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Anne Hathaway Wins Best Actress At 2009 Critics Choice Awards

Anne Hathaway Wins Best Actress At 2009 Critics Choice Awards

Anne Hathaway poses with her award for Best Actress in the press room during VH1′s 2009 Critics’ Choice Awards held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on January 8 (Thursday) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress rocked out a black-and-white Gianfranco Ferre dress. Anne finished off her look with Brian Atmood peep-toes and Cartier jewels.

“As long as a designer makes pretty dresses, I should still be in business,” Anne told USA Today. “And I love this one so much because it’s like two dresses in one.”

Anne and Meryl Streep tied for best actress for Rachel Getting Married and Doubt respectively.

The most touching part of her acceptance speech is when she thanked her father. She said, “[I want to thank my dad] who protects me and has shown me that there are good men in this world and lets me know everyday that I am worthy of the love of good people.” (She’s referring to her convict ex-boyfriend.)

Anne added backstage, “Meryl is my idol. To win with my idol who I was nominated against is amazing. I’m so thrilled for her and I’m very thrilled for myself, too.”

20+ pictures inside of Anne Hathaway @ the 2009 Critics Choice Awards

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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    I havent seen the movie so I cant say she deserve the win. But it was really nice to see someone have a real reaction, humility, and excitement for winning an award for their work. Her speech was so genuine and beautiful that I became very happy for her

  • due

    Then why did she wear an ugly black pantsuit to the premiere of BRIDE WARS??!!

  • mary

    such a beautiful young woman…talented, witty, energetic..what the hell is she wearing?

  • sistahc

    I love anne and think she is stunningly beautiful and usually looks nice. I think it was the oscars last year where she wore the most gorgeous red dress….anyway this one looks like she’s wearing a black dress with a huge bib

  • wow

    Hey Jared-
    Great post but the shoes are Brian Atwood not Atmood.

  • Nikki Cook

    Love anne hatheway… But I do agree, she needs to pick diff clothes, lol.

    Celebrity Fitness, Co-Written By Nikki

  • Kitty Kat

    I like Anne and am glad she won, but the dress is a silly design and ill fitting as well.

    I agree #4 that the red dress she wore last year was lovely. The only thing good looking about this outfit are her shoes.

  • Halli

    That’s a crappy dress.

    If she’s gonna win an Oscar, I suggest she drop the whole “I’m perpetually nervous and awkward” thing she does.

  • I’ve ever seen

    She has the biggest teeth

  • olivia

    Just Jared,

    you ask everyone to credit you on Angelina’s dress, which you got from her PR peeps.

    Then you add this to your site WITHOUT mentioning that you got it from the Fashion Spot.

    If you want people to credit you, you have to credit your sources too.

  • dreamer

    annoying as hell

  • karma for the jolie

    Congratulations Anne!

  • seren getty

    Kudos to her for being one of the least-annoying young actresses out there, and “well done” on the award (which I’ve heard is well-deserved – the film isn’t out in the UK yet).

    Fashion-wise, though, she’s looks like she got up from a restaurant table without removing her napkin!

  • Amand.

    She’s stunning. So beautiful. But I prefer her with long dark hair

  • Elizabeth

    Don’t like her nor her movies…sorry guys…she looks so plastic.

  • Noelle

    love her! I hope she wins the golden globe/oscar.

  • Anne?

    I can see Meryl Streep but Anne? What gives there, because I don’t see her as a great actress? Maybe it was somewhat of a pity award because she’s had a tough year but still held her head high.

  • Mary

    Go Anne!

  • loni

    I saw her movie, and it was not that entertaining. Its not difficult to play an addict, when you are just imitating behavior. Now Nicholas Cage playing the dying alcoholic in the Leaving Las Vegas movie was incredible in protraying a person going through withdrawals. Anne did nothing like that, she just played the screwed up sister who got to be the center of her sister’s wedding. There was no growth of her character – she never went anywhere. She could have been on a Jerry Springer show, because it was just a demo of dysfunction and nothing more.

  • Len

    She’s not stunning at all! Her nose is too big, her eyes are somewhat droopy and her teeth are too big. It just looks like everything is too big for her face. She looks like a caricature.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`she gave the most annoying speech i’ve ever heard in my entire life.

  • dEE

    I think it’s great that she won – the reviews have been amazing.
    And that she tied with someone like Meryl Streep, who is in my opinion the consummate actress, is incredible. Good for her.

  • Ewe

    The dress? C’mon??? Did she think it was nice when she looked in the mirror? Looks like it could hold a couple of after dinner drinks.

  • dianel

    Beautiful lady but not a fan of her dress

  • peewee

    Don’t hate people none of you i’m sure can act or look as great as annie, congrats to her for winning! i’m so sick of these award shows , they are always nominating the same people over and over again. Most of the american actors suck anyway, the people from England are the better actors anways! I’m glad angie and brad didn’t win in my eyes they suck! Scarlett sucks too garner sucks even aniston sucks, kate winslett is goo , portman is good , streep is good but is getting too old, i can’t think of a movie in the last few yrs,that i can say wow that is a classic and will be around for ever, too many stupid girly flicks are being done and they are all so silly!!!!!!!

  • ri23

    I’m surprised she’s still breathing this morning after the scorching case of bitchface Jolie shot at her last night. It was fantastic.

  • Team Anne

    Hahahahaha. Did you catch that whoralinas miserable loser face ? What a slut !

  • Lily

    I like Anne Hathaway and all…

    But why is this film getting so much attention when Margot at the Wedding was better?

  • richie

    She i so ugly.

  • june

    She has the funniest looking face. And why is she wearing two half dresses.

  • danielle

    She has an unfortunate face

  • Neil

    ri23 @ 01/09/2009 at 10:20 am
    Team Anne @ 01/09/2009 at 10:28 am

    No, not really, but did you catch the photos of when Anne and Angie were being chummy to each other. (the bitchfest is with you two numbskulls)

  • mimi

    #26 and #27:

    YES!!! Angelina totally was giving the “bi*ch” side-eye…I don’t care if later she went up to Anne and tried to act it up…that first reaction said it all! hahaha…

    As to Anne, I loved her performance in Rachel Getting Married, she did a wonderful job! She deserved that award. That dress was awful, though! Looks like something that was worn to an ’80′s prom. eek!

  • Liza

    I don’t think Anne is pretty, hate her dress and her speech was annoying. However, to see Angelina’s pissed off face throughout it was all worth it. lol

  • Di

    whatahell she is wearing????
    dear, please retunrs these prize. anjelina bitchface deserves more than you AHAHAHHA

    tied with meryl??? no way!!!!

    and anne … who is she? blargh!

  • M

    she looks like a mice.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think that she looks so beautiful
    i love the dress, it’s really stylish
    congrats on winning anne!!
    love u anne, good luck on the golden globe! =D

  • Jake

    She was fantastic in this movie. She deserved it and should win come Sunday too.

  • Marieme

    Her speech was cringeworthy. Ugh. It’s nice to be moved and grateful, but it borders on pathetic when winning an award becomes so important that the “winner” can’t shut-up. She just went on and on and I have to question someone who depends so much on this kind of validation. These awards are just whatever – they are not the final word on someone’s talent. Not even the Oscar gets it right every time. Most celebs recognize this and are embarrassed about competing with their peers. Get a grip, Anne. And keep the speech under two minutes next time. Egads.

  • msmoss

    The dress isn’t even ‘Runway Project’ worthy. Like another poster pointed out, it’s also ill-fitting. Just ewww….

    I like Anne; don’t get me wrong. BUT….Her speech was dreadfully contrived. Acclaiming another actress for not being nominated was embarrassing for that actress. Talk about being put on the spot. Oh, nice touch adding daddy at the end. Yes, don’t remind us you got taken advantage of by that bad conman-of-a-boyfriend. Thanks to daddy, the world still is nice.

    And to those who ‘observed’ Angelina’s ‘evil eye,’ please! As if her life is so mundane and shallow that she’d care about little ol’ Annie receiving some popularity trophy. It’s not an Oscars people. For all we know, Angie probably was passing gas. Breastfeeding will do that to a girl.

  • loveA

    Anne is pretty, the dress not so much , she still looks beautiful. Regarding Angelina’s face, i didn;t think much of it when i see it, if the camera stayed longer on Angie we probably see her smiling … but of course some peola have to make a big deal of it….

  • Tommy Boy

    Angelina Jolie gave her a DEATH STARE when Anne won the award instead of her. Poor Angie, so used to being handed everything. I thought the vein in her over-Botoxed forehead was just going to burst with rage and jealousy!

  • JMH

    Anne Hathaway’s speech was acted. My buttcheeks were clenched watching her feign modesty and practically thank the “losers” in her category. Yuck.

  • Rob30718

    Well deserved award for the smart talented beauty!!! Anne looks amazing in that dress and shows off her great legs and nicely toned arms!!! Best yet she has the most beautiful face with the brightest smile ever!