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Lake Bell Interview - Exclusive

Lake Bell Interview - Exclusive

You may remember Lake Bell as the Tipper in What Happens in Vegas (Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher) or her stints on The Practice, Surface and Boston Legal. The 29-year-old actress currently has an original web series streaming on called Childrens’ Hospital, a satirical comedy that lampoons the medical show genre.

Here’s a very cool interview did with Lake earlier this week, where we learn that she’s vegan, a limbo champion and lives for karaoke! Check it.

JJ: Do you read blogs often, are you online a lot?

LB: I’m not as much of a blog reader, as much as I am an online shopper. I jump all around. I’m into DesignPublic right now. My mom is an interior desiger and I’m actually furnishing my new apartment. There’s a place called DesignSponge. I love Remodelista, Brooklynski is a really cool shop that my friends do.

JJ: Do you have any plans for the holidays?

LB: I’m going to see my family. My whole family lives in New York right now.

JJ: Do you cook or help cook?

LB: I’m a vegan, so I’m in charge of all the vegan desserts. I’ve ordered everything this time, even though I do love to cook. I like to support this bakery called Baby Cakes in New York, which is a vegan bakery. But you don’t know its vegan, it’s so good.

JJ: How are you ringing in the New Year?

LB: I’ll be in San Francisco it a mansion somewhere at a weird party. It’s in a mansion in a 1920s depression era, an homage to our current times. It’s a black tie 1920s masquerade ball. I’m so ready to be fancy about it.

(Click inside to read the rest of JJ‘s interview with Lake Bell…)

Lake Bell Interview – Exclusive

JJ: So, about your web series, Childrens’ Hospital. Can you explain your character?

LB: Someone else asked me to “describe your character” I was like I don’t even know, I think I play a doctor, when you do these it’s not like any other job with the extensive research about what a doctor feels. It’s like a parody homage to all the ER shows out there, specifically Grey’s Anatomy, with love and care poke fun at them. Because obviously it’s a great show but we just basically have fun with the idea that the sex lives of doctors in a children’s hospital. Everybody’s having sex with everybody in front of pre-pubescent children. So, it’s a drama.

JJ: How did the series start out?

LB: Everybody involved with that is just friends. It’s just like a group of friends getting together. Rob Corddry and I did What Happens in Vegas together, a year ago or so. And then we kind of became pals there and he just basically called all his friends and we just met up at an abandoned hospital in Van Nuys with no air conditioning! So in a lot of it I’m very sweaty!

JJ: How did you shoot it, what kind of time span?

LB: It was a few days, it was like in 5 or 6 days. It was a whole season in that period of time. It was awesome because it’s very free, it’s very much a free media with your friends. You don’t get into trouble if you have a laughing fit because you think your so funny, or you’re not on book and you decide to improvise something.

JJ: There’s ten episodes at the moment, are there more coming?

LB: There are talks of a second season. They’re about 5 seconds long, they are all bite-sized comedy pieces. It’s the perfect procrastination tool in this unsettling time when you’re sitting at work wondering whether you’re going to get laid off or not. It’s like for the mini-watercooler talk. You can make yourself feel better by clicking onto

JJ: How did you get into acting?

LB: It’s like the cheesy I’ve always wanted to do it. Since I was a little girl, I started with high school plays and moved onto Varsity plays. Then I went to drama college in London, then I just moved to L.A. right after London. So I was a waitress and did my thing, and hustled basically.

JJ: Did you have a big break or were you discovered?

LB: I think I’m like a slow burn. People are like oh my god, isn’t it great that you’re famous. I’m like, ‘I’m not famous, I’m a working actor, and I’m so thankful for that and I love what I do, totally happy to be here.’ It’s been my attitude for so long. There’s not like one kind of Blue Crush moment. I always think about Kate Bosworth, where it was like she was there, as a kid then, ‘I’m Kate Bosworth!’ Wow that must be so amazing looking at that. I never really had that. I feel like I’m like , oh I take a step up each year. Now it’s just fun, doing what you want to do, working with the people you want to work with, having fun and that’s where I am right now.

JJ: Do you have a piece of acting work that you’re most proud?

LB: Most things I am proud of, but there is a couple of things that I’m not. But of course I’m not going to bring that up. But I think so far, I’m pretty thankful that every job I’ve done has existed in another world, whether it’s a different genre or a different tone. And I’m proud of all of those things.

JJ: Do you have any actresses that you look up to?

LB: I will say I have people that I look up to but I would not mention them because then I’d be comparing myself. We’re already so compared to as actors. I can’t create expectations for myself. Hi, I’m me, I’m Lake, I see myself in the mirror. My trajectory is my own. Do I bow down to the likes of Cate Blanchett and Meryl Steep? Yes. Do I love Catherine Keener beyond compare? Yes. If you’re a race car driver, it’s like looking at that guy and being like he’s great.

JJ: Do you ever have trouble watching your own work? Do you ever cringe watching yourself?

LB: No, not at all! I always get confused when people do that. Because it’s like, I was there. But I don’t cringe at it because it’s like a tool. I can learn from it. I won’t do that face again. Maybe I didn’t have to do that much. Maybe I could have taken it down a little bit. It’s all about what you learn, for me for sure.

JJ: According to IMDB, you’re filming a Good Old Fashioned Orgy. What’s your character like? What’s the film about?

LB: Believe it or not, it’s not entirely about an orgy. It’s kind of a Big Chill kind of movie. It’s like a group of friends who really shouldn’t be having a orgy, decide to try to make it happen. They’re all like best friends, though. It’s incredibly awkward. There’s nothing sexy about it. Can you imagine that? With your best friends? Like no, I don’t want to see you naked. This is horrible. It’s just like a messy messy thing. But yeah, I play a therapist who’s very much not in favor of the orgy because obviously I understand the emotional implications and I’m way too analytical about it. I have a stick up my butt obviously. And of course I can see it and fall in.

JJ: Do you have any other acting projects in the works?

LB: I shot a pilot for HBO. How To Make It In America, which is really cool. Bryan Greenberg, Shannyn Sossamon, Victor Rasuk, who was in Raising Victor Vargus. That’s a really good movie.

JJ: You’re big into fashion. Who are some of your favorite designers?

LB: Well obviously my best friend Lyn Devon, well actually my oldest friend. I’ve decided to take out the word best friend from my lexicon. I don’t know how you feel about it, but you either have friends, or you don’t have friends. Either you’re friends, family or acquaintances. Friends, that word means a lot for me. My friend Lyn, then, is my favorite designer probably because I’m emotionally involved. But she’s an incredible designer, and is an architect about what she makes. I love Derek Lam. I love Thakoon. Alexander Wang is cool as a look. Rag & Bone is right underneath Lyn Devon. I will always have an affection for Oscar de la Renta. I love Balmain.

JJ: Besides red-carpet looks, where do you like to shop in LA and New York?

LB: I sort of like to support friends, but I’ve worn Thakoon and Stella McCarntney because she’s a green lady. I’m a big vintage freak. Sometimes I just wear a vintage piece with an Hermes belt and call it a day. For high-end vintage, I’ll go to Decades or Resurrection and I’ll try to find something that nobody else has.

JJ: How long did you stay in New York growing up?

LB: I was born there and then my mom moved to Florida when I was 12. And then I moved to Darrow Beach for a couple of years. And then I went to boarding school in Connecticut.

JJ: What are some of your favorite NYC hangouts?

LB: I’m a big karaoke fan. I go to Karaoke One 7, and then Sing Sing on Avenue A. I like St. Marks one but I like the one on Avenue A a little more.

JJ: What are some of your favorite songs to sing?

LB: Well this is sort of a cop-out but Crimson and Clover, rock-and-roll version, and then a little Nina Simone, “My Baby Just Cares For Me”. And then I’ll rock out to a little Pat Bennetar. A little G&R (Guns N’ Roses) if I’m feeling extremely confident.

JJ: Do you need a little alcohol to get you going?

LB: Yes, I definitely need some alcohol. I need to be in a good mood and feel good about myself. I can get a little insecure about it and be like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’ Because I’m like a perfectionist, and I’m like, why would anybody want to listen to me sing this entire song? I can get analytical about it. I had to work into my neuroses about it. Why the f— should anybody be put through this hell? I really enjoy hearing my friends sing, though.

JJ: Do you get into Rockband and Guitar Hero and rock out in people’s homes?

LB: When we were filming Orgy in North Carolina, there was a lot of Rockband going on, and I was intrigued. I’ll say that outloud. I probably need to get a Rockband for my house. I probably would practice on my own.

JJ: I have it in my home and it’s a lot of fun.

LB: Do you practice on your own?

JJ: No, but it’s still fun with friends.

LB: I don’t know if it’ll be fun with friends.

JJ: Well you need to do it with non-critical friends. Friends that are tone-deaf and will rock out no matter what.

LB: That’s the problem though, Jared. I have friends that could maybe be on Broadway.

JJ: You can sing with me, I can’t carry a tune.

LB: It’s like Rocky and Rafi. My brother and I have this car karaoke. We’d be stuck in the car. We would sing super loud to each other together. Neil Diamond or Tom Jones. Dorky stuff. Or Cole Porter.

JJ: Is the karaoke stuff the same type of music you listen to?

LB: Yes and no, I’m more of an indie. I would never karaoke any of my real music tastes because its all weird, alternative, Oscar Rivers. It’s like annoyingly cool music.

JJ: What are three things that people don’t know about you that they can’t find on Google?

LB: I don’t know if people know this but I was the limbo champion at Club Med. That was really important to me. The first play I ever did I was seven years old. I still remember the line. Hahaha, I played Lowkey? The Fire God. Great mischief maker.

My favorite car is the Lamborghini Mura. I don’t own it but I covet it. I think it’s 1972. It’s my favorite car and I love it.

As a kid, I would only eat the garnishes on foods. I went in a phase of only eating the parsley. I watch my dog come outside, and she’s just eating grass. I think it’s a digestive thing. So I think maybe it was just a digestive thing for me. Like, I just need to eat parsley and pickles! The things on the side of the plate.

JJ: And FYI, we share the same birthday, March 24th!

LB: Shut up! That’s amazing. I’m excited we’re both Aries.

JJ: And you’re turning 30, a big milestone.

LB: Yeah, I think I’m okay with that. So far. I think my friends that are adjusted with it say that you’re fine with it until it happens, then you freak out and then you’re fine with it again. Everybody always thought I was older because I sound like a 45-year-old woman because I sound like that. It’s fine. Let’s just get to it. How old are you gonna be?

JJ: I’ll be 27.

LB: That’s good, I like 27. The great thing is that I’m an actor and I get to play different people at different ages anyway. I’ll play 26 and then I’ll satisfy that for a couple of months and play 32.


Check out Lake Bell‘s web series Childrens’ Hospital at Also featured in the series: Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live), Ed Helms (The Office), and two-time Emmy winner Megan Mullally (Will & Grace).

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