries today.

Click through the slideshow to see all the salary information…

The CW Cancels 9 TV Shows, Renews 7 More, & Announces 1 Fan Favorite Is Ending in 2023

Some major decisions were made by The CW.

Last week, the network did a mass cancellation of several shows and now today (May 19), the network announced one of their beloved hits is ending.

Click through the slideshow to see the major recap…

Batman Movies, Ranked Worst to Best According to Critics

The Batman legacy lives on.

The DC Comics superhero, also known as the caped crusader, and the Dark Knight, and/or Bruce Wayne – has been fighting crime in Gotham City on the big screen for years.

Fueled by the desire or vengeance following the tragic murder of his parents, the complicated hero has taken it upon himself to hunt down criminals in the city, often alongside sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, as well as Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, and Catwoman, and going to battle against well-known villains like the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face and the Joker.

The series has spawned dozens of movies and spinoffs for decades, and they’ve ranged dramatically in feedback from critics and audiences alike.

To celebrate The Batman (2022) streaming on HBO Max in the USA beginning on April 18, we’ve rounded up all the Batman movies and ranked them from worst to best according to their aggregate score on RottenTomatoes. You might be surprised with how every movie ranks!

Click inside to see how every Batman movie ranks, from worst to best…