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Nikki Cox's Pharmacy Fun Run

Nikki Cox's Pharmacy Fun Run

Nikki Cox and her actor husband Jay Mohr take their son Jackson, 4, for a quick trip to CVS Pharmacy in Los Angeles on Thursday. (Jackson‘s mother is former model Nicole Chamberlain.)

Mohr, 37, and Cox, 30, are both starring in the new comedy thriller called Lonely Street. According to Wiki, the film is about Bubba Mabry (Mohr), a notoriously gullible private detective who is hired to snoop on a tabloid reporter by a mysterious celebrity known only as Mr. Aaron (Robert Patrick). When the tabloid reporter is murdered, Mabry becomes the prime suspect in his death.

10+ pictures inside of Nikki Cox‘s family run to the pharmacy…

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nikki cox lips lips lips 02
nikki cox lips lips lips 03
nikki cox lips lips lips 04
nikki cox lips lips lips 05
nikki cox lips lips lips 06
nikki cox lips lips lips 07
nikki cox lips lips lips 08
nikki cox lips lips lips 09
nikki cox lips lips lips 10
nikki cox lips lips lips 11
nikki cox lips lips lips 12
nikki cox lips lips lips 13

Credit: ISBP/MO; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jessica


    And her lips look terrible.

  • katy

    her lips look a *little* better than the last pictures posted. hopefully they’ll get smaller…

  • Dannie

    It’s not their son, it’s Jay’s son from his previous marriage. And OMG she looks horrible, she looked so much before she did whatever it is that she’s had done to herself.

  • American

    Is that how her face REALLY looks like? I thought the last set of pics were just some prosthetics for a movie

  • ace tomato

    Holy rubber mask!


    leave that hair to britney… only she can pull it off…..

  • emma lee

    Jackson is quite a cutie. He looks a lot like dad. Nikki, well, she looks so distressed or stressed out in all these recent pictures. The lips are something else entirely and I won’t go take a walk down Catty Boulevard.

  • johnythecrazymuthafucka

    what did she do ? she looks like a duck? why do women do these things to their lips, no man likes this look, it will never look natural.

  • johnythecrazymuthafucka

    what did she do ? she looks like a duck? why do women do these things to their lips, no man likes this look, it will never look natural.

  • !!!

    OH … uh.

  • DesireĆ©


  • Miranda

    It’s been posted many times, but it’s still hard to understand WHY these women have these awful procedures done.

    Jared, are you sure that Nikki is only 30 years old? My mom is 45 and she looks younger than Nikki!


  • PP


    click here!!!thanks:))

  • alex_p

    why do we have to see this? no, really why? not funny at all… sad

  • required


  • me

    THE MOUTH doesn’t look good on any pic.

  • Quot

    Uhm… Nikki, no offence, but you should pick up a case of Purple while you’re out. A load of antioxidants might help those wrinkles that are starting to peek out.

  • e

    30 years old? That’s a joke right? How can a 30 year old look that HORRIBLE? She looks like she’s pushing 50! Holy.

  • Pent

    She looks like she either belongs in the Archie comics or the Muppets.

  • Chelsey

    Gosh, she was so beautiful on “Las Vegas”

    Such a shame. The lips are her only downfall…if she got them reduced, she would look normal again.

  • anon

    Whata trout mouth!
    Its not just the lips her mouth is wide too.
    Maybe she should play Joker in the next Batman!

  • Paige

    She’s “30″??!!? BS!
    She needs to stay in during the day and lay off the chop chop plastic surgery and injections til she’s less photographed!

  • k

    awfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    who is she & what has she been in? i wonder how these people get famous. even though her outfit is not revealing she looks like she should be working at the local brothel. she just has that dirty look to her. perhaps it is the fake tan & the fillers. she should have had the person who injected her lips do something w/ her skin as it is just gross. that lady is ugly & her husband is the biggest pig i have ever heard. anyone women that would date jay let only marry him has to be a no class idiot.

  • Lena

    In some photos she looks like a duck. OMG, what did she do to her face!!! I can remember watching “Las Vegas” when she started having bigger lips and already it looked strange but now it seems she can’t stop and they are getting bigger and bigger…urrgh

  • barf

    her face is fucked up

  • Jim

    what the hell happened to her, she used to be so pretty. did she get her lips caught in a pool drain.

  • no comment

    what have you done to your lips!!!!!
    its soo…eeewwww!

  • Louise

    She used to look so pretty. What happened to Nikki?

  • skip

    really fucked up

  • Mediterranean

    I need to see her birth certificate to believe that she is only 30. Gosh, that’s bad…..

  • rae

    Wow. Girl looks awful.

  • ^

    this is so sad…her mouth is so ugly and just strange, really strange. That upper lip is the size of my whole mouth!

    The thing I don’t get is she naturally had full lips by any definition anyway (It’s like a D cup woman going up to an E! Not like NK who had no lips getting some)…why go even bigger?! She was pretty before but now she looks like a freak.

    Undo it if you can Nikki!

  • shine

    looks like a cartoonish character my goodness just horrible!

  • Helena

    I feel sorry for the child and how his mother has to kiss him every night before bedtime.

  • sunnykidstyle

    OMG what did she do to her face and hair! That looks awful! The Britney hive is generally not a recommended hairstyle, and full lips are only something for people like Angelina, who have them naturally, all visits to the plastic surgeon look horribly fake and would even make the most beautiful look ugly.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • a

    I never thought she was really pretty but now….so fug. Kid’s cute though

  • Shoops


  • bejeebus

    i was throwing away a bunch of mags yesterday and came across an old copy of Instyle where her wedding was featured. she looked soooo cute on the cover….not like this rubber masked freak she has transformed herself into. let this be a lesson. be happy with what you’ve got and try try TRY to age gracefully. she f-ed up big time trying to fool with mother nature. thank god her hubby still seems to love her. maybe he has a secret mary tyler moore fetish?

  • Joan

    I cannot believe that she ended up looking like this. She was a really hot looking girl before.This is what happens when you spend too much time in Hollyweird!!! Most people know her from Las Vegas but her start was on Unhappily Everafter – the Married With Children knockout. She was the very Hot daughter & star of the show. Her brother on the show which they dating at the time was Kevin Connelly from Entourage . Just scary to think someone who looked like that could end up looking like THAT!!!!

  • nikkita

    used to be so pretty.

  • cece

    This a prime example of how utterly stupid she is. Her lips, body, and face were perfectly fine but no she must enhance everything. I don’t understand why someone would pay a doctor to make them look like Daffy duck. She should seriously quack her way back to the nut house.

  • kaye

    OMG, she used to be good and pretty. Now she looks horrible. What did she do to her face?!?! Is it a psychological thing that these women go through??? such a waste

  • Amybooters

    Holy Duck lips. YUCK!

  • Lillianne

    Has anyone investigated the reason why these women are disfiguring themselves? It’s rather bizarre. I can’t think of a single woman who looks better for having done this Daffy Duck thing.

    Wonder why she took time to put on all her cubic zirconias but she didn’t have time to brush her hair.

  • jrfan

    She did start to look a bit worse for wear on Las Vegas and so they started using her less and less. I wondered at the time if she had some sort of illness because of the amount of weight she lost. I feel so sorry for her.

    There had to have been some better images from this batch that didn’t get posted…right?

  • daisy42465

    Love the wedding ring, hate the lips

  • K

    The drugs are probably to fight off whatever is in her lips so she doesn’t die. I’m sorry, but ever time I see cirls like this I just imagine then coming home from the surgery, posing in the bathroom mirror, and telling themselves how much hotter they look. Denial is priceless!

  • geebz

    Why Niki? Why did you do this? You were so beautiful! What a GD shame. You idiot!

  • Me

    Looks like she may be on something … who in their right mind would do that to thier face. =(

    Also, Jay’s son is soooooo cute. I swear he looks just like him =)