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15 Soap Opera Power Couples That are Together in Real Life, Including 1 That Would Mark Their 50th Anniversary This Year

Love stories on all of our favorite soap operas are usually riddled with drama, and they certainly aren’t all built to last.

However, the sets of these sudsers are apparently a great place for actors to meet their one true love. In fact, over the years, many costars have gotten together in real life.

Like the characters they play, they don’t all stay together. In fact, we rounded up 15 relationships between soap stars that did not go the distance. However, there are just as many power couples who are currently together in 2024.

The list includes one couple that’s been engaged for two years, one who welcomed their first child just a few months ago and another that would celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary later this year!

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Harry Styles Was Up for Roles in 8 Movies but Didn't Book Them (Including 2 That Premiered in 2024!)

Harry Styles is best known for his addictive pop bops. However, he’s also a budding movie star!

The “Watermelon Sugar” crooner made his big screen debut in 2017′s Dunkirk. Since then, he’s pursued a career as a movie star while still ruling the charts with his music.

He was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and led two acclaimed films in 2022 alone. Like any other actor, though, Harry has been in the running for some major roles that he did not end up landing.

Some of those he was only considered at early phases in the casting projects. Others he auditioned for before someone else was cast. Harry even passed on a couple of projects for various reasons!

We gathered together everything we know about the roles that Harry was considered for. The list even includes two movies that were already released in 2024.

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The Richest 'Hunger Games' Stars, Ranked (No. 1's Net Worth is $70 Million More Than No. 2!)

The Hunger Games movies have left a lasting legacy on pop culture that we are still feeling in 2024!

Boasting an ensemble cast of A-list talent, many actors who appeared in the initial set of movies have amassed impressive fortunes in Hollywood.

While Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth are undoubtedly the most recognizable stars from the franchise, several other actors involved in the project have carved out their own successful paths in the industry.

Naturally, we were curious to see how the stars have fared since gracing the big screen and ranked the biggest names from the franchise by their net worth. You may be surprised by some of the rankings on this list.

Check out the richest stars from The Hunger Games franchise ranked from highest to lowest…

14 Actors Who Passed on Iconic Roles (1 Missed Out on a $250 Million Payday & a Pop Icon Said No to Playing Catwoman!)

Hollywood can become a bit of a guessing game at times.

Actors have to field a list of potential roles and decide which one seems the most promising. In doing so, they might end up missing out on a chance to star in a project that becomes a serious blockbuster.

We previously rounded up 12 actors who nearly passed on what would become their most iconic roles. However, there are even more actors who did say “no thanks” to appearing in solid-gold hits.

For instance, one A-lister opted out of starring in Avatar. In the process, they missed out on a $250 million payday! A pop icon had some regrets about passing on a chance to play Catwoman. One actress was even offered a chance to play Neo, a male role, in The Matrix!

You’ll be surprised to see who was offered a chance to star in movies such as Legally Blonde and Forrest Gump and who passed on roles within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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11 Actors Auditioned to Play Spider-Man But Weren't Cast, Including Several Oscar Winners

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have all swung into action as Spider-Man, one of Marvel‘s most beloved young heroes, on the big screen in the last three decades.

Each actor was perfectly cast as the earnest but innocent web-slinger. However, they each faced off against a group of very talented actors to land the role.

In fact, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars across multiple generations have been tied to Spider-Man. The majority of them competed with Tobey, Andrew and Tom for the part. However, others were up for totally different movies that never got made. Interestingly, some of the celebs even went on to land different roles in the franchise!

We looked back in history and pulled together 11 A-listers who had been linked to the Spider-Man over the years but didn’t get to put on the iconic suit. There are be some surprises on this list!

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30 Stars Reveal How They Spent Their First Paychecks (See What They Bought & How Much They're Worth Now!)

Have you ever dreamed about what you would spend your money on after cashing your first Hollywood paycheck?

So many of us probably imagine buying designer clothes, cool cars or amazing tech. It turns out that we are not alone. In fact, many celebrities have admitted to using some of their first paychecks to buy just that.

However, other stars have revealed some more… unexpected purchases that they’ve made after landing their first big pay day.

One star took their family bowling, and another recalled buying their very own ice cream truck. Someone headed straight to the pet store to take home a new pet.

A famous actor even bought a gift for someone else’s grandma! How sweet is that?!

We rounded up 30 stars who have discussed their first big purchases. The list even includes someone who dropped $1 million in a day and wound up overdrawing their bank account.

See what they bought and what their estimated net worth is years into their successful careers.

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Bradley Cooper Dating History - Complete List of All His Ex-Girlfriends Revealed

We’re taking a look back at all the famous women Bradley Cooper has been linked to over the years!

In early October 2023, the 49-year-old A Star Is Born actor, director, and screen writer was spotted out grabbing dinner with Gigi Hadid, sparking rumors that the two might be romantically involved. The two have been spending a lot of time together ever since and recently showed off some cute PDA, so it’s pretty safe assume now that they’re dating.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Now that Bradley is in a new relationship, we’re taking a look back at all the famous women he has been linked to over the years, and we bet there are a lot of women on the list that will surprise you!

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